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Empowerment of the Unorganized Workers WIF s North Region Meeting,Delhi 30 th Octember 2013 Jose Vattakuzhy.

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1 Empowerment of the Unorganized Workers WIF s North Region Meeting,Delhi 30 th Octember 2013 Jose Vattakuzhy

2 Context 1.Theme of Uorganised Workers has gained enhanced significance in the development discourse in India 2.Increased emphasize on creating and enabling frameworks to ensure social security for unorganised workers

3 Reasons : Dilemma Realization that growing at an alarming rate Admitting that existing legal protection is inadequate. Facing difficult to sustain even existing schemes

4 Total, Organized, Unorganized Workers in India.(in Million, Source: National Sample Survey Organizations ) YearTotalOragnisedPercentageUnorganisedPercentage 1994-1955374277.234792.7 1991-200039728736993.7 2004-2005457357.642292.3 2009-2010465287.643792.3

5 Labour Market : is undergoing tremendous transformations 1.Growth of informal activities by five year plans 2. Decline the quality of employment –Job security,terms and condition of work. 3. Weakening organization marked - Impact of globalization –minimizing cost of production

6 Share of Labour Input in Unorganized Sector (62%, Source 2004-2005 NSSO)

7 Definition of Unorganised Workers Social Security Act 2008 Unorganised workers are home based workers,self employed worker or wage workers in the unorganized sector,if it is regular not more ten and includes a worker is organised sector who is not covered any of the Acts mentioned Schedule 11 of Act


9 Agricultural-Wokers, Vendors, Auto and Taxi drivers, Rickshaw pullers Domestic- workers, Fishermen, Plantation workers, Artisans, waged workers both rural and urban, Self employed workers, Small- scale workers, trade and service in urban area etc there are about 123 -150 sections of Unorganised workers

10 Scenario of Unorganized Workers 1.Unskilled - law productivity, 2. Poor wage -Poor living condition, 3. Seasonal job - Contractual employment, 4. No work relation – Employer -Employee 5. No welfare legislation- Social Secuirty 6. No organization, - No Identity or collective barraging –Voice are not heard

11 Empowerment of Unorganized :Promotional and Protective and Preventive

12 Phases of Empowerment : Two sides 1.Awareness : Response – Gather Knowledge ( Policy and plan based Research ) 2. Entitlement : Response – Program Institutionalization with Law ( Right to Information, Right to Education,Right to Food, Right to Employment : Right to health and shelter under the process )

13 Empowerment of Unorganised Workers Steps 1.Building up Awareness : both ploy makers and Society : Gather Knowledge Research or Social Auditing or Survey. Education, Campaign, Training,

14 2. Entitling informal workers : Institutionalization - Making Identity by Facilitation and Organizing Informal Sector Workers

15 Making Identity by Facilitation Set Up Workers Facilitation centre (WFC) : linkage with Government proagrame. RSBY and NPS.lite or MSY of WIF : Pension, Children Education, Under the process of Medi clain linkage CHAI., and Housing loan etc Plan Scheme or projects according to need of workers

16 Organizing Informal Sector Workers NGO, SHS,Cooperative Societies and Fourms or membership or extension of Workers India Federation –WIF Union is mandatory for the empowerment of workers :Labour Conference and ILO Convention – tripartite Committee – Government- Employee- Employer,Labour Court Appearance etc No legal suit against trade union (se.18)

17 Trade Unions District, State and National 8 states. 8 sectors : 8 Lakh.8 : Sector wise and Central Unions (11- INTC,CITU etc) : 1926 : 10% or Seven persons or 100 persons in one sector Definition of Trade –Bussiness But work and workers eg Tea garden –plantation Act 1951, Shope and establishment Act, Minimum Wage Act -1948 Scheduled –Workermens Compensation Act 1923.Work Place Sexual harassment Act 2011

18 Thanks

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