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Center for Landscape Conservation & Ecology Program Update Sustainable Landscapes Natural Resource Summit October 29-30, 2008 Dr. Amy Shober UF/IFAS Gulf.

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1 Center for Landscape Conservation & Ecology Program Update Sustainable Landscapes Natural Resource Summit October 29-30, 2008 Dr. Amy Shober UF/IFAS Gulf Coast REC

2 Mission of the CLCE To protect and preserve Floridas natural resources and quality of life through interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach. Areas of concern include water quality and quantity, wildlife habitat, landscape design practices, and sustainable resource use.

3 CLCE Faculty Spotlight Dr. Steve Arthurs Assistant Professor Entomology and Nematology

4 Using Insect Pathogens as Bioinsecticides Beauveria infected aphid (Koppert Biol. Systems) Hirsutella infected Asian citrus psyllid (Drion Boucias) Table 1. Invasive insects considered targets for insect pathogens HOMOPTERA Diaspididae. Poliaspis cycad scale Kerriidae. Lobate lac scale, Pseudococcidae. Pink hibiscus mealybug Psyllidae. Asian citrus psyllid Aleyrodidae. Fig whitefly Aphididae. Brown citrus aphid THYSANOPTERA Thripidae. Chili thrips Phlaeothripidae. Weeping fig thrips COLEOPTERA Curculionidae. Diaprepes root weevil

5 Oleander aphids with mummies Example Illustrated: Asclepias (milkweed) as a banker to control aphids on hibiscus Using Banker Plants to Reduce Insecticide Use

6 Using Insect Predators to Reduce Insecticide use Amblyseius sp. Example: the newly discovered predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii is an effective predator of chili thrips. Amblyseius swirskii

7 CLCE Faculty Spotlight Dr. Paul Monaghan Assistant Professor Agricultural Education & Communication

8 Promoting Florida-Friendly Landscaping in Lakewood Ranch (FNGLA Enhancement Award)

9 FL-Friendly Landscaping in Lakewood Ranch Relies on community advisory board for social marketing research and dissemination Conduct research on perceived benefits and barriers to Florida Friendly landscaping Implement demonstration gardens on donated properties Measure changes in attitudes and behaviors

10 CLCE Faculty Spotlight Dr. Gail Hansen Assistant Professor Landscape Design

11 Sustainable Landscape Construction & Materials Fine Gardening Nov/Dec pg 41 Small Garden 2006 pg 211 Joint project with Pinellas County Extension Office- Sustainable Living Program Focus is on hardscape materials and techniques such as: pervious pavers manufactured lumber recycled materials non-toxic paints and stains stormwater harvesting techniques

12 Landscape Perceptions & Behaviors In cooperation with University of Central Florida, Stormwater Management Academy, Leesa Souto, PI Purpose: Understand socially acceptable landscape design elements and plants for stormwater management and water protection. Determine what influences people to change their landscape Rivendell Willowbend Gail Hansen, MLA, PhD, Environmental Horticulture, UF Landscape Design

13 CLCE Faculty Spotlight Dr. Chris Martinez Assistant Professor Agricultural & Biological Engineering

14 Using Weather and Climate Forecasts in Water Resource Management Diverse Sources: –13 Regional Wellfields –Surface waters –15 billion gallons of off- line reservoir storage –Desalination plant (25 MGD) Use of forecasts to make better allocation decisions and minimize environmental impact

15 A Design Tool to Evaluate and Size Rain Barrels for the Florida Landscape How big should it be for my landscape? How often might supplemental water be needed? How much?

16 CLCE Faculty Spotlight Dr. Geoff Denny Assistant Professor Environmental Horticulture Dr. Amy Shober Assistant Professor Soil & Water Science

17 Nitrogen Fertilization of Landscape Plants Objectives: 1. To determine fertilizer requirements of a range of common landscape plants (i,.e., warm & cool season annuals, perennials, vines, groundcovers, and shrubs) 2. Verify current UF/IFAS fertilization recommendations Experimental Design: · 5 rates of N fertilizer 0, 2, 4, 6, & 12 Lbs / 1000 ft 2 · Slow-release N applied every 6 weeks

18 Nitrogen Fertilization of Landscape Plants Results: Finishing warm season annual evaluation currently. For some spp., recommendations may be too low. Impacts: More accurate fertilizer recommendations Grouping of plants with similar fertilizer need Salvia – 2 lbs N Salvia – 12 lbs N Vinca – 12 lbs N Lantana – 0 lbs N

19 CLCE Affiliate Faculty Spotlight Dr. Ed Gilman Professor Environmental Horticulture

20 Influence of Peripheral Root Pruning on Circling Roots

21 Periphery removed when shifted

22 Periphery not removed when shifted

23 CLCE Affiliate Faculty Spotlight Dr. Michael Dukes Associate Professor Agricultural & Biological Engineering

24 Smart Irrigation Controllers Compare irrigation applied & turf quality on SMS, ET & RS controlled irrigation to time clock irrigation. Soil moisture controllers (SMS) Evapotranspiration (ET) based controllers Rain sensors (RS)

25 Smart Irrigation Controller Irrigation Reduction Potential MethodLocationIrrigation Savings WeatherFunding agency Time clock adjustment w/ rain sensor Homes in Central Fla. 30%Normal to rainySJRWMD Rain sensor Plots in Gainesville 34%Normal to rainy SWFWMD 15%Dry Soil moisture sensor control Plots in Gainesville 70-90%Normal to rainy SWFWMD Up to 40%Dry Homes in Pinellas Co. Up to 70%Dry (1 d/wk) ET controllers Plots in Hillsborough Co. Up to 60%~Normal Hillsborough Co./FDACS Up to 40%Dry

26 CLCE Affiliate Faculty Spotlight Dr. Sydney Park- Brown Associate Professor Environmental Horticulture

27 Low Maintenance Rose Research Evaluation of 12 rose varieties –Knock-Out, Home Run, 8 antiques Low-maintenance regime –No pruning –No pesticides –Minimal drip irrigation

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