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Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Free Powerpoint Templates ABOUT US Who we are… What we do… How we do it… And how we serve your community…

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2 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Free Powerpoint Templates ABOUT US Who we are… What we do… How we do it… And how we serve your community…


4 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3 OUR MISSION FOR SERVING OUR COMMUNITIES NEIC is a professional organization based on the foundation of community, service, integrity and communication. We are committed to serve communities through excellent service, effective process and consistent compliance. We will bring a high level of impeccability to our services and professionalism to ensure velocity, progress and workability in your community projects.


6 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 OUR FOCUS Expand Our Clients Reputation Develop a Culture of Safety and Competency Create New Opportunities for Community Development

7 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6 OUR PROMISES We promise from the first moment of acceptance to the final inspection you can count on us:

8 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 To operate and interact with honor and respect with all parties involved. To use and apply a teamwork approach in each and every interaction with the city or municipality staff and officials as well as property owners and all other professionals involved. To take time to educate, answer questions, minimize any concerns from all parties involved such as; property owners, architects, contractors and municipality staff. To follow, deliver, maintain and be in compliance with all Uniform Construction Code as per federal, state and local codes and laws. OUR PROMISES

9 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8 To be accountable for our ultimate goal; the safety of our communities. To be in open, constant and clear communication in all our verbal or writing correspondences during all of our projects. To continue performing as a professional team of inspectors who are proud of what they do and treat your project as their own. To be true to our Core Values, our Mission and our Operational Promises. OUR PROMISES

10 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 OUR EXPERIENCE We are team of professionals with many years of experience in all aspects of building, construction, inspections and management:

11 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10 Over 125 years combined experience in all phases of construction. Over 26 years of combined experience in all phases of building and construction inspection. Certified with the International Code Council. In depth understanding of the PA Uniform Construction Code. Mandatory Continuing Education for all of our inspectors. Minimum 10 years hands-on experience for all our team members. OUR EXPERIENCE

12 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 NEIC and its inspectors are proudly member of many professional organizations and associations such as: ICCInternational Code Council NFPANational Fire Protection Association IAEIInternational Association of Electrical Inspectors PABCOPennsylvania Association of Building Code Officials NAHBNational Association of Home Builders NCPNational Certification Program BOCABuilding Officials and Code Administrations PCCAPennsylvania Construction Codes Academy Third Party Agency Certification Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Labor & Industry OUR EXPERIENCE

13 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 12 OUR MANAGEMENT John A. Marino President & Chief Operations Officer Building Inspector CCO - Construction Code Official BCO - Building Code Official Certified Residential Building Inspection 10 Certified Residential Electrical Inspection 11 Certified Residential Mechanical Inspection 12 Certified Residential Plumbing Inspection13 Certified Residential Energy Inspection 14 Certified Building Code Official #3302

14 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13 WE GET IT… We do understand the importance of not only timely performance, but also the impact of unpredictable circumstances such as weather or any other un-foreseen issues. When you and your project are facing a pressing dead line, nobody wants to see valuable time wasted waiting for inspectors to show up on their own time! Time is money, and being on time means serving community and creating more opportunity for more public investments. We will provide knowledgeable inspectors at your job sites to perform PA, UCC Inspection in a timely and progressive fashion.

15 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 14 OUR SERVICES Plan Review, Inspections & Consulting as per Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code for: Residential Building & Structure Commercial Building & Structure Accessibility Electrical Plumbing Mechanical Energy Conservation Fire Protection Building Safety Final & Complete Process

16 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 15 ADDITIONAL SERVICES Consultation on Understanding the Codes Managerial and staff plan review, explanation and clarity Interpretation of Codes OUR SERVICES

17 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 16 OUR TIME FRAME Plan Review: Residential; Will be complete within 3 to 4 business days. Non-Residential & Commercials; Will be complete within 7 to 9 business days. Inspections: We will be at your job site within 48 hours (2 business days) of your request.

18 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 17 Occupancy Permits: Will be issued within 5 days of approved final inspection by NEIC team. Our Inspection Team: Our clients will have access to our inspectors via our office and their mobile phones. Voice Messages, Text Messages & Emails: We will respond to all of our messages before end of the day or no later than 12 noon on next day. OUR TIME FRAME

19 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 18 We are here to serve, assist and help you moving your projects forward to satisfy and integrate completion with proper safety and compliance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code. We are local. We live local. We work local.

20 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 19 CONTACT US AT NEIC NorthEast Inspection Consultants, LLC. 27 N. Main Street – Suite 202 Carbondale, PA. 18407 Tel: 570-280-2111 Fax: 570-280-2112

21 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 20 THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, TRUST AND YOUR BUSINESS. With absolute respect NEIC Team

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