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ARMAG Corporation Bardstown, KY, USA

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1 ARMAG Corporation Bardstown, KY, USA
text ARMAG Corporation Bardstown, KY, USA Informational Briefing For: United States Army National Guard CS/CSS Task Force

2 text History ARMAG has been supporting the National Guard since our inception. Parent Company CEO was a member of our local unit and deployed to Viet Nam. The National Guard has ARMAG products in 48 of the 54 States and Territories. There is a standing resolution to add one “Relocatable Arms Vault” to each state.

3 Product Categories Armories Magazines SCIF’s
Portable Weapon Cleaning Stations Hardened Offices Dog Kennels Custom Requirements

4 What we bring to you Design Flexibility Tailored Solutions
Single Units or Multi-plex Units Cold Weather or the Desert New Construction Indoors or Out Tailored Solutions Standard Security Requirements TEMPEST level Security New Construction or Retrofit We build to your design or we provide you a ready solution Slide the unit into place “Plug & Play”

5 Product Offering Armories
Armories are built to specification Crane NSWC for Class II thru IV Small Arms Approved DOD M Approved AR These standards meet or exceed NATO Standards

6 Product Offerings Armories
These portable arms vaults are trusted throughout the US military Armag Corporation is the only manufacturer to ever be awarded a contract by the spec holder (Naval Surface Warfare Group). Presently we have a $49.9 million contract with NSWC Have sold over 3,500 armories

7 Product Offering Magazine
Magazines built to specification Crane NSWC Approved DOD M Approved AR Class 1.1 thru 1.4 Ammunition & Explosives These standards meet or exceed NATO Standards

8 Product Offerings Magazines
text Product Offerings Magazines Magazines for Explosives and Ammunition Storage Built to house Class 1.1 though Class 1.4 ammunition and explosives Meets all US Military Forced Entry requirements Armag Corporation is the ONLY supplier to the US Military for Type 2 magazines We have manufactured over 15,000 magazines for commercial use and 6,000 for military use AP Category II: Light automatic weapons up to and including .50 caliber and 40mm MK 19 machine guns. Weapon components such as silencers, mufflers, and noise suppression devices will be treated as Category II items. AP Category III: Includes the following items: AP Launch tube and grip stock for the Stinger missile. AP Launch tube, sight assembly, and grip stock for the Redeye missile. AP Tracker for the Dragon missile. AP Mortar tubes up to and including 81mm. AP Grenade launchers. AP Rocket and missile launchers with an unpacked weight of 100 pounds or less. AP Flame throwers. AP The launcher or missile guidance set, or the optical sight for the TOW. AP Category IV: Includes the following items: AP Shoulder-fired weapons, other than grenade launchers, not fully automatic. AP Handguns. AP Recoilless rifles up to and including 106mm

9 Portable Weapon Cleaning Stations
Portable Weapons cleaning stations can be placed on the training range Exhaust removal duct system above parts cleaning stations Built to same specification as armories

10 Hardened Offices Hardened offices are used in areas needing extra protection In use extensively at FT Bragg Heavy construction guarantees years of use

11 SCIF – “ARC Vault” The “ARC Vault” is a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) designed to meet or exceed ICD 705 and JAFAN 6/9 requirements. Exceeds STC 50 acoustic requirements TEMPEST Scalable Fully customizable Delivered “plug & play” ready Re-locatable when unit mission changes

12 Custom Solutions Cache Units Forward Operating Base Platform

13 Regional Training Centers
National Guard Training Centers with ARMAG products include: Muscatatuck UTC, IN Camp Atterbury, IN Camp Shelby, MS Camp Blanding, FL Camp Butner, NC Camp Roberts, CA Camp Dodge, IA Fort Pickett, VA Camp Guernsey, WY Camp WH Ford, KY Camp Ripley, MN Fort Dix Fort Indiantown Gap, PA Camp Santiago, PR McCrady Training Cntr, SC Camps Swift, Bowie, Maxie, TX Camp Williams, UT Yakima Training Site, WA

14 Product Ease of Installation
Easy Installation Offload Set in Place Connect Power

15 Sample Retro-fit

16 Sample Retro-fit

17 Sample New Const

18 Year in Review This year, the National Guard has tasked ARMAG to build: 13 / 9 Armories 3 / 6 Magazines 3 / 10 ARC Vaults 1 Custom Solutions Black has been delivered Red is pending contract

19 Contact: Dave Rosenfeld – Government and Military Sales
Cell Office 300 ARMAG Ave Bardstown, KY 40004 Karlos Bruce - VP Business Development – Randy Nance – Sales Manager –

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