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Dura Build Care Pvt. Ltd. Conceived in 1998. An ISO 9001:2008 certified business house. Product portfolio close to 120. Our motto Quality, Integrity Assured.

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1 Dura Build Care Pvt. Ltd

2 Conceived in 1998. An ISO 9001:2008 certified business house. Product portfolio close to 120. Our motto Quality, Integrity Assured which provides assurance about the quality of our products and honesty in our business deals. Established network of production, distribution, marketing, structural engineers and applicators. Solid presence in North India viz. Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Nepal Factory and R&D located at Bahadurgarh, Haryana. ABOUT US


4 MANAGING DIRECTOR Over 37 years experience with a background in material science & civil engineering. Served as a research scientist and production manager in British (Fosroc), German (MC Bauchemie), Swiss (SIKA) and American (MBT) multinational companies. Responsible for developing many other companies like ROFFE, CICO and ACRO paints as a technical director Published numerous articles on Effects of construction chemicals on cement & RCC structures and conducted workshops attended by civil engineers, site supervisors, etc. DR. D. GHANTI

5 R & D State of the art Testing/ Quality control facility located at Bahadurgarh Modern Industrial Estate, Haryana. Excellent chemicals and engineering lab with latest equipments & machinery. Advanced inventory and logistics management, better process design and faster delivery to clients. We work closely with IIT-Delhi to perform various engineering and validation tests on the latest product/formulation emanating out of our lab. We also fund research projects to be conducted at IIT-D.

6 OUR PRODUCTS Waterproofing Compounds Cementitious Polymer / Waterproof Coating / Polymer Modifier / Protective Waterproof Coating / Membrane Concrete / Mortar Admixtures Curing/Mould Release Agent Bonding Agent / Synthetic Repair Mortar / Protective Coating bases on Epoxy Flooring Compounds Silicone Waterproofing / Impregnation Grout & Grouting Compounds Tiling Compounds Anchoring Compounds Repair & Rehabilitation Joint Sealants / Elastomers Other/ Need Based For complete product information see product catalogue!!

7 YOUR PROBLEMS waterproofing Seeping waterFine cracks and dampness Carbonation and efflorescence Cavitation and Chemical attack Lack of bonding with concrete/mortar

8 OUR SOLUTIONS WATERPROOFING DURATITE: Integral cement waterproofing cum superplasticizer. DURA 1: Waterproofer cum corrosion inhibitor. DURAGARD: Polymeric cementitious breathable waterproof coating. DURAFEX: Polymer modified flexible/Elastomeric Coating. DURACRIST : Integral waterproofing by forming insoluble crystals. DURAJEL: Polymeric water reactive chemical grout. DURAMENJEL: Water based rubberized bitumen jel. DURAKRIT: Waterproof breathable cementitious acrylic polymer.

9 Poor workability Failure at bonding joints Premature water loss & cracking Low strength MORE PROBLEMS

10 MORE SOLUTIONS DURA PRODUCTS FOR BUILDINGS ۩DURASPRED /DURASUPASPRED: Plasticizing admixtures ۩DURAMICROSILICA: Silica fumed admixture with magical properties. ۩DURACOROBIT: Corrosion inhibitor ۩DURAPEL W/S: Silicone impregnating agent. ۩DURACURE C/W: Concrete curing compounds. ۩DURAMOL: Easy Mould/ Shutter release agent ۩DURAXYBOND: Concrete bonding agent ۩DURAHARD: Abrasion resistant flooring compound ۩DURASHOT P/L: Accelerating shotcrete admixture

11 PROBLEMS CONT… Poor tiling adhesives Seal hook joints & gaps Low fluidity of grout Shrinking cement grout Repair & Rehabilitation Anchoring, bolt grouting

12 SOLUTIONS CONTINUE DURA PRODUCTS FOR TILING, TUNNELS, CONCRETE PAVEMENT / BRIDGES, REPAIR DURA EV: Non shrink polymeric grouting compound DURAXYGROUT: High precision epoxy grout. DURAFIX : Polymer modified cementitious adhesive for tiling, etc. DURAXY RM: Epoxy based repair mortar DURARESIKOR: Resin capsule for rock bolting, anchoring. DURACRYL MP: Acrylic joint and gap sealing compound. DURASIL TPU: A dual pack PU modified sealant. DURAMICROKRIT: Grey Powder for producing flowing high strength concrete.


14 SERVICES AND TRAINING We aim to disseminate technical information related to Advanced Concrete Technology, Better Construction Practices, Quality Assurance Measures to site engineers in order to ensure sound and safe structure. Our well qualified team of Material Scientists, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers would be more than pleased to offer you the services at no cost. Technical Presentations Product Demonstrations Troubleshooting/ Technical Support Customised Solutions In-House Training & Education

15 Crack Bridging of concrete bed on the New Delhi Railway station- Airport Metro Express line CASE STUDIES Rehabilitation of a Two Storied structure at IIT-Delhi Cracking and seeping at PCA stadium, Mohali Difficulty in designing M40 grade of concrete, Manessar Restoration of the integrity of a cracked basement slab caused due to structural design problems in a tower at L&T-Experion site.

16 TESTIMONIALS Dura has set a benchmark of quality and reliability in the field of construction chemicals in Delhi. - Director Works, CPWD Dura has made rapid strides in the build care segment. Led by a highly knowledgable man, they have excelled in product innovation and technology. - President, TGB Realcon Pvt. Ltd. Dura has an answer for all building needs. The performance of their products exactly suits their customer needs. - Chief Engineer (Designs), DMRC Dr. Ghantis ability to diagnose construction problems accurately and then suggest relevant solutions is what separates him from the rest. - Professor V. B. Deshpande, ex-HOD of Civil Dept, IIT-Delhi Duras honesty and integrity whether it is payment on time or maintaining relations with suppliers is worth mentioning. - Chairman, JM Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

17 CONTACT US 104-106 Dimension Deepti Plaza Plot No.-3, LSC, Pocket - 6 Nasirpur Dwarka New Delhi - 110045 Ph. : 011 - 25050236/7 Fax. : 011 - 25050238 admin@ sales@

18 Thank You

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