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Partner for a lifetime

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1 Partner for a lifetime

2 Basic Facts Company Infrastructure and People Operations

3 Key Points (1) Kodar Group is the leader in Telecommunication and Power distribution infrastructure engineering in South Eastern Europe Kodar Group covers all segments of Telecomunication and Power distribution business: Network Planning and Optimization Acquisition & Legal regulation Design Construction Installation Maintenance Kodar Group consists of 12 member companies that cover the local markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary Two new companies in Libya and Oman will be established in order to reach near East and African market 3

4 Key Points (2) More than 1000 permanent employees - experienced and skilled professionals Such a broad range of products and services offered through different lines of business is unique in the whole region and without real competition Top class turnkey solution Service-oriented with 24/7-365 days available crews Ready for expansion New markets, New business lines, Acquisitions 4

5 Kodar Group Timeline 1958 Energomontaza was established in small city southwest from Belgrade name Prijepolje 2001 KODAR ing has been established in Belgrade, as headquarter of KODAR group 2007 KODAR Ing. expanded to Bosnia&Hercegovina market 1989 Kodar Iwas established in Cacak, city in the central Serbia 2011 Kodar Group acquired Energomontaza 1958 1972 1989 1995 2001 2004 2007 2010 2011 2012 Energomontaza has moved headquarter to Belgrade, capital of Yugoslavia 1972 1995 KODAR has focused its core activities to mobile telecommunication and high attitude installations 2004 Kodar Ing. expanded to Montenegro 2010 Kodar Group expanded to new markets Hungary and Macedonia 2012 KODAR group expands to new markets Lybia and UE market

6 Coverage

Corporate Structure KODAR Group Belgrade, Serbia ENERGOMONTAŽA Belgrade, Serbia KODAR engineering Belgrade, Serbia ENERGOMONTAŽA Metalac Prijepolje, Serbia KODAR Cacak, Serbia ENERGOMONTAŽA Podgorica, Montenegro KODAR Montengro Podgorica, Montenegro ENERGOMONTAŽA Skopje, Macedonia KODAR BiH Banja Luka, Bosnia and Hercegovina KODAR Hungary Budapest ,Hungary KODAR Macedonia Skopje, Macedonia W-line Belgrade, Serbia

8 Kodar Group Strategy Attract and sustain best talent
Embrace technological innovation and adapt to new trends Standardize external communication and maintain public image Expand into new markets Continue centralisation of logistics Further brand strengthening Controled growth and management

9 Key Figures Expected revenue in 2012. is close to 25M Eur
More than 60% of GSM networks rollout in SEE region More than 3000 RBS, antennas, thousands kilometers of cable… Hundreds of miles of 0.4, 10, 35, 110, 220 and 400 kV overhead transmission lines of all types on a “turnkey” basis, not only in the region but also world wide (Nigeria, Panama, Guinea, Togo, Sri Lanka, Ghana…) Thousands of miles of OPGW Transformer stations on all voltage levels

10 Turnover Growth (in € millions)
25 33.5% 17.1 11.9 10.9 10.1 5.1 3.5 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Planed Average turnover growth in last 6 years was 33.5% Source: Company data

11 Basic Facts Company Infrastructure and People Operations

12 The Strongest Part - People
More then 1000 permanent employees divided in Five sectors: Network planning & optimization Acquisition & Legal procedure Design Construction Installation, Commisioning, Maintenance Administration Which of them: more than 150 with different Bachelor engineering degree, more than 10 with Master degree, and 30 with College engineering degree. More than 50 employees have in total more than 100 different certificated engineering licensees in telecommunication, construction, mechanic, electric, arhitecture

13 First in Serbia Turn key partner
Value Added Services like Radio network planing and optimization First SWAP project in Region First 110 kV underground cable in Region First optical network infrastructure project in 1980’s Among the first OPGW installations in the region

14 Kodar Group Information System
KODAR Group Business Portal Developed internally to serve complex KODAR group business system Has similar features to B2B portal but adapted to group needs, including personalization Easy access from remote points Direct delivery of managerial reports Developed traceability system Monitoring the activities and all keystone of various processes

15 Kodar Group Business Centres and other Facilities
ENERGOMONTAZA, Belgrade, Serbia KODAR Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia KODAR, Montenegro KODAR, Hungary KODAR, Macedonia KODAR, BiH ENERGOMONTAZA, Montenegro

16 Production Facilities
Automated line for production of steal and metal parts Production capacity is units per year Production process is standardized and automatically controlled, reducing possibilities for human error Separate testing room capable of parallel quality checking

17 Vehicles More than 50 off-road vehicles More than 70 cargo vehicles
More than 80 travel vehicles More than 30 construction machines More than 15 crane vehicles More than 10 special machines for OHTL 2 snow mobile vehicles

18 Measuring instruments and other equipment
RNP&O tool TEMS Investigation 10.0 Spectrum analyst 9kHz-26.5 GHz Site Master for diapason MHz 4 pcs. Frequency counter Abis meter 2Mbit/s Test set Hewlett Packard 37742a 2Mbit/s, PDH/SDH Access tester JDSU Ant-5 SDH/PDH access tester (75ohm) Racal 6310 for testing base station Bit error tester GN Epe06 GPS appliances for measuring, optic power meter DVP, etc Special mountain equipment for high-altitude work Equipment for lifting and displacing larger loads (tirfores, electric crabs, elevators, etc.).

19 Basic Facts Company Infrastructure and People Operations

20 Main Competences Telecommunication Power distribution and transmission
Acquisition & Legal Procedures Design Construction Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Radio network planning and optimization Core Installation Software & Hardware upgrade Telecom Core and Access Network infrastructure and equipment installation Power distribution and transmission Overhead transmission and distribution lines Power transformer stations Metal constructions

21 Project References (1) Telenor 1995-present:
Huawei Renovation Project (RAN SWAP - more than 600 sites, MW SWAP – more than 600 hops, RNO & DT– more than 800 sites), 700 projects regarding civil works, GSM RBS and RR connections. More than 1000 RBS installations, and more than 1000 RR installations. More than 500 km of optical cables Telekom Serbia 1978-present: More than 1300 projects regarding civil works and GSM RBS and RR connections. More than 900 RBS installations, and more than 300 RR installations. Tens of thousands of copper access lines; hundreds of kilometers of optical cables EPS (Electric Power Industry of Serbia) 1958-present: More than 1000 projects of all sizes regarding overhead transmission lines and transformer stations EMS (Serbian Transmission System and Market Operator) More than 100 overhead transmission lines. Hundreds of miles of OPGW

22 Project References (2) Zeleznice Srbije (Serbian Railway)
Numerous transformer stations Miles of contact network NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia) Transformer stations and overhead distribution lines for numerous facilities Telenor Montenegro (ex ProMonte) More than 200 designs for SWAP RBS, SWAP of 140 RBS, RNO and DT 140 sites, SWAP more than 200 NERA hops CG Telekom (ex MONET) : More than 100 projects of implemented statement, GSM RBS and RR installations. More than 120 RBS installations, and more than 60 RR installations m:tel CG 2007-present: More than 350 projects regarding Civil works, GSM RBS and RR installations. More than 130 RBS installations, and more than 140 RR installations

23 Maintenance Experience
Telenor Serbia Preventive and corective maintenance of RBS sites (Site facility management) on more then 220 sites (Belgrade and East Serbia regions) (since 2009) Preventive and corective maintenance of Telecommunication equipment (RBS and RR) on more then 1400 sites, (since 2004) Vip mobile Serbia Corrective maintenance of Telecommunication equipment (RBS and RR) on more then 500 sites since 2007, central, west, east and south part m:tel Montenegro Preventive and corective maintenance of RBS sites (Site facility management) on more then 250 sites – 100% share

24 Network SWAP Expertise
SWAP of Ericsson 2xx to generation 2xxx in Telenor Serbia SWAP of MW Backbone in Telenor Serbia SWAP of Ericsson 3G to NSN 3G in Telenor Serbia SWAP in Telenor Montenegro SWAP in Telenor Serbia SWAP in Telenor Hungary SWAP in TCOM Macedonia SWAP in VIP Mobile Macedonia SWAP in TCOM Montenegro SWAP in Telekom Serbia

25 Partners

26 Clients

27 Recomendation Letters

28 Vendors

29 Kodar Group Key Advanteges
Big market share Huge power of the vendors which we have contracts with Long Experience and Company Image Geographical coverage Regional coordination Management Highly trained employees Service network High working technology and environment Good support from the banks Partner support Logistic efficiency Financial stability Credit ability

30 We like our job

31 Protest of our employees

32 contact :
Thank you! contact : tel:

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