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Nael Energy & General Enterprises UAE, Abu-Dhabi, Tel : 00971 2 6776757, Fax : 00971 2 6776449, P.O.Box 2045 UAE, Al-Ain, Tel : 00971 3 7621400, Fax :

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Presentation on theme: "Nael Energy & General Enterprises UAE, Abu-Dhabi, Tel : 00971 2 6776757, Fax : 00971 2 6776449, P.O.Box 2045 UAE, Al-Ain, Tel : 00971 3 7621400, Fax :"— Presentation transcript:


2 Nael Energy & General Enterprises UAE, Abu-Dhabi, Tel : 00971 2 6776757, Fax : 00971 2 6776449, P.O.Box 2045 UAE, Al-Ain, Tel : 00971 3 7621400, Fax : 00971 3 7630401, P.O.Box 15253 http://www.nael. ae, E-mail :

3 About Us Nael Energy and General Enterprises Establishment has been established in 1977, since that time it has been grown into one of the most efficient and successful contractors in the region. NEGE through years of experience,has built an Engineering & Contracting House with local and international expertise capable of competing for the most sophisticated and complex projects. In addition NEGE is a member of the Nael & Bin Harmal Group of Companies and plays a vital role in supporting the Groups ambitions for success and growth.Diversity We serve the following fields: Civil works Water & Sewerage Plants Power Transmission & Distribution Environmental Engineering MEP & HVAC Irrigation & LandscapingOrganization We are organized into six departments. These departments provide a wealthy resource pool to support the operational divisions. Besides being a resource pool these departments also offer logistical and financial planning support to the project divisions Administration Financial Tendering, proposing & Contracts Engineering & planning QA/QC IT Our clients Nael Energy has been involved in a wide range of projects for clients such as the Municipalities, Water and Electricity Authorities, Department of Military works, Telecommunication corporations, District cooling providers, 11KV substations and O.H.L.

4 Operational Division Activities Civil Division 1.General civil. 2.Hard & Soft landscaping. 3.Irrigation networks Fluid Systems 1.Water transmission lines. 2.Water distribution networks. 3.Sewage and drainage networks. 4.Water distribution pumping stations. 5.Water transmission pumping stations. 6.Water treatment plants. 7.Sewage treatment plants. 8.Sewage pumping stations. 9.Storm water pumping stations. 10.Operation and maintenance. Power Transmission & Distribution 1.Power transmission / distribution. 2.Power generating. 3.Substation packages. 4.Airfield lighting. 5.External and street lighting. Environmental Engineering 1.Solid waste management. 2.Incineration. 3.Emissions monitoring & control. 4.VOC recovery. MEP & HVAC 1.District cooling. 2.HVAC. 3.Electrical Installation. 4.Sanitary Engineering.



7 ISO Certificate

8 Al-Ain Water Distribution network pump station at AARC Client : TRANSCO Main Contractor : Torishima Pump manufacturing Consultant : ILF Period : 24 months Completion date : December 2011 Value : 220,235,003 Dhs Contract No : N6820 Scope of work :- Construction of the new Al-Ain pumping station at AARC. Hydraulic design for the complete water distribution network. Supply of DI line pipes including cement mortar lining. Supply & installation of DN 600 (5.6 Km), DN 700 (2.9 Km), DN 1000 (9.7 Km), DN 1200 (3.6 Km), DN 1600 (37.8 Km) Project # 1

9 Rehabilitation of Pumping Stations Client : ADSSC Main Contractor : Nael Energy Consultant : Hyder Starting date : 24 th May 2010 Period : 24 months Value : 90,000,000 Dhs Contract No : 1797 Scope of work :- Treatment capacity 250,000m3/day. Replacement of the existing sand filter media. Implementation and installation of a new SCADA for the treatment plant. Siemens Simatic PCS7 (Process Control System) DCS System based on Siemens S7- 400H PLC System (417-4H PLCs) Construct new pumping station PS W8 suitable for the new flow rate and head, on higher ground to the north of the existing PS W8 Construct 500 mm GRP gravity sewers between existing inlet sewer and the new PS W8 Construct new 350 mm GRP pumping main between the new pumping station PS W8 and the discharge chamber Blank off the inlet of 250 mm GRP rising main at the pressure vessel chamber at the existing PS W8 Project # 2

10 Upgrading the traffic movement and intersections in central area of Al Ain Client : Al Ain Municipality. Consultant : Wilbur Smith. Period : 18 months. Value : 34,000,000 Dhs. Scope of work :- Complete infrastructure & electrical works. Street Lighting Traffic lights Project # 3

11 Bawadi Mall (Al Ain) Client : Nael Investment Consultant : Shankland Cox Period : 22 months Complete date : Oct. 2008. Value : 260,000,000 Dhs. Scope of work :- Construction of District cooling plant. Construction of 11 sub-stations Supply, Install and commissioning of lighting system, power system,distribution boards, isolators for mechanical equipment, fire alarm system, public address system, CCTV, SMATV, BMS,central battery system, telephone system, low voltage cables and lightning protection system. Install and commissioning of light fixture, low voltage panels, stand by generator, 1500 KVA transformers, 11 KV panels and 11 KV cables. Project # 4

12 Bawadi Mall (Al Ain) Scope of work (Cooling Plant):- The District Cooling Plant (DCP) within Al Ain Central Market consists of a 2,500m² building comprising the following floors: 1. Basement Floor: it includes the Water Tanks and Pumps Room. 2. Ground Floor: it includes the Plant Room and other technical areas, i.e. HV Panels Rooms, Transformers Room & Workshop. 3. Mezzanine Floor: Administrative Office, Store, Control Room and LV Panel Room. The DCP comprises 7 Chillers of 1,200TR each (Carrier Make) resulting in a total cooling capacity of approximately 8,000TR and it is designed to serve with cooling all the other buildings within the Central Market premises, i.e. Bawadi Mall, Heritage Village, Hotel and Accommodation Apartments via 700mm dia pre-insulated cooled water pipes. It also comprises 4 Cooling Towers, 7 primary pumps, 7 condenser pumps and 5 secondary pumps. It has an independent power substation consisting of 6 transformers (3x2.5MVA and 3x1.5MVA) and related HV and LV switchgears. The plant operation is monitored and controlled by a BMS (Building Management System). Infrastructure work:- 11 K.V cables (11 K.M) 1000 K.V.A Transformer (1 No) 1500 K.V.A Transformer (34 No.) L.V panel (33 No.) T.R.M (1 No.) Q.R.M (2 No.) 11 K.V panel (9 No.)

13 Bawadi Mall (Al Ain)


15 Al Hili Fun City Phase1 (Al Ain) Client : Tourist Development & Investment Company Consultant : Otak International Period : 18 months Complete date : December 2009. Value : 22,000,000 Dhs. Scope of work :- Construction of new gate & various building Complete Refurbishment works as the following :- Installation and commissioning for the following games Flying clowns Family swinger Flying coaster Road train Sky tower Mini Airport Carrousel Bumber Car Mini Scooter Jump Rider Astro Jet Para Trooper Project #5

16 Al Hili Fun City Phase1 (Al Ain)

17 Apartment Villas at Al Muwaiji, Al Ain Plot No.(129B) Client : Mr.Nael Rashid Al Shamsi Consultant : ARAK Period : 18 months Complete date : January 2011. Value : 21,500,000 Dhs. Scope of work :- Supply, Install and commissioning of the following :- LV & HV Power network HVAC Drainage & Plumbing Project # 6

18 Al-Hili Buildings (Al Ain) Client : Housing Committee Main Contractor : Nael Bin Harmal Hydroexport Sub Contractor : Nael Energy Consultant : Dorsh Period : 24 months Complete date : April 2009. Value : 50,000,000 Dhs. Scope of work :- Complete HVAC & Infrastructure works. Project # 7

19 Al-Hili Buildings (Al Ain)

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