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AZTEXMONTAJ My Name : Volkan Aksoy Position : Technical Director

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1 AZTEXMONTAJ My Name : Volkan Aksoy Position : Technical Director
Mobile : +994 (50) Phone : +994 (12) Fax : +994 (12) Web site : Company

2 AZTEXMONTAJ About Group Companies About AztexMontaj
Company Profile References Development in Azerbaijan Projects In Azerbaijan Market

3 AZTEXMONTAJ ISSM : Main Company of Group
Group Companies T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) AZTEXLAHIYE AZTEXMONTAJ AZTEXSERVIS ISSM : Main Company of Group Distributor of Bosch, Buderus, GEA and Siemens BMS Oswelt AztexLahiye : MEP Design Company AztexMontaj : MEP Contracting Company AztexServis : MEP Maintenance Service Company

4 AZTEXMONTAJ Company Profile T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) AZTEXMONTAJ is a leading Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Construction company in the Azerbaijan market since With local presence and international expertise we are focused on the construction of high quality buildings such as; Commercial Residential Industrial

5 AZTEXMONTAJ Company Profile OUR SERVICES Engineering Procurement
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) OUR SERVICES Engineering Procurement Contracting Testing & Commissioning Operation & Maintenance OBJECTIVES Deliver Quality Take Care of Client’s satisfaction Follow the Technology Take necessary actions for Safety and Environment

6 AZTEXMONTAJ Company Profile Mechanical Works
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Mechanical Works HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Sanitary and Plumbing Works Sewage and Water Treatment Inst. Swimming Pool, SPA Installations Fire Fighting and Extinguishing Systems Steam and Compressed Air System City Network Installation HV / MV Substations and Distribution Water / Sewage Network Gas Installation Electrical Works Power Distribution Low Voltage Distribution Lighting Switching Devices Earthing and Lightning Protection Low Current Systems Phone, Data Systems Security, Access Control Fire Detection systems CCTV, Camera systems PAYTV and SMATV systems Building Management Systems

7 AZTEXMONTAJ References Residential Projects :
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Residential Projects :

8 AZTEXMONTAJ References Sport Complex and Facilities :
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Sport Complex and Facilities : Techno-Humanitarium Completed Samaxı Olimpia Complex Continuing Zaqatala Olimpia Complex Completed

9 AZTEXMONTAJ References Administrative Buildings : State Real
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Administrative Buildings : State Real Estate Registry Completed

10 AZTEXMONTAJ References Health Centers : Onkologie Hospital 24.000 m2
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Health Centers : Onkologie Hospital m2 Completed

11 AZTEXMONTAJ Trump Tower References Ongoing Projects : 1 st Phase
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Ongoing Projects : Trump Tower Office, Shopping Center, Residence 1 st Phase Continuing All MEP Works, Design & Build by AZTEXMONTAJ

12 AZTEXMONTAJ References Ongoing Projects : Luxen Plaza
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Ongoing Projects : Luxen Plaza 20 Level - 3 Tower Office, Shopping Center, Residence Continuing

13 AZTEXMONTAJ Development in Azerbaijan
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Picture of : Cristal Palace and Baku Bay We have passed the International song contest “Eurovision 2012” with a full success.

14 AZTEXMONTAJ FULL MOON RISING Projects in Azerbaijan
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) FULL MOON RISING This main building will be a 35 storey luxury hotel with 104,182 square meters of space for only 382 rooms, a relatively small amount of rooms given the sheer size of the internal space on offer. It will reach a maximum height of meters. The hotel is linked via a zoomorphically shaped podium that snakes curvaceously around the boundaries of the site to two residential apartment blocks entitled Palace of Wind 1 and 2.

T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) CRESCENT TOWERS At 32 floors tall it will also be a luxury hotel, this time with 221 rooms. There will also be 128 serviced apartments in the building. Floor space will 128,140 square meters. Behind it will stand a further four tall buildings, three of which will be residential with the tallest of the quartet being a 43 floor office building standing 203 meters tall.

16 AZTEXMONTAJ SKY PARK Projects in Azerbaijan
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) SKY PARK Sky Park is a new cluster development project of Azerbaijani-Corean company AZKOR. Sky Park is consist of 4 skyscrapers (two of the skyscrapers seem like the separated, but according to the project they will be the unique buildings) and a shopping mall. The highest skyscraper will be 240m height 56-storey residential.

17 AZTEXMONTAJ Dream Island Golf Resort Projects in Azerbaijan
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) The complex with area of 480 hectares differs by its advantageous location - 7 km from the International Airport named after Heydar Aliyev - and the level of planned services. The residential part of the complex will consist of villas and apartments, and representation part will enable to arrange state and international events. The core of the entertainment part will be the 18 hole golf club with area of 200 hectares Dream Island Golf Resort

18 AZTEXMONTAJ Baku White City Projects in Azerbaijan
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) The Baku White City master plan envisages the creation of 10 universal urban districts with each of them to offer its residents the best living, working, recreation and entertainment conditions. The modern centre of Baku will be different. Baku White City

19 AZTEXMONTAJ Khazar Islands Projects in Azerbaijan
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Khazar Islands One kilometer-high building planned for Azerbaijan Development of 5 billion USD Haji Ibrahim Nehramli, president of the Avesta Group of Companies, says the new building will be a whopping 1,050 m high with 189 floors. The Azerbaijan Tower will be 200 m higher than the world's current tallest building - Burj Khalifa, and 50 m higher than the Kingdom Tower to be built in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Avesta management originally planned to build a 560-m tower, but revised their plans, APA reported. The Azerbaijan Tower will be built as part of the second phase. Construction is expected to begin in 2016 and finish in

20 AZTEXMONTAJ Projects in Azerbaijan
T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12)

21 AZTEXMONTAJ Thank You / Vielen Dank
Volkan Aksoy M: +994 (50) T: +994 (12) F: +994 (12) Thank You / Vielen Dank We thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We would like invite you to Azerbaijan to discuss our future cooperation in the growing market.

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