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IPMA International Project Excellence Award Marketing presentation 2013 Place, Date.

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1 IPMA International Project Excellence Award Marketing presentation 2013 Place, Date

2 How to recognize your success ?

3 INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION PRESTIGE BENCHMARKING EXPERIENCE Every year top projects managed in an excellent way are recognized internationally as best in class and receive project excellence awards

4 Founded in 1965 Spread in all continents Present in 56 countries Awarded by the leading organization devoted to excellence in project management

5 Facts about the Award International since 2002 Based on IPMA Project Excellence Model Promotes excellence in Project Management Already 88 finalists from 16 countries worldwide Applicants from major industries

6 All Award Winners are most welcomed in the prestigious IPMA Winners Club And more…

7 Award Winners IPMA Project Excellence Awards Winner 2012 Sberbank of Russia Basic Product Winner 2011 GE Oil & Gas - Contractual Services, Italy Qatar Modular Replacement Winner 2010 CNOOC Huizhou Refinery, China CNOOC Huizhou Refinery Project Siemens, Germany Velaro RUS Winner 2009 Siemens, China Beijing T3 Airport Expansion Project Petrom, Romania Well Modernisation Program Winner 2008 Foster Wheeler Italiana SpA, Italy Lomellina 2 Project Winner 2007 Jiangsu Sopo (Group) Co. Ltd., China Technological Revamping Project of 150,000 t/a Acetic Acid Winners 2006 Chinese Academy of Space Technology Shenzou 6-Manned Spaceship T-Systems International, Germany Project: TDN REWE IP-VPN 2 Winner 2005 NTPC Ltd. India Simhadri Power Project Winner 2004 T-Systems Spain Open Administration of Cataluña Winner 2003 UBS AG IT Wrap Program Winner 2002 Fluor Daniel B.V. ROG AOP-II Project

8 Award Finalists 2002-2012

9 Why should you apply?

10 Tell the world...

11 Celebrate your success!

12 Reward your team!

13 Meet managers with unique project management experience

14 Learn a lot!


16 What winners say?

17 This achievement is not an end result; it will be the starting point of our continuous improvement process so that we can complete the project with better quality in the future. Mr. Widjaja S Sumarjadi PT Tripatra Engineers and Constructors, Prize Winner 2012 Starting point of our continuous improvement process

18 I would definitely apply again for the IPMA PE Award: it is a priceless opportunity to share your experience with experts in project management from all possible business fields!. Mr. Guido Piazzoli Techint Engineering & Construction, Finalist 2012 Sharing experiance

19 As for our enterprise CTG, being recognized as a Prize Winner may help us to improve the brand image, to get more opportunities to communicate and cooperate with more international enterprises, and to gain more orders. Mr. Wang Kun China Railway Tunnel Group CO., Ltd Project Manager of Shiziyang Tunnel Prize Winner 2011 Gain more orders through international recognization

20 Winning the Award was an exceptional experience we shared with our customer and was a further confirmation that long service agreements are the right basis for strong partnership, innovation, performance and success. Mr. Michele Filidoro, GE Oil & Gas, Award Winner 2011 Confirmation of a strong and successful partnership with your customers

21 Gain experience By joining IPMA family, we get familiar with project Management excellence. It helped us to over come all project risks and stakeholders concerns. Mr. Safarali Babie Morvarid Petrochemical

22 Receiving this award and being recognized internationally by such as renown body as the IPMA is the pinnacle of achievement in Project Excellence and the perfect end to a tremendously successful project. Mr. Jeff Martin from Siemens PM of Beijing T3 Airport Expansion Project Pinnacle of achievement

23 There are rare possibilities for a Project to be audited or evaluated from outside by PM professionals. The IPMA Project Excellence Award is such a possibility, providing international recognition. If you are tough enough, apply for the Award! Mr. Dan Donciulesku SIVECO Romania SA Evaluation by PM professionals

24 The IPMA Excellence Award for Petrom Well Modernization Project is both a wonderful recognition for our team work and another proof that the path we have chosen as a company: to be the largest oil and gas company in South – Eastern Europe, is prone to success. Mr. Umair Mir, Well Modernisation Program Petrom EP, Member of OMV Group Proof for the path chosen as a company

25 Recognition goes beyond the award The team of Huizhou Plant Construction Project of China National Offshore Oil Corporation was rewarded 1 million RMB (about 100,000 Euro) by Huizhou government. The project was the Award Winner in 2010

26 hard facts + = soft skills exceptional results for all stakeholders

27 What are the next steps?

28 How to proceed with award application?

29 Award ceremony in Krakow, 2007

30 Award ceremony in Istanbul, 2010

31 Award ceremony in Brisbane, 2011

32 Join the Award Winners Club!

33 Be the one to be Internationally recognized! Apply for the annual Award process!

34 IPMA Project Excellence Model

35 Overall Process

36 Award Categorisation

37 Costs Applicants who receive a Site visit by an IPMA Award Assessor team are also required to cover the travel and subsistence costs of all assessors (flight tickets, hotel, subsistence and visa costs). In case of application withdrawal the applicant is required to cover: –20% of the fee – before the submission of the application report –total fee – after submission of the application report.

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