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ENOVIA SmarTeam and Microsoft SharePoint Interoperability Marc Young, Michael Chan xLM Solutions.

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1 ENOVIA SmarTeam and Microsoft SharePoint Interoperability Marc Young, Michael Chan xLM Solutions

2 Outline Microsoft SharePoint What, why, how? The ENOVIA SmarTeam Advantage SmarTeam-SharePoint Integration Benefits Application Scenarios Approach Conclusions Future Integrations

3 SmarTeam SharePoint Customer Requirements Provide customers with SmarTeamSharePoint Integration solutions that can Facilitate cross platform data and document access Ensure data consistency and document lifecycle integrity Provide customer-specific SmarTeam functionalities in SharePoint Adhere to Dassault licensing terms Eliminate redundancy and potential complications from user ad-hoc solutions Maintain SmarTeam user base while increase the ROI for both products

4 What is Microsoft SharePoint? Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies A web-based collaboration and office document management solution A set of services and tools for constructing and managing purpose-specific web sites A platform for building scalable and robust web-based applications

5 SharePoint Products and Technologies Consist of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 A collection of services included in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Royalty-free Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 Built on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 With enhanced features for enterprise-scale operations

6 SharePoint – Collaborative Infrastructure A Tool For… Organizing and managing meetings Sharing and managing documents, contacts, tasks, calendars, and announcements Building repositories of knowledge and information through wiki sites Sharing ideas with blogs Managing projects with task and participant lists Providing mobile access to contents Easy participation in discussions, meetings, and office document creations

7 SharePoint Services Site ExampleWeb Parts Shared Documents Team Announcements Useful Links Summary of Active Web Parts Purpose-Specific Workspaces

8 Customizable User Experience Changed from grid view to Explorer view User Personalization Options

9 SharePoint Services Site Customization Options Support Mobile Users Specify user roles and permissions according to the sites purpose: Project Site? Meeting Site? Personal Site? Set the theme, look and feel of this site Select the contents and functions of this site: Shared Documents? Group Calendar? Managed Task Lists? Etc.

10 ENOVIA SmarTeam A collaborative Product Lifecycle Management system Excellent for Design Collaboration Engineering Collaboration Enterprise Collaboration Supply chain incorporation Role-Based Solution

11 SmarTeamThe Definite Advantage Multi-CAD integrations Business processes and workflows such as Engineering change and release Design-to-configure (direct E-BOM generation from CAD) Design-to-capture Design-to-manufacturing Item, BOM, and Product Structure Manipulation, Management, and Synchronization

12 Integration…The Best of Both Worlds! Provide selected and focused SmarTeam features in a lighter and faster environment Easily extend SmarTeam to non-engineering and non- technical units Familiar, intuitive, and customizable browser-based user experience Minimal SmarTeam concepts and skill set required Add values to both investments

13 Integration Advantages Better utilization of SmarTeam and SharePoint data: Expose side-by-side data previously available only in separate environments Preserve and utilize existing datano need for large- scale data migration or duplication across platforms Facilitate business and engineering processes by combining data from both platforms in a single workflow, while maintaining data integrity Exposes SmarTeam data to mobile users

14 Application Example I: A Joint Meeting Between Engineering and Sales SharePoint Meeting Workspace is created as the centralized resource repository for the meeting A Portal is set up for participants to view the agenda, previous meeting minutes, and all related technical and business documents PLM data from SmarTeam is referenced in the portal SmarTeam data is live: data changes (revisions) are reflected immediately The portal and shared workspace are removed when no longer needed.

15 Application Example II: Centralized Data Access SmarTeam solutions are integrated deeply into product development, manufacturing and other business processes Company IT department deployed SharePoint Services for business operations and non-technical collaborations Without an integrated solution, PLM data access is inefficient and time-consuming, increasing risk for breaking data integrity and consistency A ST-SP integration solution will provide a similar user experience yet maintaining document consistency Increase efficiency

16 Example: An Integration ApproachCentralized Data Access Objective: to expose a list of selected documents from SmarTeam in a SharePoint web part The document list is formed from the results of a SmarTeam query The site administrator governs the syntax of the query, thus the contents of the SharePoint web part The document list is invalidated and refreshed according to a policy set forth by the administrator When the user selects a document, it is retrieved from the SmarTeam vault and displayed using an appropriate viewer By removing the query construction the user interacts only with a list of documents, and is not required of any SmarTeam skills

17 Example: SmarTeam-SharePoint Webpart Customizable Query Attributes

18 SmarTeam-SharePoint Webpart Multi-page query results Sortable columns

19 Outcome Extends the reach of product lifecycle collaboration across boundaries Leverages existing IT strategy and infrastructure Connect people, resources, and knowledge base for better and faster accesses Optimizes team performance for maximum project, product, and program achievements

20 Conclusions A SmarTeamSharePoint integration harnesses the powerful features from two complementary collaboration systems to provide a rich user experience The integration facilitates the adoption of SmarTeam by non-technical users The integration also expands product and document management options and ultimately simplifies both engineering and business processes.

21 Future Integrations Provide integration solutions to leverage the power of SmarTeam with other Microsoft management solutions: Microsoft Business Process Management (BPM) Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Other Support & Issue Management Products Continue to add SmarTeam (PLM) advantage to other collaboration and project/document/data lifecycle and process management paradigms

22 Thank you! Questions? Marc Young Michael Chan


24 Why SharePoint? Provides focused and integrated browser-based workspaces for Facilitating collaborations within and across units, departments, and sites Standardizing collaboration infrastructures and tools Sharing documents and other essential information Better monitor, control and security of corporate data Implementing business processes and intelligences Searching for and utilizing information on organizational and technical resources Adding values to existing Office and PLM applications

25 SmarTeamSharePoint Integration SharePoint web parts are constructed to present SmarTeam data and functionalities SmarTeam web parts may be hosted in SharePoint sites and portals Web parts may become standalone web applications if desired Web parts interact natively with both SmarTeam and SharePoint

26 The SharePoint Advantage Present data- and user-centric experiences similar to other Office system products Already familiar with and preferred by most users Web sites may be easily created for long or short term applications: Corporate internet and intranet portals Individual-, meeting-, project-, team-, and division- based, or other special purpose web sites Custom web parts may be developed to provide specific functionality or feature.

27 SharePoint Services Site Customization Options Support Mobile Users Specify user roles and permissions according to the sites purpose: Project Site? Meeting Site? Personal Site? Set the theme, look and feel of this site Select the contents and functions of this site: Shared Documents? Group Calendar? Managed Task Lists? Etc. Tailor site settings to its purpose Misc. Adminitration Options

28 Integration Advantages (Under Construction) Enables participants to create and join SharePoint Workspace Invite both internal and external participants and assign necessary privileges Intuitive web-based user-experience: Minimizes user training and learning curve Full PLM functionality file collaboration capabilities, including upload, download check-in/check-out, versioning Searching Viewing and Redlining User Security Access to Microsoft Office products features and functionalities Instant Messaging Real Time Collaboration (similar to WebEx functionality) Reporting/Dashboards Issue Management Project/Program Management User Creatable and Customization Workspaces Rich user experience in the collaborative SharePoint Workspace Under construction…

29 xLM Solutions Customers are deploying SharePoint Services as cost-effective and simple internet and intranet solutions: IIS – included in recent Microsoft OSs WSS – included in Windows 2003 and 2008 No additional licensing costs Few also begin to harness SharePoint collaboration capabilities (e.g., meeting and project workspaces) Increasing demand for accessing SmarTeam data and functionalities from SharePoint sites

30 SmarTeam and SharePoint Feature Comparisons


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