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Great team work.

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1 Great team work

2 Rominserv Industrial Services and Maintenance
Rominserv - an integrated company Rominserv is the General Contractor of the Rompetrol Group B.V. providing EPCM industrial investment projects, as well as comprehensive maintenance and plant servicing. Rominserv’s mission is to offer a feasible alternative to the “in-house’’ maintenance, as well as greenfield and brownfield project management. Rominserv has an experience of more than 25 years in services related mainly to oil and gas industry by merging the capabilities from the two Refineries of the Rompetrol Group – Petromidia and Vega, as well as the international activity of the state own oil company, Rompetrol, in Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe. Our services are certified ISO 9001:2000, SR EN ISO 14001:200 and OHSAS by Germanischer Lloyd Certification GMbH.

3 Rominserv - an integrated company
October 2004 Rominserv takes over Iaifo Zalau, one of leading Romanian manufacturers and exporters of steel and cast iron valves. November 2005 Rominserv becomes the major shareholder of Palplast, polyethylene pipes and fittings manufacturing plant located in Sibiu. End of 2008 – Rominserv Kazakhstan Rominserv can deliver all its services to KMG and other clients through Rominserv Kazakstan, a subsidiary of the company. Rominserv services are certified ISO 9001:2000, SR EN ISO 14001:200 and OHSAS by Germanischer Lloyd Certification GMbH.

4 Services – Tools for project management
Technology drives our business—it speeds schedules, cuts costs and ensures quality. To make the best use of it, Rominserv has implemented proper information systems to better support its activity: Planning: Primavera Contract Administration: Pro Plan Vendors/Subcontractors pre-qualification & tendering website: EPC Contracts Materials and Work Orders management: Maximo Each Project can be controlled in matter of : time budget contract terms

5 Services – Engineering
Fields of expertise: Process technology Mechanical equipment Piping Constructions Electrical&instrumentation Plant engineering Technological units Type of works: Basic and detailed engineering & design Project support services, evaluation of bid packages, analysis and selection of vendor's bids. Technical assistance during erection and testing. Mechanical Equipment drawings for oil refineries and related industries and facilities.

6 Services – Construction
Major construction projects integrate complex activities, involving subcontractors, suppliers, workers and substantial financial resources, spent on materials, equipment and services. Rominserv has the “KNOW HOW”, necessary for management at all stages of a project, from site preparation through construction and startup. Type of works: Mechanical Erection Inspections, adjustments, testing, calibrations, repairs, and replacements of static/rotating equipment Compressors & pumps repair works Upgrade and refurbishments Electrical and I&C works Implementation of electric/automation equipment and large distributed process control systems (DCS, PLC, intelligent devices).

7 Services: Procurement
Contract and commercial management Procurement department is specialized in contract and commercial management and offers the following services: Develop the best contracting strategies for resource procurement and execution of the work Developing enquiry, tender and contract documents Assessment, mitigation and management of contractual terms and conditions, obligations and risks Contract dispute resolution and arbitration

8 Services: Supply of equipment & materials
Based on its strong relationship with suppliers as well as on its own manufacturing capabilities, Rominserv can supply a broad range of equipment & materials used in energy industry: Industrial valves & fittings Rotating & non-rotating equipment (ex, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, vessels, reactors) Automation equipment: field equipment, PLCs, software Electrical equipment Removable gas stations

9 Services - Maintenance
Rominserv coordinates and carries out the whole range of maintenance works and services for static, rotating and electrical equipment, as well as for the instrumentation field. Cost efficient maintenance services: Rominserv focused on developing predictive maintenance services, which monitor the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed, instead of reactive maintenance which consists of repairing the device when it breaks down. Rominserv invested in diagnosis equipment and proper personnel training to implement quality predictive maintenance methods as oil analysis, vibration analysis and infrared analysis - used to find the factors that decrease the lifetime for components of equipments while operating.

10 Services - Manufacturer of industrial valves
Rominserv Valves Iaifo, branch of Rominserv, is the largest Romanian manufacturer of steel and cast iron valves for: oil, petrochemical and gas industries; gas distribution projects; power sectors (thermo, hydro, nuclear and electric); water distribution and irrigation projects, waste water treatment projects. Production capacity: 350 to/year of steel and cast products. Range of Products: Closure valves; Check valves Strainers; Thermodynamic stream traps; Level indicators; Spring loaded safety valves;

11 Major projects - completed
Gas – Oil Automated In-Line Blending System Diesel In-line Blending Unit Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 8,120,000 USD / 6,800,000 USD Period: October 2002-January 2004 April 2005 – October 2006 Distributed Control System is the biggest project for Rominserv, as General Entrepreneur. Its finalization represents the full automation of the Petromidia Refinery, becoming one of the most modern refineries in Europe. Production capacity: 350 to/year of steel and cast products. Modernization of the existing control and automation systems by introducing the digital systems of controlling the technological processes. Integration of Motor monitoring systems in the control process system. Implementation of a computerized system of data acquisition and control from different laboratories. Centralized Control for all the processes in the Refinery from The Control Center Room.

12 Major projects - completed
Petromidia Refinery Control System Revamp Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 33,000,000 USD Period: August 2002 – November 2004 Capacity of the In-Line Blending system is around 1000 m3/h of gasoline and 1,200 m3/h of diesel. The overall project consisted of the new pumping groups, metering units, the blending skid, related piping, and the process-controlling unit.

13 Major projects - completed
Petromidia Refinery Shutdown and Turnaround Maintenance Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 30,000,000 USD Completion period: October 2005 Project overview: Petromidia Refinery Shutdown was an opportunity for units modernization and starting new investment projects and, secondary, it was a planned period for the refinery “turnaround maintenance” according to legal requirements. Objectives: Refinery process increase up to 10% Units’ capacity increase Main achievements: Technological and energetic rated capacity increase Increase safety in units exploitation Products quality increase Environment effects reduction

14 Major projects - completed
Berth 9 – Cryogenic Storage Facilities – LDPE Plant Overhaul Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 30,000,000 USD Period: March 2005 – December 2006 Project purpose: To ensure restarting of LDPE Plant on Petromidia Platform, based on imported ethylene feed, stored in cryogenic facilities. Construction of new marine facilities for imported liquefied gases feedstock able to ensure, also, occasional export of liquefied gases. Construction of facilities for storage and delivery of finished products The project includes several sub- projects: Construction of an import-export liquefied gases marine terminal (ethylene, propylene) ensuring an app flow rate of 350m3/h. LDPE Production Plant revamp and up-grade able to deliver 60,000 tpy. Revamp and re-arrangement of cryogenic storage tank farm Construction of LDPE grains Packing and Palletizing Plant – 20 tons/Hr capacity Modernization of LDPE finished product warehouse – 4,600 tons storage capacity/800tons daily handling facilities

15 Major projects - completed
Modernizing & Technological up-grade of Vega Bitumen Plant Beneficiary: Rompetrol - Vega Refinery Value: 7,300,000 USD Period: June 2006 – December 2007 Project purpose: Rehabilitation and technological up-grade of existing oxidizing units; Implementation of DCS control of tecnological processes; Achieve a 30 to/hr production unit of continuos SBS polymer modified asphalt; Bitumen including new oil heated storage tank farm and loading/delivery; Facilities to road tankers; General description Overall basic & detail engineering Purchase of latest know-how and technology Civil works, steel structures Mechanical, electrical and I&C erection works Testing and commissioning

16 Major projects - completed
HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) Plant Restart Beneficiary: Rompetrol Petrochemicals Value: 14,300,000 USD Period: Year Nameplate Capacity: 60,000 tonnes/year Main activities: 1. HDPE Plant revamp (refurbished and procured items) 153 static equipment (vessels, reactors, heat exchangers) 1576 piping systems (including PSV, valves, insulation, painting) 170 rotating equipment (pumps, blowers, compressors, agitators) over 200 t of steel structures 2. DCS & ESD implementation 3. New Bagging & Palletizing Automated Line 4. Modernization of product store 5. Refurbishment of offices and Control Room 6. Extending the Low Polymer storage Platform.

17 Major projects - completed
Jetty 9 Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 29,000,000 USD Period: November 2005– January 2009 Project purpose: Increase the loading capacity in Berth 9, Midia Harbor, from 90 t/mounts to 120 to/mounts, in order to follow the Refinery target refining capacity of 5 Mil. t/y. General description Two lines multi-product piggabile transfer System between refinery and Berth 9 and the related connection pipes, 9,5 km; New berth for tdw ships; New berth for tdw tank barges; Two new pumping station for gasoline and diesel ,550 mc/h each; Fighting System with Sea water, covering all three Berths; Security Systems with Control Access, CCTV and Detection systems DCS system for entire application; Center Control Room for operating all three Berth;

18 Major projects - completed
New PetCoke Briquetting Unit Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 26,000,000 USD Period: January 2005 – March 2010 The petcoke, product based on refinery petroleum coke is a valuable product for burning processes, having a high calorific power. Further to briquetting process there will be obtained a solid fuel, having a small content of ashes, complying to the latest environment norms and regulations regarding the sulfur content. The project will consist in two main sections: Technological units for raw material supply. Technological units including briquetting plant and finished product dispatch facilities .

19 Major projects - in progress
Crude Oil Storage Tank Farm Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 50,000,000 USD The goal of the program is to make the existing & future tank farms compatible to work together with the SPM (Single Point Mooring) as a Crude Oil marine import/export terminal with maximum achievable capacity Installation of DCS integrated with SCADA of SPM project to get data from the existing tank farm and operating the new installed Remote Operated Valves on piping system Bi-directional Metering Skid for max 7000mc/h Export pumping station to the SPM for max 7000mc/h Export pumping station to other refineries in Romania Repair , Revamp and Increase capacity of the 3 tanks from 50,000 m3 / tank to 56000mc / tank Installing a new, high capacity, double role (suction& discharge) piping system (48 inchX40 inchX24inch) Connection of the SPM pipeline (40 inch) with the new piping system within the tank farm

20 Major projects - in progress
Mild Hydrocracking Unit Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 158,800,000 USD Project purpose: Achieve a Mild Hydrocracking Unit within refinery complex in order to maximize the diesel production and to supply FCC Unit feed with a very low sulfur content. Prepare the feed for FCC unit in order to achieve Euro 5 gasoline component. General description: The plant will be a new “grass root” unit within the refinery complex; Unit capacity: 220 m3/h; Guaranteed 30% conversion; Guaranteed 4 years turnaround; Guaranteed max 100 ppm of Unconverted Gasoil (FCC feed).

21 Major projects - in progress
New Green Field Hydrogen Plant ( Ncm/h) Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 84,880,000 USD Project purpose: Produce the hydrogen needed in order to obtain sulfur free fuels (Euro 5). The existing hydrogen units cannot supply the required hydrogen quantity and quality for future refinery. General description: Build a new “grass root” hydrogen unit; Capacity: 40,000 Nm3/h; Purity: 98% H2 min; Pressure: 86 barg min; Basic and Detailed Engineering (partial) supplied by Technip; Purchase state-of-the-art technology and equipments; Start-up assistance supplied by Technip.

22 Major projects - in progress
FCC Revamp Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 30,000,000 USD Project purpose: Overcome erosion and metallurgical problems with the existing reactor. Enable the FCC Unit to process unconverted oil at the required capacity. General description: Basic Engineering supplied by UOP; Detailed Engineering supplied by Litwin; Unit capacity: 180m3/h; Gasoline yields: 50% m/m; Propylene yields (8%).

23 Major projects - in progress
New sulfur recovery unit & tail gas treatment unit (SRU &TGT) Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 34,000,000 USD Project purpose: To fulfill the environmental regulations for the recovery of sulphur and SO2 emissions (max.1000 mgSO2/Nmc), due to the increase of refinery capacity to 5mil. t oil/ year, which will lead to the increase of the quantity of sulphur to be recovered. General description: Construction of a new SRU of 220 t sulphur/day capacity; Construction of a new waste gas treatment unit (TGT) t/day capacity; Sulphur recovery will be of 99.8%/ the content of sulphur in H2S will be of max. 10 ppm/ and the content of SO2 at stack will be of max m/Ncm.

24 Major projects - in progress
Modernization of HDPE Plant, Capacity increase ( t per year) and New Grades Beneficiary: Rompetrol Petrochemicals Value: 12,529,000 USD Project purpose: Modernization of existing HDPE Plant Granulating Section Increase capacity and produce new grades General description: Modernize existing granulating section by acquiring and installing a complete new state of the art weighing and dosing system; Increase production capacity to 100,000 t/year; Produce new HDPE grades for pressure pipes and large containers; Increase safety in operation; Acquire new license, perform Basic Design and DE; Start up assistance/ performance test;

25 Major projects - in progress
NEW FLARE SYSTEM Beneficiary: Rompetrol Refining Value: 16,100,000 USD Project purpose: To replace the existing Petromidia flares system, more than 30 years old. To fulfill the environmental requirements for gas flow rate monitoring and emissions. General description: Construction of a new flare system consisting on 3 new flares at 110 m height each

26 Major projects Reconstruction and modernization of the vacuum block of installation ELOU-AVT-3 with the aim to increase the elaboration of vacuum gasoil and replacement of furnaces P1,2,3 in the installation ELOU-AVT-3 with the modernization of the block for furnace gases recycling, of funnels at Atyrau Refinery, Kazakhstan Beneficiery: Atyrau Refinery Period: November 2009 – December 2010 Main sections: Reconstruction of vacuum column Reconstruction of vacuum system of column K-5 Utilization of oil and tar Reconstruction of heat exchange system Change of furnaces P-1, P-2 The project is the part of modernization program of Atyrau Refinery directed to increase of yearly capacity of oil refining from 3,5 million tones to 5 million tones of oil, as well as quality improvement of released fuel per international standards.

27 Major projects Reconstruction of Delayed Coke Unit. The first complex. Reconstruction of the installation in order to increase productivity up to 1,0 million tons. Beneficiery: Atyrau Refinery Period: November 2009 – December 2010 Main sections: Vapor recovery unit and the node additives SKTN-1; Cold pump hot pump; Heat exchangers block; Furnaces block; Power reactors; Columns block; Tank farm №38; Sewage treatment plant of circulating water The project is the part of modernization program of Atyrau Refinery.

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