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HISTORY VENN-CORP WORKS WITH VENDORS GLOBALLY AND MANAGEMENT PARTNERS THROUGHOUT THE AMERICAS Venn-Corp (VC) originated as the Construction Logistics Unit of one of North America’s largest third-party logistics providers. With VC's origin in the logistics industry and our relationship to DM Transportation and the Evans Group of Companies, we are able to access a wide–breadth of transportation, warehousing and ancillary-service, industry partners. Venn Corp offers our clients service to all modes of transport (LTL, FTL, inter-modal, air and ocean), as well a global network of logistics service providers to bring certainty to what is often the uncertain world of project logistics. Venn-Corp has combined its experienced transport specialists and logistics-industry resources with professionals who are credentialed in project/construction management; FF&E design and procurement; and, program/project scheduling. Together, VC’s diverse staff can fully address both the transport, as well as management needs of complex capital projects, utilizing proprietary transport, project and inventory management systems, as well as a geographically diverse warehouse network to provide our unique project logistics solutions. NORTH AMERICA CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA 25 YEARS OF TRANSPORT EXPERIENCE YEARS

3 Building a Stronger Network
We have established local cartage, storage trailer and warehousing partners in the following markets: SPANNING 11 COUNTRIES 46 CITIES IN NORTH, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA

4 SOLUTION: Venn-Corp’s Project Logistics Services
Typical Supply Chain Costs are Reduced by Repetition Since distribution patterns rarely change, efficiencies are developed by frequent competitive bidding by logistics providers THERE IS A NEED FOR AN EFFECTIVE AND RESPONSIVE PROJECT LOGISTICS MODEL DISTRIBUTION CENTER MANUFACTURER RETAILER SOLUTION: Venn-Corp’s Project Logistics Services

5 How Does “A Project” Differ From Other Forms of Distribution?
PROJECT OWNER What is the definition of “A Project”: A planned endeavor with a defined start and ending, which when completed meets all pre-established objectives. Venn-Corp successfully manages project logistics for the following: • New construction projects and multi-site programs • Retrofit or renovation of existing facilities • Product placement rollouts • FF&E vendor production and installation schedule coordination Venn-Corp’s services allow the project team to design, implement and manage the logistics program through the financial close-out of the project.

6 The Typical Project Logistics System
If the FF&E delivery is left controlled by the manufacturer, all transportation choices will be subservient to the strategy of the vendor and is unlikely to mesh with the project’s schedule. PROJECT OWNER Owner Established Expectations • Issues PO# to vendor with planned delivery information POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: • Continuous maintenance of project logistics staff • Vendor unable to meet production schedules • Unable to meet manage transport logistics to meet delivery schedule HOW DO YOU CONTROL COSTS AND STAY ON SCHEDULE ? HOW DO YOU MEET EXPECTATIONS AND STILL CONTROL COSTS? Failure to React to Changes at Job Site Will Lead to Increased Secondary Costs Including: • Warehousing • Crew Changes • Handling / Recovery • Delays / Acceleration • Damage Loss POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: • Permitting issues • Labor / Weather delays • Damages / Claims • Miscommunication within the project team •Variable project logistics activity despite fixed logistics overhead. THE JOB SITE PROJECT VENDOR Product Ships from Vendor • Acting on PO# Instructions, vendor ships product to job site

7 SOLUTION: Venn-Corp’s Project Logistics Services
PROJECT OWNER Planning the Project • Receive Project Owner’s instructions • Verify vendor receipt and PO terms • Contact PM, GC and sub-trades • Review project vs production schedules • Develop a freight strategy for each project • Schedule pick-ups and delivery times • Set up on-line tracking and tracing PROJECT LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT Controlling the product flow • Developing a project based S.O.P. • Standardizing transportation, warehousing and receiving procedures • Establishing a project logistics budget • Controlling and reporting costs against logistics budget • Establishment of accepted claims policy • Venn-Corp absorbs project logistics overhead • Specially Trained Project Logistics Staff Including transportation specialists, project managers schedulers • Established vendor contractor relationships • Established warehouse PROJECT VENDOR Controlling the product flow • Building regional freight consolidations • Communicate with site to understand changes • Adjust pick up dates to maximize cost efficiencies • Maximize use of inter model freight • Correct freight routing (warehouse or site) • Proper carrier selection • Communication with site and crews on incoming freight arrival JOB SITE

8 VENN-CORP’S Responsibility Matrix
Venn-Corp Distributes Responsibility By actively managing the vendor production schedules and logistics program, responsibility and risk are distributed. PROJECT OWNERS AND MANAGERS GENERAL CONTRACTOR FFE VENDORS AND SUPPLIERS VENN-CORP’S Responsibility Matrix

9 Project Owner and Project Management Benefits
Through Better Control Comes Increased Profitability Enhanced Project Control • Complete control of owner-provided FFE from PO to installation • FFE purchasing, inventory and delivery integrated with the project schedule • Owner’s PO# referenced throughout project, with status updates at: • PO issuance dates • Production (availability for pick-up) dates • Actual delivery dates • Installation dates • Owner-defined dates for “Payment Approval” • Integrated project logistics budget with variance reporting • Owner-defined reporting against project budget • Budget overruns identified by PO# and accounting convention • Professional project logistics "close out" by owner-established timeline • Adherence to owner-defined procedure • Continuing support related to unresolved transport or project claims • Project summary outlining potential benefits for future development projects Improved Project Profitability • Outsourced FFE vendor management and project logistics coordination costs to the professional, experienced project logistics staff at Venn-Corp • Reduction in the staffing, management and infrastructure related to project logistics • Cost savings realized via more efficient management of the FFE logistics spend • Vendor and regional consolidations, JiT deliveries, reduced project warehousing, and handling costs • Reduced owner risk and expense related to departures from FFE vendor production schedule or transport delivery schedule • Responsibility assigned for project delays related to vendor production and/or transportation schedules • Mitigation of project-delay disputes and proper allocation of financial responsibility

10 Company Principals The Venn-Corp Principal team consists of the following individuals: MICHAEL SCOTCH, CPA, CVA, DACFE Chief Executive Officer / Venn-Corp Mr. Scotch has over 25 years of experience in leading businesses engaged in the construction services or transportation industries. During his career he has been licensed as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Valuation Analyst and a Diplomate of the American College of Forensic Examiners. Project Management Mr. Scotch was one of the founding partners of a project management and construction claims consultancy, with offices throughout North America and projects globally. During his nearly 15 years with the firm, Michael led the Financial Services Division of the firm, as well as acted as its Chief Financial Officer. He specific project experience includes: • Construction cost allocation; system design and forensic analysis of project • Construction budget; divisional development, cost account tracking and forensic analysis • Contract construction payment services, ensuring correct costing and claim charging Mr. Scotch has provided the aforementioned services on a diverse array of project-types, representing broad industry segments: His specific project experience includes: • Hospitality projects, including hotels, internal-ownership developments and casinos and theme parks • Commercial projects, including strip center, urban mall, mixed-use developments and manufacturing facilities • Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, medical office and biomedical research buildings • Infrastructure projects, including power generation, roads and bridges, water treatment and distribution Logistics and Transportation Mr. Scotch has worked for approximately 10 years in developing the international service network for a leading North American 3PL. Specific developments included: • Establishing a network of 10 offices in the US to broaden the company’s geographic service • Establishing 3 offices in China and a network of agents within Asia and the Indian sub-continent to serve the company’s North American customers • Broadening the company’s standard truckload brokerage services to allow for the transition to a full-service 3PL BRENDAN COX, HBA, BBS Chief Operating Officer / Venn-Corp Mr. Cox holds two Honors Arts degrees from the University of Western Ontario and a Business Science degree from the University of Toronto. Additionally, Mr. Cox has completed substantial course-work in purchasing (Ryerson University) and from the Canadian Institute of Trade and Technology. Brendan’s career started in 1992 and, since that time, has developed an experience in every level of the logistics industry. Logistics and Transportation During his 20 plus years of experienced, Mr. Cox has established several successful asset based companies including over-the-road carriers and warehousing entities. Mr. Cox has developed sought-after expertise in all forms and applications of transportation. His specific areas of experience include: • Trans-border and domestic transportation • Over-sized transportation. • Specialized equipment and “white glove” service • Designing consolidation distribution programs • Establishing warehouse locations and procedures • Customs preparation and audit • International transportation • Inter-modal transportation Logistics and Project Management Mr. Cox has leveraged his extensive transportation knowledge to become one of North America’s leading transportation consultants. Working with companies in all industries, Mr. Cox has developed and consulted on logistic systems on everything from the transportation of human organs to redevelopment of complete supply chains. Mr. Cox’s stated specialty is developing and implementing the logistic systems required for successful project management. Through mapping a project from its origins to its closure, Mr. Cox assures that projects meet or exceed their expectations.

11 Company Directors The Venn-Corp Director team consists of the following individuals: SAM WOODWARD, BA, PHD Non-Executive Chairman / Venn-Corp Mr. Mr. Woodward has been a defining presence in the transportation world for the last 35 years. Over the course of his careers, he has been involved in shaping some of the most iconic companies within the transportation community. • Pan American World Airways developed, launched and managed Pan Am Express • Purolator Courier Inc. - Vice-President of Planning As a member of the 4 person executive team, managed the turnaround of the company, increasing market value by 100% during his tenure • YRCWorldwide Senior VP of Operations and Planning; Oversaw the operations and developed the strategic plan, during which the company realized a % increase in market value • Gemini Air Cargo - Chairman and CEO Managed the complete reorganization and repositioning of this cargo giant for successful resale. Mr. Woodward is a sought-after Director, having sat on the Boards of companies and associations such as Motor Coach Industries International, Gemini Air Cargo Inc., FreightQuote, myFreightWorld, National Air Carrier Association, Performance Transportation Services, Hawaiian Air Lines, Air South, Circle Express, Pilot Freight, several YRCWorldwide/Yellow Corp. subsidiaries, manufacturing companies SCF Inc. and Labconco LLC, and as an advisory member to Perot Systems, Platinum Technologies and Octel/Lucent. He has been a commentator for CNBC. Mr. Woodward holds a BA and PhD (ABD) from the University of South Carolina where he received academic awards/fellowships from the Ford Foundation, Veterans Administration, and the Universities of South Carolina and Maryland. ALAN WATSON Director, PM and Scheduling Services / Venn-Corp Mr. Watson has 33 years of experience as an award-winning construction professional, working with all aspects of program and project management. Specific experience includes: • Program and project management as the owners representative • Project development and design-build management • Project scheduling and expert schedule analysis • Diverse responsibilities as a commissioned officer in the Army Corps of Engineers A degreed engineer and holder of a number of leadership positions in various professional organizations, Mr. Watson has provided the aforementioned services on a diverse array of project-types, representing broad industry segments: His specific project experience includes: • Hospitality projects, including hotels, casinos, country-clubs, theme parks and mixed-use entertainment developments • Institutional facilities, including higher education, hospitals and medical offices • Infrastructure projects, including power generation, mobile communication networks, hydro-electric dams, bridges and other large civil projects undertaken by the Corp of Engineers Mr. Watson has managed projects all over North America and on mainland China. He brings a unique perspective to the logistics challenges faced by project owners and managers. ERNEST HOLMES, AIA, NCARB Technical Director / Venn-Corp Mr. Holmes has 35 years of experience as an award-winning architect and construction professional, working with all aspects of project and program management. Specific experience includes: • Project Design, inclusive of furniture and fixture selection • Architectural administration and project management • Project development, including design-build and construction management Mr. Holmes has provided the aforementioned services on a diverse array of project-types, representing broad industry segments. His specific project experience includes: • Hospitality projects, including hotels, internal-ownership developments and casinos • Retail projects, including strip center, urban mall and mixed-use developments • Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, medical office and biomedical research buildings • Governmental facilities, including city halls, fire stations, airports and prisons • Manufacturing facilities, including pharmaceutical, pulp and paper and silicon chip projects Mr. Holmes has been licensed in 12 states and has managed projects all over North America. He brings a unique perspective to the logistics challenges faced by project owners and managers.

12 SOLUTION: Venn-Corp’s Project Logistics Services
Compatibility The Venn-Corp platform works with the following: SOLUTION: Venn-Corp’s Project Logistics Services


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