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University of Houston University of HoustonHUB/MWBE Construction Related Professional Services Networking Event Construction Related Professional Services.

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1 University of Houston University of HoustonHUB/MWBE Construction Related Professional Services Networking Event Construction Related Professional Services Networking Event October 30, 2007 Presenter: Dilip Anketell Executive Director – Facilities Planning & Construction

2 2 2 Outline 1.UH System Campuses 2.Plant Operations Website 3.Advertising of Projects 4.HUB (MBE, WBE, DBE, SBE) Participation 5.Delivery Methods 6.Professional Services 7.Selection Process 8.Campus Master Plan 9.Recently Completed Projects 10.Current Projects 11. Upcoming Projects

3 3 3 UH-System Groups

4 4 4 Plant Operations Website

5 5 5 Advertising of Projects Advertisements for design services, contractors and other services are posted on the Texas Market Place. The website address is On the pull down menu, select : University of Houston 730 for the Main campus University of Houston – Clear Lake 759 University of Houston – System 783 University of Houston – Downtown 784 or University of Houston – Victoria 765 The Texas Market Place is a bid website for all of the Texas state agencies.

6 6 6 HUB Participation The University has a goal of 40% HUB participation on all construction projects and a HUB mix that reflects the cultural diversity of our city. The University can provide assistance with getting state HUB certification, however certification is not required. We accept certifications of other state and local agencies. Outreach to HUB contractors, vendors and professional service providers is made through contact with HUB professional organizations, plan rooms and special events.

7 7 7 HUB Participation Contacts Dilip Anketell Executive Director Facilities Planning & Construction Allison E. Bell Director of Capital Projects Administration Facilities Planning & Construction William P. McKinney HUB Project Manager Facilities Planning & Construction Diedra Sutton Consultant Procurement Technical Assistance Center UH Small Business Development Center Sandra Webb HUB Program Manager UH Main Campus

8 8 8 Delivery Methods Design Build Design – Bid – Build (Traditional) CM – @ Risk

9 9 9 A/E and Other Professional Services for Minor Projects The several design firms are chosen by an RFQ process. As projects become available, firms are chosen from an approved list as needed.

10 10 A/E and Other Professional Services for Major Projects Design/Build The contractor/design firm is chosen by a two step RFQ then RFP process. Other Delivery Methods The design firm is chosen by an RFQ.

11 11 Selection Process The criteria for selection are included in each RFQ or RFP. A committee of FPC staff reviews the submissions and makes recommendations to a project building committee. The project building committee interviews a short-listed group of responders and forwards its recommendations to the Vice Chancellor.

12 12 Campus Framework Plan A link to the framework plan is on the Plant Operations website. These items can be viewed from there. UH Framework Plan Lecture Hall Presentation Calhoun Lofts Presentation Framework Plan Update BOR Approved Framework Plan Framework Plan Executive Summary Video Presentation

13 13

14 14 Open Space

15 15 Open Space Framework Preserve and enhance the existing Open Space Framework of courtyards, lawns, and groves Respect and extend pedestrian corridors and paths to enhance wayfinding Utilize existing courtyard scale to develop new campus places Link the University with the surrounding neighborhood Extend the Brays Bayou Park System into the campus Continue Lighting/Security Program

16 16 Transportation Framework Develop a loop road connecting Calhoun Road and Elgin Street Extend the campus core by closing Cullen Boulevard Accommodate growth through conveniently located parking structures Integrate Metro Light Rail, BRT, and buses into campus with an inter-modal station on Scott Street Incorporate the University Shuttle to link all transportation framework elements

17 17 Parking Garage Data

18 18 Development Framework Increase on-campus residential population to 24% and distribute across campus Allow for growth to 41,000 students and 12.2M SF Provide limited infill opportunities integrated in the inner campus core Develop four perimeter precincts for current and future initiatives Construct mixed use development unique to each precinct

19 19 Arts Precinct

20 20 Professional Precinct

21 21 Wheeler Precinct

22 22 Stadium Precinct Garage 2 Garage 1

23 23 Recently Completed Projects UH Main Welcome Center & Parking Garage (2006) Bayou Oaks Student Housing Expansion (2006) Bayou Oaks Student Housing (2005) Science & Engineering Building (2005) M.D. Anderson Library Expansion (2004) Cullen Oaks Student Housing (2004) UH Downtown Commerce Street Building (2004) Academic Building & Garage (2007) UH Clear Lake Student Services & Classroom Building (2004)

24 24 Recent major projects Recently Completed Projects

25 25 Current Projects UH Sugar Land – Academic Building Architect: Archi*Technics/3 + PageSoutherlandPage Contractor: Skanska USA Building $35M Expected construction started – September 2007 UH Main – Calhoun Lofts Design/Build - Pepper Lawson & Kirksey $100M Expected construction start – October 2007 UH Main – Cemo Lecture Hall & Academic Center Architect: RFQ responses were received October 2007 Contractor: RFQ was posted in August 2007. The responses are being evaluated. $9M Expected construction start – TBD

26 26 Current Projects

27 Upcoming Major Projects UH Main Campus New Art Museum - $16M East Parking Garage - $9M Renovation to Science Buildings - $57.6M Wind Energy Building (Corpus Christi) - $20M Hilton Hotel Renovation - $11.1M Diesel Training Facility - $11M Science Building(s) Renovations - $57.6 SERC Build Out - $30M

28 Upcoming Major Projects UH Downtown One Main Library Expansion - $3.5M UH Victoria Regional Economic Coalition & Allied Health Building - $10M UH Clear Lake Renovation of Arbor Building – $10.6 M Pearland Campus – $10.8 M Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership Building - $35M

29 29 Potential Major Projects UH Main Engineering Building Optometry Addition College of Business Addition Music Building Cougar Walk Scott Street Development UH Sugar Land Economic Development Building

30 30 Facilities Planning & Construction, better known as FPC, is located at 4211 Elgin on the second floor of the General Services Building.

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