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The Success of the Kalamunda Circuit If you built it, they will come.

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1 The Success of the Kalamunda Circuit If you built it, they will come

2 Murray Wynne Trail builder and volunteer co-ordinator for the Kalamunda Circuit WAMBA committee member Munda Biddi Trail Foundation board member and ride guide for 9 years 2011 finalist in the Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards in the Volunteer of the Year category Currently working as a Construction Supervisor on the Munda Biddi trail Has been riding in the Perth hills for 18 years Jake Hannah Secretary of WAMBA Started riding in Scotland around the time the 7Stanes project was being built Has mountain biked extensively in the UK, Morocco, Spain, Indonesia and New Zealand for over 11 years Riding in the Perth Hills since 2006 Organised the Kalamunda Circuit trail opening in 2012

3 Murray Wynne 1.Mountain bikers Jake Hannah 2. Volunteers

4 Where is the Kalamunda Circuit? Kalamunda Circuit UWA

5 What is the Kalamunda Circuit?

6 IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System EASIESTEASY MORE DIFFICULT VERY DIFFICULT EXTREMELY DIFFICULT White CircleGreen CircleBlue Square Black Diamond Double Black Diamond

7 Martin Shurlock, WAMBA trail advocacy officer, put in a submission to CALM (now DEC) to: Realign the existing Kalamunda Circuit away from the Bibbulmun walk trail Build a sustainable mountain bike trail – Trail Proposal

8 2006 Trail Corridor Marked DEC gave approval for volunteers to mark the trail corridor 6 month process of selecting a path and taping the route

9 DEC Surveys complete DEC complete surveys for: Dieback Rare flora and fauna Aboriginal sites Construction commences!

10 3km of trail complete from Mundaring Weir Rd to Camel Farm (Slippery When Dry) March 2009 – First section of trail complete

11 Karnet Prison Crew assisted with construction: 26 days working on the trail 6 prisoners per visit Major contribution to the construction of the Kalamunda Circuit Feb 2010 – Prison crews lend a hand

12 Sept 2010 – Lottery West tender WAMBA invite tenders for the construction of the southern section of the Kalamunda Circuit Made possible by $35,000 Lottery West and DSR trails grant

13 Dec 2010 – Trail signs go in Northern section sign posted by DEC Standard IMBA trail ratings used Riders start to ride the trail in serious numbers

14 Jamie Campbell commences construction on the south section Three months to construct 8km of trail WAMBA run naming competition for new trails: Rocky Balboa Mercury Street Muffin Tops Horny Devil July-Sept 2011 – South section constructed

15 In July 2011 we exceeded 1000 volunteer trail building hours on the Kalamunda Circuit Total hours so far: volunteers involved Volunteer hours to exceed 1500 on Sunday at trail maintenance day July 2011 – 1000 Volunteer hours!

16 Trail counter installed: Thanks to the assistance of Andy Kemp (DEC) Placed on Camakazi trail 407 riders per week between Oct 2011 and Feb vehicle movements per week along Paulls Valley [Data from Shire of Kalamunda] Oct 2011 – Trail counter

17 Kalamunda Circuit volunteers install south section sign posts All 22km of the trail is now signposted March 2012 – South Section Signed

18 Trail opening party organised by WAMBA: Sponsored by Cycle Instead Bikeweek 50 new riders tried the trail 40 beginners took part in skills and maintenance clinics from AvantiPlus Cannington Demo bikes Free sausage sizzle VIPs from DEC, DSR, West Cycle, Cycling WA, WAMBA, PMBC, Kalamunda Shire WAMBA AGM March 2012 – Trail officially opened

19 Kalamunda Circuit Opening – photos courtesy of Travis Deane

20 Promoting the Kalamunda Circuit

21 EveryTrail QR Code

22 Potential Market: Population of 1.74million within a 40km radius On the doorstep of Perth International airport 12 months a year riding conditions Connects to the Munda Biddi Trail 40km 20km

23 A Victim of Its Own Success Kalamunda Circuit is at capacity Lack of easy (Green) trails Lack of harder (Black) trails (and shuttle-able trails) DRA to the east of Lockwood Rd Access to major funding

24 Rider Survey

25 Trails with hard, medium and easy features and having trails all linking up together so you can ride a different route each week. Development of some longer distance singletrack loops - ideally linked all the way into Kalamunda. Trails which interlink, so you can do short or long rides. Also getting a change of trails to keep it interesting. More downhill and freeride trails. More flowy single track

26 Muffin Tops Rocky Balboa Mercury St Horny Devil Joeys Line Dugite Camakazi X Files Black Stump The Dell Munda Biddi FJ Paulls Valley Rd Asher Rd Gunjin Rd Lockwood Rd Munda Biddi Touring Route P P Mundaring Weir Rd Munda Biddi Touring Route Mt Gunjin XXXX Camel Farm Slippery When Dry Black Stump Green Loop Pump Track Fern Rd P Skills Track Lancaster New Downhill trail New blue trail Zig Zag Zinger Camel Farm Green Link


28 Conclusions The Kalamunda Circuit is a huge success There is an urgent need for more trails We have an opportunity to make this area very special

29 Questions and Video

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