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Morgan Sustainable Lodging, LLC About Us SBI and Morgan Chase Management combine to offer the first vertically integrated development solution for communities.

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2 Morgan Sustainable Lodging, LLC About Us SBI and Morgan Chase Management combine to offer the first vertically integrated development solution for communities. Mission Statement To provide innovative infrastructure development products and management services that combine to enable efficient impactful sustained growth for communities in geographically unique locations. Guiding Principals Treat others with respect Act with Honesty and Integrity Inspire others to perform at high levels Positively impact the earth, water and sky

3 Morgan Chase Management About Us 40 years dedicated to building a solid reputation of quality, service, reliability and customer relationships serving large events and disaster relief. Expertise Providing innovative event management services offering best in class venue management, food service, mobile laundry, transportation, sanitary procedures, staff management, culinary production systems, logistics, menu planning, cost and quality control. Experience Overall operations experience of the food service/catering, lodging, safety and logistics of many large disasters and events. 40 years experience catering events up to 7,000 people in one day at one location. Capacity to develop and train and execute HACCP guidelines and systems assuring culinary safety, and planning.

4 Sustainable Building Innovations About Us SBI is a leading designer and manufacturer of Next Generation Energy-Efficient Engineered Building Systems Military Tested, Global Applications Large scale domestic and international residential communities, worker/crew housing, disaster relief, clean room and cold storage facilities Expertise SBI is dedicated to building regenerative, systems-based solutions at the confluence of business, technology and the social sector. Experience SBIs has assembled a world class team of financial, technological, business, logistics, planning, and construction experts to create global impact.

5 World Class Development Team...

6 Holistic Solutions Strategic Sustainable Plan Advanced Construction Technologies Accelerated Development Timeline Energy Efficient Solutions Low Impact Construction Local Job Creation Guiding Principals to create a long-term trusted partnership to achieve economic, social and environmental goals important to the community to act with integrity regarding the speed and quality of construction and the use of state-of- the-art construction technologies

7 Our Development Team Morgan Sustainable Lodging, LLC Morgan Sustainable Lodgings focus is on creating high quality, livable worker communities that will transition to meet the needs of the local communities, workers and their employers. Morgan Sustainable Lodgings mission is also to create these facilities with sustainable technology, including SBIs highly energy efficient PowerPlus building systems, and renewable power to mitigate the impact of such facilities on both the environment and the local infrastructure of the nearby local communities Stantec Founded in 1954, provides professional consulting services in planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics for infrastructure and facilities projects. We support public and private sector clients in a diverse range of markets, at every stage, from initial concept and financial feasibility to project completion and beyond. In simple terms, the world of Stantec is the water we drink, the routes we travel, the buildings we visit, the industries in which we work, and the neighborhoods we call home. Our services are provided on projects around the world through approximately 11,000 employees operating out of more than 170 locations in North America and 4 locations internationally. Stantec trades on the TSX and on the NYSE under the symbol STN.TSX and on the NYSE Stantec is One Team providing Integrated Solutions. Sasaki Sasaki ( is an integrated design and planning firm committed to realizing thoughtful, sustainable solutions to unique problems. Drawing on the collaboration and diversity of ideas that defines an inter disciplinary firm, teams take a personal approach to creating award winning spaces and places for institutional, civic and commercial clients. Sasaki is a mid sized firm of 200 professionals working throughout the United States and internationally.

8 Our Development Team cont. The Ranger Group global construction management, engineering, technology, and services company. The Ranger Group is an investor in SBI, holds a board seat and provides marketing and strategy services to SBI. OPEL Technologies is a company focused on developing technology, designing solar concentrating and tracker products, and producing solar energy solutions for industrial and commercial applications ranging from utility scale solar farms to solar rooftop systems for commercial building applications. Lamboo a technology company that specializes in the manufacturing of engineered bamboo for structural, architectural, and industrial applications worldwide. Bamboo as a lingo-cellulosic fiber can be processed into products with enormous advantages in mechanical properties. In its engineered form laminated bamboo provides great durability, uniformity, and strength. Our Financial Partners (confidential).

9 Development Program Phase I Fully integrated low impact oil field housing and support services community Housing (Quadrangle Campus Style, 3-story structures) total of three 4-structure quads equaling 732 rooms Dining Hall C-Store Laundry Training/Conference Center Truck Repair and Machine Tool Facility Parking Recreational Field

10 Development Program Phase II Single family housing (community style) Recreational Fields Galleria (retail shops and food court) Medical Clinic

11 Visuals – Phase I Overhead Layout

12 Visuals – Phase I Exterior rendering of the 3-story and background quad

13 Visuals – Phase I

14 Visuals – Phase II

15 Visuals – Phase I Hotel and Commercial quad

16 Visuals – Plan


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