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Administrative Services 2013 Fall Convocation Update.

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1 Administrative Services 2013 Fall Convocation Update

2 FY14 Operating Budget FY13 Operating Expenditures - $13 million FY14 Operating Budget ??? Goals for this year: – Program/department budget allocations – APRU budget – Proper matching of revenues and expenses 12013 Fall Convocation

3 Major Projects - Completed Repair/Renovate SS Classroom to Science Lab - $505k Replace Cafeteria & Fine Dining Carpet - $52k 22013 Fall Convocation

4 Major Projects - Construction Chevron Energy Savings Performance Contract Reroof Welding, Campus Center, Elections & Maintenance - $1.2M Sustainability & HEV Labs - $435k Renovate Student Services $1.4M Campus Locks - $650k 32013 Fall Convocation

5 Major Projects - Upcoming Lana`i & Sculpture - $63k Repair Exhaust Hoods - $163k Repair PAC Water Damage - $2.4M Overhaul Chiller - $100k Repaint Fine Arts, LRC, Campus Center, Technology & Maintenance - $1.4M Fine Arts Multi-Purpose Room - $2.0M 42013 Fall Convocation

6 Staffing Phyllis Vidinha – Senior Fiscal Specialist Dawn Kaihara – Fiscal Specialist Additional HR Resource Emergency Hires – 2 open Groundskeepers – 1 open Building Maintenance Worker 52013 Fall Convocation

7 NEW Campus Public Safety Patricia Wistinghausen Campus Public Safety Manager Curtis Broyles Campus Security Officer Star Protection Agency Charlie Iona – Kaua`i Island Manager Edward Stankevitz – Security Guard Jared Roso – Security Guard Robert Dela Cruz – Security Guard 62013 Fall Convocation

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