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2 INTRODUCTION David Figallo – Project Manager / Site Supervisor Chris Christou – Development/Chemical Engineer BASETEC SERVICES BACKGROUND Corrosion and Environmental Engineering company that specialise in Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance of Fibreglass products for Mining and other Industrial Processes: FRP – Fibre Reinforced Plastic GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic GRE – Glass Reinforced Epoxy

3 TODAYS PRESENTATION Recent Major Projects and how they were successful Benefits of Small Government and Independent Organisations Competing on an International Level Quality Controls and Procedures Diversify your Product or Services

4 FRP/ GRP/GRE Current and Recent Projects Licensed Holders for NOVAFLO FRP/ GRP/ GRE Technology

5 2011 FLUOR DANIELS INC – SANTOS GLADSTONE LNG PLANT Scope of work: Design and Supply approximately 75 kilometers of High Pressure Novaflo GRE brine hydro carbon transfer pipe. minimum design life of 40 years The pipe is to have easy connections using API threaded connections and Key lock joints Threaded Connections Diameter : NB50 – NB400 30barg

6 2011 RUHRPUMPEN USA – TEMIHI GEOTHERMAL PLANT NEW ZEALAND Scope of work: Design Supply and Install four Novaflo Seawater inlet Cooling Pipes and Pump Casings. Our design engineers carried out full FEA Analysis, Pipeline Stress Analysis and Seismic design. Pipe sizes range up to DN2100. Pressure rating : 6barg Site Installation and Butt and Strap Joints

7 2010 LEIGHTONS / SA WATER - CHRISTIES BEACH WWTP Scope of work: Design Manufacture and Install Novaflo pipe and fittings, Basetec also supplied 360° support steel pipe cradles as part of the complete package. Novafast 1000 Vinylester Resin was used. Pipe sizes range DN50 up to DN1000. Pressure rating : 2barg Site Spooling and Installation

8 Government and Independent Organisations Innovate SA Government Grant and Funding Advice Networking Events Industry Capability Network (ICN) Registering Your Companies Product and Services on Supplier data bases Promoting and assisting local input on major projects eg Fluor Daniels Inc

9 South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) Help promote companies with skills relevant to current Major Mining Projects Networking and business opportunities through member conferences. Water Industry Alliance (WIA) Tender and Project opportunities for members Supporting and promoting local industries Eg Christies Beach WWTP

10 Competing on an International Level Government Incentives for the large Mining and Construction Procurement Companies for using Local Industry and Service Providers. Small Australian Companies can compete with the large International Companies for the current Australian based Mining and Construction Projects. Succeeding in Australian Major Mining and Construction Projects will open the door for International opportunities and place your company in a much stronger position on the International Stage.

11 Quality Control and Procedures Major Projects demand Products and Services that conform to the highest of Standards. Often these project require us to meet not only Australian Standards but also stricter international standards such as American Petroleum Institute (API) British Standards (BSi) International Organization for Standardization (ISO) etc. Be Prepared to be Audited by these Major Construction and Procurement Companies throughout the contract periods eg; Fluor Project

12 Diversify Your Products and Services For example, years ago in performing market research Basetec noticed the strong possibility for a CSG (coal seam gas) boom. The CSG boom would call for large amounts of GRE High Pressure Pipe. Therefore, Basetec diversified its product base from FRP/GRP vessels and ducting to include GRE High Pressure Pipes, which enabled Basetec to win the Fluor/Santos Gladstone Project.

13 SUMMARY Hopefully from today's discussions you can take away some key points to help grow your business and be a part of Mining and Major Project opportunities in Australia.


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