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Professional Roofing Services Presentation prepared for Associated Management Services.

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1 Professional Roofing Services Presentation prepared for Associated Management Services

2 What wears out roofs?

3 Exposure – either long term exposure to the elements (sun, water, freeze thaw) or shorter term exposure to damaging air pollutants and chemicals Structural Movement – such as building settlement or expansion/contraction not accommodated by the roofing system

4 Not Fixing Problems Promptly – these can add up to a much shorter roof life e.g. if a small problem is not repaired, then a large amount of insulation can be damaged

5 Biological Growth – such as vegetation in areas of standing water or algae

6 Forgetting About Maintenance – This is perhaps the single biggest cause of premature roof failure

7 Deterioration of Sealants

8 Equipment Additions – Improperly added equipment or other items improperly added on the roof Multiple Patches Improperly set and sloped A/C Unit

9 Trade Damage – Punctures, holes, etc.. Caused by other trades than your roofing contractor Unintended Abuse – Vandalism or accidental damage…even a small hole can let in a large amount of water into a roofing system. Storm/ Wind Damage- Physical damage to roof from over grown trees.

10 Some more helpful information about roofing!

11 Typical Tile Roof Water Intrusion Sources Missing weather block and broken and or slipped tiles… Missing Secondary Flashings

12 Tile Roof Underlayment Deteriorated Underlayment Properly installed underlayment, with plastic cap simplex nails and battens

13 Weather blocking Adopted by Clark County in 1999 Can Use Plastic or Mortar

14 Life Expectancy Comparisons Shingle –Suggested 20 year, 50 year Actual 15 to 30 years Tile – Concrete Tile - 30 to 40 years if not defective Underlayment – 8 to 10 years Built Up Roofing, 4 ply system 10 to 15 years

15 Managing Your Roofing Assets Use average life expectancies to assure maximum roof service life Adapt a pro-active maintenance protocol Perform semi-annual roof inspections and repairs Budget a minimum of $.05 per square ft per year for preventative maintenance (beginning in year #1) Budget $.25 per square ft for a more extensive remedial restoration Track all collateral building damage and incidental costs associated with leaking roofs


17 Family Owned Business Over 30 Years of Experience Corporate Headquarters Located in Las Vegas Licensed in Nevada, Arizona & Soon, California! WBE (Women Owned Status Qualification is Pending) Bondable for Jobs up $950,000.00*

18 PRS- Safety Ensured Identifiably Marked Vehicles

19 PRS- Safety Ensured Uniformed employees

20 PRS DIVISIONS HOA DIVISION Visual Inspections; Destructive Testing; Post-Litigation Reconstruction; Reserve Studies SERVICE DEPARTMENT 24/7 Emergency Repair; Radio Dispatched for Same Day Service; All Types of Small Repairs; TIs COMMERCIAL DIVISION New Construction; Commercial Re-Roofing; Due Diligence & Budget Reports; Maintenance & TI Program; Emergency Repairs RESIDENTIAL DIVISION All types of Roof Systems Available (i.e. shingles, tile, built up roofing); Insurance Restoration, Realtor Due Diligence WATERPROOFING DIVISION Below grade: Sheet products (peel and stick), liquid spray applied, Bentonit products and modified emulsions. Deck Coatings: Pli-Dek, Carlisle, Dex-O-Tex and Trimco systems. Elastomeric Coatings: Hydro-Stop, Solar-Guard, and Nationwide Permacote systems CONSULTING DIVISION All phases of consulting including construction defect.

21 What PRS can do for you! Free Estimates Survey Reports Due Diligence Reports Budgeting for Reserve Requirements Annual Inspections Roof Certifications Destructive Testing Maintenance w/ Warranty Repairs Emergency Repairs Roof Replacements Roof Coating Below Grade Waterproofing Decking Waterproofing 0% Financing Options

22 Full Material and Labor Warranty Labor- 2 year warranty on minor service repairs 10 year warranty on complete roof replacement Full 2 – 5 year warranty on maintenance packages Material Can offer full manufacturer material warranty

23 Certified Manufactured Approvals

24 Reconstruction Projects- Pacific Crestdale HOA: Performed Tile Re-roof $90,000.00 Wild Wood Apt.- Performed Shingle Re-roof 12 bldg $105,500.00 Echo Mesa HOA- Performed Tile Maintenance 10 bldgs $70,000.00 Pacific Harbors Sunrise HOA- Performed Hot Re-roof 18 bldgs $208,000.00 Vizcaya HOA- McLeod HOA Incline Village: Performed Shingle Re-roof $892,000.00 Arrowhead HOA: Performed Tile Maintenance $158,000.00 Vistana HOA: Performing Tile Maintenance, $143,600.00 River Springs Apt.- Performed $290,000.00 Spanish Steps Lakeside HOA: Performed Tile Maintenance, $70,000.00 Villagio HOA: Performed Tile Maintenance, $380,000.00 Suncity MacDonald Ranch Clubhouse and Facilities Building: Performing Maintenance, $103,000.00 Acacias HOA: Clubhouse 18 bldg 6 garages: Tile Maintenance, $48,970.00 Elan HOA: Performed Tile Re-roof 12 bldg $110,500.00 Pacific Deerfield HOA: Performed Tile Maintenance $80,000.00 Approximately 6000 units completed in 2006 and 2008

25 Sun City McDonald Ranch HOA: Performed Tile Maintenance and Re- roofed Flat Roofs, $612,000.00 Completed Reconstruction Projects-

26 Canyon Willows Pecos: Performed Tile Re-roof, $800,000.00 Millstream HOA- Performed Shingle Re-roof $300,000.00

27 Completed Reconstruction Projects- Red Bluffs HOA: Performed Tile Re-roof, $460,000.00 Pacific Vintage HOA: Performed Tile Re-roof, $250,000.00

28 2008 2 nd Quarter Upcoming Reconstruction Projects Blackhorse HOA- 33 bldgs, clubhouse; Tile Defect Repairs Antigua HOA- 33 bldgs, clubhouse; Tile Defect Repairs Colorado Bay HOA- 24 bldgs; Elastomeric Roof Coatings Dakota HOA- 33 bldgs, clubhouse; Defect Repairs Garden Terrace HOA- 24 bldgs; Defect Repairs Mannetta HOA- 15 bldgs, clubhouse; Defect Repairs Coronado Villas HOA- 11 bldgs; Tile Defect Repairs Village at Incline HOA- 9 bldgs; Hot Asphalt Re-roofing Stone Canyon Pecos HOA- 46 bldgs; Defect Repairs The Pavilions HOA- 17 blgds; Elastomeric Roof Coatings

29 Q & As

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