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Top of the line Hi-Res 3D services

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1 Top of the line Hi-Res 3D services
Intelligent and versatile low-fold 3D seismic acquisition for the petroleum industry and marine geophysical research

2 Screen dumps and the underlying data in this document are confidential and proprietary to WGP Survey Ltd or its partners. This data shall not be distributed outside your company or used inside your company for any other purpose than illustrating the product presented and any required management approvals. In particular, the images shall not be scanned or loaded to any PC/workstation that makes the data image capable of manipulation or transformation back into commercially viable information.

3 OUTLINE WGP Survey Ltd Company Services P-Cable Technology Development
Data examples

4 COMPANY WGP Survey Ltd was established in 2012 and is a Joint Venture company between WGP-Group and Fjorgyn AS. The purpose of the joint venture is a collaboration and union of WGP’s operational experience and capability, coupled with the technology and know-how that P-Cable 3D Seismic has developed and patented. Together, the partners shall perform 3D seismic data acquisition surveys utilising the P-Cable™ 3D Seismic System.

5 COMPANY STRUCTURE Thalassa Holding Ltd P-Cable 3D Seismic AS WGP Group
Fjorgyn AS WGP Survey Ltd

6 WGP Exploration Ltd Formally part of the Westland GeoProjects Ltd group which was family founded in 1991, WGP Exploration was incorporated in 2009 and acquired by Thalassa Holdings Ltd on the 16th November 2011. It is the operational division of the Group with experience of conducting seismic survey operations in the marine environment for major E&P companies. WGP Energy Services Ltd Established to acquire marine seismic equipment, initially Portable Modular Source Systems ("PMSS™"). Thalassa Holdings Ltd Listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange on 29 July 2008, with symbol "THAL".

7 Fjorgyn AS Was established as a service company in The company provide a turn-key solution for services with the P-Cable seismic system. Fjorgyn AS is the active partner in the WGP Survey Ltd Joint Venture. P-Cable 3D Seismic AS P-Cable 3D Seismic AS was established in The company is a R&D company with the main focus on developing and commercializing the P-Cable™ seismic system. P-Cable 3D Seismic owns all commercial rights to the P-Cable system.

8 SERVICES With 10 years of experience using and acquiring data with the P-Cable 3D Seismic System + 20 years of marine survey knowledge We provide together with partner companies a full turn-key solution for our clients.


10 P-CABLE TECHNOLOGY Image courtesy: Geometrics Inc.

11 P-CABLE TECHNOLOGY Recovery rope This is a schematic of the system layout. We use an indirect tow method, in which most of the tension is taken by a rope or cable. The signal cable carries very little load. Normal towing depth ranges from 1 – 2.5m, depending on the goals of the survey. P-Cable patent: NO. Pat. No | UK. Pat. No. GB B | US. Pat. No. 7,221,620 B2

12 10 years of acquisition experience using the P-Cable™
MILESTONES 2001: P-Cable concept testing 2004: P-Cable1 prototype (NOC system); patent 2006: P-Cable2 system / 24 streamer digital system 2007: P-Cable2 Peon survey; better resolution than conventional 3D 2009: Commercial P-Cable2 data on Peon, Statoil (188 km2) 2010: Commercial P-Cable3 available; manufactured and sold by Geometrics 2012: WGP Survey Ltd 2012: Commercial survey in the Barents Sea 10 years of acquisition experience using the P-Cable™

13 50 P-CABLE 3D SURVEYS P-Cable systems are owned and operated by: IFM-Geomar, University of Tromsø, University of Texas, National Oceanography Center Southampton, P-Cable 3D Seismic AS and WGP Survey Ltd

Ongoing G3 National Infrastructure GLANAM Skattefunn – 4D Completed Joint industry project (with Hydro/Statoil) EU and NFR projects (HERMES, GANS, FluidFlow, etc.) Skattefunn Total P-Cable related project funding of > 100 MNOK

15 Summary| PEON Large gas discovery in the northern North Sea
First ever commercial size deposit found in such young and shallow sediments JIP with Statoil developing the digital P-Cable2 system P-Cable surveys in 2007 and 2009 2009 survey is the biggest P-Cable survey so far covering 188 km2 Acquired by a 24 streamer P-Cable system Data by Statoil

16 Intra reservoir features
Intra Reservoir Features| PEON 35/2-1 Intra reservoir features GWC Conventional 3D 2006 P-Cable 2007 Data by Statoil

17 P-Cable Overlying Conventional 3D | PEON
35/2-1 2006 3D survey N Data by Statoil Insert 2007 P-Cable survey showing auto-tracked interpretation based on the high resolution seismic. High level of structural details showing a variety of glacial features (although some acquisition imprints are visible. Notice how the GP3 gas producer (location based on conventional seismic) is located in a deep plough mark feature previously invisible. This illustrates a key benefit of using P-Cable high resolution 3D seismic in the field development. 17

18 P-Cable vs. Conventional 3D| PEON
2009 P-Cable survey 2006 3D survey Data by Statoil Close-up view: Top Peon rms amplitude/variance map based on NH06M04_Final_mig. Data by Statoil 18

19 P-Cable vs. Conventional 3D| PEON
2009 P-Cable survey Close-up view: Top Peon rms amplitude/variance map based on NH06M04_Final_mig. Data by Statoil 19

20 Shallow Gas & Gas Hydrates| BARENTS SEA
Two cubes acquired in the western Barents Sea in 2009 at 300 m water depth by UiT with support from Lundin, cube sizes: 13 and 16 km2 The sea floor in the area is very rough and covered by iceberg plough marks A regional unconformity, URU, separates the glacial deposits from the westward dipping Paleogene sediments below Large accumulations of shallow gas and gas hydrates Data by UiT Data by UiT

21 Data Comparison| CUBE 1 BS
P-Cable 3D Data by UiT Conventional 3D Data by Lundin

22 Shallow Gas & Gas Hydrates| CUBE 1 BS
Seafloor Intra Glacial URU Top Gas Shallow Gas Data by UiT

23 Seafloor| CUBE 1 BS Formed by ice sheet erosion during the Plio- /Plestocene ice age Up to 15 meter deep iceberg plough marks Multibeam P-Cable Data by UiT Data by UiT

24 Shallow High Amplitude Reflections | CUBE 1 BS
Shallow Gas -1.20 -0.75 -0.30 Plough marks from ice sheet erosion Two amplitude domains Shallow gas Shallow Gas Data by UiT

25 URU Horizon| CUBE 1 BS Plough marks and erosion features mainly SE-NW
Shallow Gas Amplitude 1.80 0.90 0.09 Plough marks and erosion features mainly SE-NW Underlying N-S stratigraphy visible as high amplitude on horizon Separating glacial sediments from gently westward dipping Paleogene sediments Data by UiT

26 High Amplitude Cross Cutting Horizon| CUBE 1 BS
1.80 Cross cutting but dipping More obvious cross cut N-S than E-W Strange texture Low 0.90 Data by UiT 0.09 Data by UiT Data by UiT

27 Shallow High Amplitude Reflections | CUBE 2 BS
Data by UiT Data by UiT

28 Shallow Gas | BARENTS SEA 2012
Conventional 3D P-Cable 3D Data by Spring Energy Norway

29 KEY FIGURES Current P-Cable system Survey parameters
14 GeoEel Solid streamers Ethernet switches for each streamer Depth measurement PBX and triggerfish navigation solution 160 in3 air gun source (6 gun array) Survey parameters Production: 7-8 km2 Turn time: 30 min Frequency: <350 Hz Survey: km2 Operating Zones: All Min water depth: 10 m Weather: Force 4 Survey speed: 4.5 knots

30 OPERATIONS Intelligent and Versatile Acquisition QC-DATA SURVEY

31 Cross Cable with Junction Boxes
SYSTEM COMPONENTS Cross Cable with Junction Boxes

32 GeoEel Solid™ Streamer
SYSTEM COMPONENTS GeoEel Solid™ Streamer and hydrophone section.

33 SYSTEM COMPONENTS Air gun array with GPS

34 SYSTEM POSITIONING and hydrophone section.
Positions calculated from stable towing configuration. Positions quality controlled using first break Independent positioning sensors on streamers tied to paravane and gun GPS pods available Depth sensors at cross cable and tail of streamer and hydrophone section.

35 COMPONENT SPEC Cross cable Titanium and Dyneema® construction Fully interchangeable components 37 mm overall diameter Integrated 100 mbs switch, Depth sensor, 0.1 m accuracy Paravane Solid steel-PEH construction 20 kN 37° angle and 4.5 kt* 4.0 m length 2.85 m height Weight 900 kg Generator and battery box Solid Streamer Solid polyurethane construction 8-channel sections 12.5 – 100 m length 44 mm diameter 1/8 – 2 ms sampling Non-flammable No bulge wave Complete built-in analog self-test Capacitance and leakage tests Standard Ethernet communication Bird coil at each end GPS Standard seismic GPS systems 1-3 m accuracy 0.25 m relative accuracy 3 antennas on system 2 on vessel Seismic Source Air gun array, cu in Shot interval m Towed at m distance Flip flop array if 6.25 m shot interval 160 cu 6.25 m = 378 cfm The cross-cable, which is the unique piece of the system, and the origin of the name – the “P” in P-Cable stands for “perpendicular” -- consists of a series of junction boxes mounted on a 1” Dyneema rope. The junction boxes are connected by digital and power wires encased in a polyurethane tube that is wrapped around the rope in a helix. The helical wrapping serves the secondary purpose of vortex shedding, eliminating the need for fairing on the cross cable. Digitizer 8-channel digitizer Titanium construction Digital compass 0.3 ° accuracy NCS SubSea provided service

36 CONCLUSIONS Proven technology Excellent data quality
50 cubes acquired worldwide Intelligent and versatile acquisition

37 WGP Survey Ltd West Street | Kilkhampton | Bude | Cornwall | EX23 9QW | United Kingdom Tel +44 (0) Fax (0) | Web

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