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_LNG ready Neptun Ship Design LNG READY 1.

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1 _LNG ready Neptun Ship Design LNG READY 1

2 _LNG Experiences 2009 – Design offer for a LNG-fuelled power plant – inquired by MAN Ref. MAN 2009/10 – Investigation to convert a conventional Ship Design to a gas fuelled one. Partners: MAN/GL 2012 – R&D Project – Power Generation Concept for a LNG-Storage and Production Offshore Platform Ref. Siemens 2011/13 – Design for a Gas Fuelled Feeder Container Vessel. Approval in Principle by DNV Partner: Hansa Shipping Today  All new designs with different levels of pre-outfitting for LNG

3 _LNG cleanest option to fulfil MARPOL Annex VI

4 LNG ECA MARPOL Main Engine Gas System
_LNG cloud or another Loop in Ship Design Rules North America IGF code TIER III MSC.285(86) ECA Class MARPOL North Sea Baltic Sea TIER II LNG 4 stroke Boil off 2 stroke Low Pressure Cylindrical Prismatic High Pressure Gas tank Gas prepare Main Engine Vacuum Gas System Blow off Gas mode optimized Liquid fuel as second or as back-up Safety Gas transfer Inertizing 2nd barrier Aftertreatment Bursting discs Bunkering SCR EGR

5 Best Transport Efficiency (TE) for Intended Service
_LNG how to start? Main Design Criteria Best Transport Efficiency (TE) for Intended Service FGC TE = ____________ TEUhom x nm Service – Transportation Task defined by Owners according real needs

6 _Decision for Main Engine
Otto cycle against Diesel cycle Low pressure <10 bar High pressure up to 300 bar 4 stroke and 2 stroke stroke Pilot/ Liquid fuel 1% % Amount of liquid fuel constant Amount of liquid fuel increase with lower loads Operating at all loads in gas mode At 15-20% load switch to % liquid fuel Maximum output Optimized for gas operation Diesel engine operating on liquid fuel and gas Operating with liquid fuel is less efficient, just back-up only Lower maximum output Same maximum output like conven tional one Aftertreatment Tier III in gas mode Tier III in gas mode by EGR Tier III in liquid fuel mode by SCR Tier III in liquid fuel mode by EGR No aftertreatment in gas mode Aftertreatment in all modes Methan slip 2-4% of SFOC % of SFOC Gas quality Min. Methan Number of 80, No limits for methan number which is near half of global supply

7 _Decision for Main Engine
There still remains the question for the decision maker: Trust, Experiences, Better Marketing, Needs, Advantages?

8 _LNG Tank Arrangement LNG storage tanks

9 Challenge of Compromise
_LNG Tank Arrangement Target Risk Facts Substitute of liquid fuel bunker without any losses Loss of space, dead-weight, stability 3.5-fold space requirement against liquid fuel for C-Tanks and 2.5 for B-Tanks Challenge of Compromise

10 _LNG Tank Arrangement proposals
Advantage: No loss of cargo space Fits for later installation Disadvantage: Weight distribution aft High COG

11 _LNG Tank Arrangement proposals
Advantage: No loss of cargo space Lower COG than proposal before Disadvantage: Partially suitable for later installation

12 _LNG Tank Arrangement proposals
Advantage: Best regarding COG and weight distribution Nearest to Engine room Disadvantage: Loss of cargo space No later installation

13 _Development project for Hansa Shipping

14 _Basic Design Requirements
Owners Requirements: technical specification, description of the vessel operational profile Class Requirements: construction rules LR, DNV, GL, BV … Statutory Rule Requirements: IMO, SOLAS, MARPOL to consider: emission control areas heat recovery systems EEDI - index ballast water treatment Economic Requirements: minimized service cost fuel oil efficiency minimized construction cost (Light ship weight), effective design process Loops of Ship Design Process 14

15 _Address The managing partners are:     Mr. Gerald Hadaschik Mr. Helge Sell Mr. Stephan Merkel Mr. Roland Gräber Neptun Ship Design GmbH    Kurt-Dunkelmann-Str. 4, Geb Rostock, Germany Phone: +49 (0) Fax:    i+49 (0)

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