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RestoreEnhancePreserve 1 FY2012 Draft Annual Basin Plan CPRA January 26, 2011.

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1 RestoreEnhancePreserve 1 FY2012 Draft Annual Basin Plan CPRA January 26, 2011

2 RestoreEnhancePreserve Atchafalaya Basin The Atchafalaya Basin Floodway System (ABFS) encompasses 838,000 acres, and extends south from the Old River Control Structure to Morgan City The ABFS is bound on the east and west by the Atchafalaya Basin Floodway Levee Protection System Land Ownership –approximately 400,000 acres of publicly owned lands, which include state and federal fee title lands, federal easement lands and state water bottoms. –approximately 438,000 acres of privately owned lands which include upland forested habitats as well as deep-water swamps Flood control efforts and other changes to the system have modified historical flow patterns and impacted the hydrology and habitat of the Basin 2

3 RestoreEnhancePreserve A Place Worth Restoring Largest contiguous bottomland hardwood forest and alluvial swamp remaining in the United States Habitat for endangered and threatened species Significant fisheries Vast recreational opportunities Preservation of culture and heritage Tourism Coastal Restoration Resource Economic impact 3

4 RestoreEnhancePreserve 4 Challenges In The Basin 1.Ever-Changing Hydrology 2.Sedimentation 3.Hypoxic Conditions 4.Invasive Exotic Plant Species 5.Land Use/Resource Issues 6.Basin Management

5 RestoreEnhancePreserve 5 Game Changer HB1135 (Act 606 - 2008) Established the Atchafalaya Basin Annual Plan Process –shall be approved by the Research & Promotion Board, Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and the Louisiana Legislature Created the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to bring science into proposed solutions Created a focus on water management and water quality to accelerate restoration of the Atchafalaya Basin Created a focus on access to enhance public use of the recreational opportunities in the Atchafalaya Basin Created the Atchafalaya Basin Conservation Fund –75% shall be used for water management, water quality, or access projects –25% may be used to complete ongoing projects, and for projects in accordance with the mission statement of the Atchafalaya Basin Master Plan.

6 RestoreEnhancePreserve 6 FY2012 Annual Basin Plan Development

7 RestoreEnhancePreserve 7 FY2011/12 ABP Timeline –July 22, 2010 – Research & Promotion Board Meeting to discuss FY 2010 Annual Plan Status and FY 2011 Schedule –August 5, 2010– Technical Advisory Group Meeting to discuss FY2010 Annual Plan status and FY 2011 Schedule –2011 proposed schedule –August 16, 2010 – Public Meeting – Morgan City –August 18, 2010 – Public Meeting – Henderson –August 19, 2010 – Public Meeting – Plaquemine –September 9, 2010 – TAG meeting to review proposed projects –September 27, 2010 – TAG meeting to discuss proposed projects –October 4, 2010 – TAG meeting to approve projects –October 8, 2010 – TAG forwards approved projects to ABP –Week of October 26, 2009 – Draft Annual Plan Completed

8 RestoreEnhancePreserve 8 FY2011/12 ABP Timeline (continued) –November 4th, 2010 – R&P Meeting to approve draft annual plan for public comment –November 8, 2010 – R & P Public Meeting -Morgan City –November 9, 2010 – R & P Public Meeting - Henderson –November 10, 2010 – R & P Public Meeting – Plaquemine –December 9, 2010 – R & P Meeting to consider Public Comment –January 26, 2011 – Present draft annual Plan to CPRA –February 2011 – CPRA Approval of Annual Plan –March 1-4, 2011 – R & P Approval Of Annual Plan –March 21-25 – Submit FY 2012 Annual Plan to Legislature –April 25, 2011 – Legislative Session Begins

9 RestoreEnhancePreserve Atchafalaya Basin Research & Promotion Board 1.Louis Buatt – Chair - Dept. of Natural Resources 2.Gerald Alexander –Vice Chair - Atchafalaya Levee Board 3.Brad Spicer - Dept. of Agriculture & Forestry 4.Stuart Johnson - Dept. of Culture, Recreation & Tourism 5.Alex Appeaning - Dept. of Environmental Quality 6.David Guilbeau - Dept. of Health and Hospitals 7.Shawn Wilson, Dept. of Transportation & Development 8.Mike Wood- Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries 9.Chip Kline- Office of the Governor (Coastal Activities) 10.Charles St. Romain - State Land Office 11.Marty Triche - Assumption Parish (non- voting) 12.Mitchell Ourso - Iberville Parish (non- voting) 13.Guy Cormier - St. Martin Parish (non- voting) 14.Paul Naquin - St. Mary Parish (non- voting) 9

10 RestoreEnhancePreserve 1.Bobby Reed, Chair - Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries 2.Mike Walker - Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries 3.Keith Lovell - Louisiana Department of Natural Resources 4.Chris Piehler - Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality 5.Mike Thomas - Louisiana Department of Ag & Forestry 6.Charlie Demas - U.S. Geological Survey 7.Glenn Constant - U.S. Fish & Wildlife 8.Lamar Hale - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 9.Dr. William Kelso - LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources Technical Advisory Group (TAG) 10

11 RestoreEnhancePreserve FY2012 Draft Annual Basin Plan 1.Lists of Projects Proposed for Funding 2.Descriptions of Proposed Projects 3.Descriptions and Status of Projects Funded for FY2010 4.Description and Status of Ongoing Water Management and Access Projects 5.SONRIS Information 6.TAG Referral Letter 7.List of Proposed Water Management Projects 11

12 RestoreEnhancePreserve Project Funding & Prioritization Page 18 1.Capital Outlay request submitted October 2010 2.Funding level provided could not be determined at the time plan developed 3.Unknowns related to cost of some projects 4.In accordance with Act 606 75% of funds provided on water management & access and 25% on ongoing projects and other projects consistent with the Master Plan 5.Flexibility for unforeseen circumstances and level of funding provided 6.Provisions for Research and Promotion Board approval when funding is determined or significant changes made 7.If funding remains deferred projects may be brought forward if process is followed 12

13 RestoreEnhancePreserve FY 2012 Water Management New Projects Proposed for Funding Upper Grand River Flats East Grand Lake 13

14 RestoreEnhancePreserve UGRF

15 RestoreEnhancePreserve EGL

16 RestoreEnhancePreserve FY 2012 Water Management Projects Proposed for Funding (From 2011 Plan) Brown Bayou to I-10 Canal (construction) Big Bayou Pigeon (construction) Little Bayou Pigeon (construction) 16 & 21 Pipeline Canals (construction) 16

17 RestoreEnhancePreserve FY 2012 Access Projects Proposed for Funding (Page 24) 1.Butte LaRose at Atchafalaya River 2.Wilsons Landing 3.Sandy Cove Landing 4.Ramah Landing 5.Catahoula Landing 17

18 RestoreEnhancePreserve Other Projects Proposed for Funding (Page 39-40) 1.Basin Master Plan Update 2.Belle River Park 3.Biking/Hiking/Paddling Trails 4.Camp Atchafalaya 5.Eagle Point Park 7.Lake End Park Cabins 8.Morgan City Interpretive Plaza 9. Primitive Campground 10. Stephensville Park 11. Veterans Park 18

19 RestoreEnhancePreserve Big Alabama Pigeon Bay Flat Lake/East Grand Lake Henderson Lake 13 Water Management Units Buffalo Cove Beau Bayou Swamp Upper Belle River Cocodrie Swamp Bayou Des Glaises Grand Lake Cow Island Lake Lost Lake Warners Lake = WMU level effort ongoing or planned by State/Parish = WMU level effort ongoing or planned by Corps 19

20 RestoreEnhancePreserve 20 Atchafalaya Basin Natural Resource Inventory and Assessment System

21 RestoreEnhancePreserve 21 FY2011/12 Plan Path Forward January 26, 2011 – Present draft annual Plan to CPRA February 2011 – CPRA Approval of Annual Plan March 1-4, 2011 – R & P Approval Of Annual Plan March 21-25 – Submit FY 2012 Annual Plan to Legislature April 25, 2011 – Legislative Session Begins

22 RestoreEnhancePreserve 22 Thank You! 22

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