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Dha and durham city council Joint meeting

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1 Dha and durham city council Joint meeting
March 21, 2012 Dha and durham city council Joint meeting

2 welcome Background Housing Authority History
Development Ventures Incorporated Mission Structure Challenges Moving Forward, Together

3 background The Housing Act of 1937 (The Wagner-Steagall Act)
The American Housing Act of 1949 Historical concentration of poverty Cabrini Green Chicago, IL (1958) Getty Images

4 timeline 1949 – DHA incorporated
1950 – Cooperative Agreement with City 1953 – Few Gardens Opened Payments In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) for services to DHA residents

5 mission DHA’s mission is to be a leader for affordable housing, providing a safety net, promoting self-sufficiency, leveraging core competencies to generate mixed income development.

6 Structure States have model legislation for the creation of local housing authorities. North Carolina’s passed in 1949 City Council’s finding of need for Housing Authority – to investigate and report on housing conditions U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) created in 1965

7 Structure (continued)
City Council appoints six (6) members of DHA Board of Commissioners, Mayor appoints one (1) member One Council member serves as Liaison to DHA Board of Commissions

8 Vital statistics Over 1,800 Public Housing Units
160 Affordable Housing Units Over 2,800 Housing Choice Vouchers More than 900 participating landlords Overall, DHA serves more than 12,000 citizens of Durham

9 challenges DHA has resolved its management issues

10 Challenges (continued)

11 Challenges (continued)

12 Challenges (continued)
The Turnaround: Public Housing Management – Stable Housing Choice Voucher Program – Stable Procurement – Normal Approval Levels

13 Challenges (continued)
Loss of more than $1 million in funding Staffing reductions of 11% overall, 26% in Central Office Economic pressures drive greater demand for subsidized housing

14 Dha’s legacy portfolio
McDougald Terrace Liberty Street Oldham Towers Scattered Sites Club Boulevard Average Age = 47 years

15 Renovations Damar Court Edgemont Elms

16 public housing today Strategic Goal – Decentralizing Poverty
Mixed Income Development Full subsidy for extremely low income Affordable Housing Market Rate

17 new construction

18 Development ventures incorporated
DHA’s Subsidiary Development Corporation Founded in 1985 Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Staffed by DHA

19 Development ventures incorporated
Developer for: HOPE VI (partnered with TCB) Edgemont Elms, Preiss-Steele Place and 1010 Worth Street Renovations Goley Pointe (20 units) Goley Phase (45 units) Central Neighborhood (4 units) Redevelopment of DHA properties

20 moving forward, together
City of Durham’s Master Planning Process Agency coordination Creative, cooperative approaches to funding challenges

21 A Better Future for Durham

22 Discussion

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