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Special Inspections

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1 Special Inspections

2 What do YOU need to take away from this? What code defines Special Inspections? What is the History & evolution of Special Inspections? What specifically are Special Inspections & which projects must have them? Who does them and who pays for them? What is the proper process for Special Inspections? Overview Objectives

3 Chapter 17 – 2009 International Building Code (IBC) Code that defines Special Inspections

4 Special Inspections have been in the code since BOCA (93*) o Prior to 2000 and the state adoption of the IBC, most municipalities did their own plan review and inspections. In house inspectors may not have been familiar with, or just may not have enforced, special inspections. o Now, many municipalities hire third party organizations to review plans More familiar with requirement and now enforce them. Do not want liability. History and Evolution of Special Inspections

5 Per IBC o Inspection… of the materials, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections requiring special expertise to ensure compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards. Laymens terms o Anything that, if not installed properly, could cause loss of life due to a building collapse during a weather event (natural disaster) or fire. Special Inspections are…

6 Structural Inspections Soils Concrete and Reinforcing Steel Masonry Timber Fireproofing Special Inspections are…

7 ALL commercial building projects with STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS! Projects that MUST have Special Inspections

8 Per IBC 1704.1 – When application is made for construction as described in this section… o EXCEPTIONS: ….work of a minor nature as defined by the local building official. ….not required for building components unless the design involves the practice of professional engineering or architecture as defined by state statutes. ….Group U occupancies that are accessory to a residential occupancy. Projects that MUST have Special Inspections

9 Per IBC 1704.1 – When application is made for construction as described in this section, the owner or the registered design professional in responsible charge acting as the owners agent shall employ one or more approved agencies to perform inspections… Responsibilities WHO DOES THEM? WHO PAYS FOR THEM? Owner Architect Structural E.O.R.

10 Per IBC 1704.1 – …The registered design professional in responsible charge and engineers of record in the design of the project are permitted to act as the approved agency and their personnel are permitted to act as the special inspector for the work designed by them, provided those personnel meet the qualification requirements of this section to the satisfaction of the building official. Who PERFORMS Special Inspections?

11 Conflict of Interest??? Is there any conflict of interest with the design professional acting as the special inspector? No – Who has more of a vested interest in the building being built properly than the EOR?

12 Per IBC 1705 o INDEPENDENCE – …objective, competent and independent from the contractor responsible for the work being inspected. o EQUIPMENT – …have adequate equipment to perform the required tests. o PERSONNEL – …shall employ experienced personnel educated in conducting, supervising and evaluating tests and/or inspections. Approved Agency

13 Barry Isett & Associates is an APPROVED Special Inspection agency! Based on the International Building Code…

14 So your project needs Special Inspections. Where do they fit into the process?

15 The Process Design Team completes Construction Documents and issues for Permit Drawings Engineer of Record prepares Schedule of Special Inspections as part of Permit Set Owner (or Owners Agent) engages an Approved Agency PRIOR to beginning of construction Approved Agency submits regular reports to building official and EOR At the completion of construction Approved Agency compiles all reports and submits a final report. A certificate of occupancy will not be given without the final report being submitted!!!

16 Special Inspections are to be paid by the Owner, or the registered design professional acting on the Owners behalf. When preparing budgets for Owners, Special Inspections can have substantially higher costs than typical inspections. Schedule of Special Inspections prepared by the Engineer of Record must be submitted as part of the building permit application. Final Special Inspection Report must be submitted prior to a project being given a Certificate of Occupancy. Summary Review Special Inspections are required for all commercial construction projects* that involve structure or structural components. The engineer of record is permitted to act as the special inspector provided they can provide adequate qualification to the building official.

17 Barry Isett & Associates is an Approved Special Inspection agency!


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