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Capital Construction: NYS SBGA Fall Conference - Buffalo, September 30, 2003 Curt Miller Office of Facilities Planning New York State Education Department.

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1 Capital Construction: NYS SBGA Fall Conference - Buffalo, September 30, 2003 Curt Miller Office of Facilities Planning New York State Education Department

2 The Capital Project Who: identification of need for a capital project may come from many people.

3 The Capital Project What: Capital Projects Identified –Reconstruction: boiler and roof replacement, walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, windows, etc. –Additions: construction of new space attached to existing building –New Construction: construct a new building

4 The Capital Project How: the person delegated to initiate the project will follow the next steps...

5 The Letter of Intent or LOI Four flavors: –New Building, Addition or Reconstruction –Manufactured Building –District-Wide –Leased Space or Discovered Buildings

6 LOIs continued... Find blank LOIs on our web page Mail or Fax to our office (But not both!)

7 Choosing an Architect or Engineer RFP - We recommend choosing the consultant using a request for proposal Choose carefully - an important link in the process Must be NYS licensed Will draft, sign, seal and certify plans and specs

8 Response (package) to the LOI Facilities Planning sends: –Response letter, includes name of project manager and 15-digit project control number, CSI codes and name of building –Directions for submitting all forms necessary for a complete final submission or for a preliminary submission when a project involves new space –Sent to the person on our computer system

9 Eligibility for Building Aid Must be an instructional facility Must have general construction costs of $10,000 or more Must be legitimate capital construction Funding sources must be aidable (e.g. federal and state grants are NOT aidable sources) Must have proper authorization Must have SED building permit BEFORE going out to bid Building Aid Unit calculations are used to determine aidable new construction and additions

10 The Complete Submission Requires the following forms: Checklist Application for Approval of Final Plans and Specs Evaluation of Existing Building Form Scope of Proposed Project (plus SHPO cover, Board Resolution and SEQR Clarification Form) Highway and Asbestos Letters Floodplain Certification NEW Code Compliance Checklist (now includes the structural responsibility checklist)

11 Preliminary Submissions For projects involving new instructional space Preliminary Submission must include: –Application for Approval of Preliminary Plans (FP-P) –Facilities Needs Assessment Summary –Enrollment projections –Instructional Space Review form (from VESID) –Scope of Proposed Project (SHPO cover) –Evaluation of Existing Building form (EEB) –Schematic Floor Plans –Site Plan

12 Final Submissions Very similar to documents needed for final submission of reconstruction projects, except... SEQRA documents, Scope of Proposed Project and Evaluation of Existing Building should already have been part of the preliminary submission

13 Reconstruction Projects Require only a final submission Package to FacPlan must include: –Checklist –Application form (FP-F) –Evaluation of Existing Building form (EEB) –SEQR documents as outlined above –Highway letter –Asbestos letter –Code Compliance Checklist

14 Reconstruction Projects, continued –Plans and Specs, signed, sealed and certified –Must paperclip these items in spec book: non-collusive bidding certification equivalency clause (You may check the Instruction Guide on our website for a sample of an equivalency clause. They are a frequent cause of confusion!) wage rates Rescue 155.5 items

15 SEQR (State Environmental Quality Review) New Process implemented September 1, 2001 District takes lead agency status Paperwork to complete: –Scope of Proposed Project (find this on our website) –Determination document(s) (i.e., such as a board resolution declaring a Type II project –Copy of SHPO letter (State Historic Pres. Office) for new space or 50+ y/o building –SEQR Clarification form, if needed

16 Discovered Buildings Includes shipping containers and tool sheds and any other lockable building, regardless of size Requirements for submission: - Form FP-AU - certification by architect - architectural drawings - Fire Safety Report - AHERA management plan

17 Temporary Quarters (leased space) Requires same paperwork submission as Discovered Building with the addition of a local Certificate of Occupancy For lease aid, additional documentation (including the lease) will be needed

18 Safety During Construction, Remodeling and Maintenance

19 Please know these sections! § 155.2 Construction and remodeling of school district facilities. § 155.5 Uniform Safety Standards for School Construction and Maintenance Projects

20 Addenda and Change Orders Addenda alter Plans and Specs BEFORE the project is bid Change orders alter Plans and Specs AFTER bid process, contract signing and work begun A new Change Order Certification form is now required with all change orders (and must be submitted with the change order or the change order will be returned!)


22 Bits n Pieces FP-FI forms and financial revision Available on our website Total of all projects done under a referendum must never exceed authorization $

23 FP-FI form FP-FI forms and financial revision

24 More Bits n Pieces Emergencies are repairs –Board declares Ordinary Contingent Expense –Repairs made may become incidental to a subsequent capital project of which it becomes a part The capital project will require a Building Permit (which will be expedited)

25 Whats New at FacPlan International Building Code: all projects now must follow the International Building Code. Minor Maintenance and Repair Aid is available for 2003-04. Must claim by August 1, 2004. Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) Playgrounds Prohibition took effect on March 15, 2003 Know the definition of emergency project - must be unforeseen, not due to neglect or age Electrically operated partitions were require to be compliant by June 1, 2003 or made inoperable

26 Fill for Fields

27 CHECK OUR WEBSITE for your capital construction needs, questions and answers!

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