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King’s Indonesia Construction

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1 King’s Indonesia Construction
PT. Kencana Indah Cipta King’s Indonesia Construction

2 Who We Are When quality of construction service is considered inadequate to meet expectations, King's Indonesia Construction (KIC) was founded to fill the gap. KIC is here to manage and coordinate all your needs related to construction project. This is a one-stop solution for all construction related issue.

3 Who We Are Managing a construction project is never an easy task. Furthermore, the complexities to balance the time and budget to meet the desired quality of building require vast human resources in various field of expertise. KIC is providing such services so that you do not have to worry about your project anymore. As we specialize ourself in Budgeting, Value Engineering, and Project Management, rest assure that your project will be managed and delivered according to your needs when you choose KIC as your partner.

4 Who We Are Maximum benefit with minimized cost, aligned with your expectation is ensured in our service. Through this way, you will gain benefit by getting more time and energy to focus on your main business issue with our assurance that your project is well taken care of.

5 Our missions To give maximum possible benefit to client aligned with the requirement and expectation. To deliver quality project within scheduled time and allocated budget. To win client's satisfaction through excellence in service.

6 Our Services Budgeting: cash flow, development cost forecast, valuation forecast. We provide budgeting service to give you proper estimation of how much your development would cost, and how much you could gain should you intend to make it as an investment.

7 Our Services Project Management - managing design and tender process; maintaining schedule, budget, and quality of the project. Design and tender are time-consuming process, and further to maintain schedule, budget and quality of project require a lot of coordination effort. Nevertheless, worry not for these things will be well taken care by KIC.

8 Our Services Value Engineering - ensuring effective design as specified, avoiding overestimated/unnecessary cost. There is always room for improvement in every design, which will lead to lower cost, and better result. At KIC, we will use our expertise to bring the best result to you.

9 Our Clientele Land owner, person with acquired land who wants to make effective development in their plot. Investor, person with capital, who wants to invest, and make save and steady profit return. Building owner, owner of existing building who wants to make redevelopment or renovation, or is in progress of doing so.

10 The Projects Tune Hotel (G+8) – 140 Rooms Budget Hotel, Makassar – South Sulawesi As Internal Project Management Consultant for Main Contractor; September 2012 – March 2013 (expected) Owner : PT. Red Planet Hotels Indonesia Main Contractor : PT. Langgeng Inticahaya Total Elektrindo (ASCO Group)

11 Behind KIC Moses Marvendy Lauren, ST. M.Sc.
Graduated from Civil Engineering Department of Tarumanegara University for Bachelor Degree and Construction Management Department of University of Salford, Manchester - UK for Master Degree. Extensive experience on high-end residential housing, especially on custom design. Specialized in project management scheduling.

12 The Projects Grand Dhaya Pesona Housing Unit, Jombang – Tangerang Selatan, Joint Operation with PT. Omega Mitra Gemilang as Building Contractor; September 2012 – Present Developer : PT. Dhaya Murni Putera 4 House Building 6m x 15m and 8m x 15m 2-storey residential homes with given specification. Building period is 180 calendar days.

13 The Projects Conceptual Master Plan for 14.5 ha plot at Halim, East Jakarta; June 2012 – October 2012 Developer : PT. Lahan Yustra Serasi (Lestari Group) Lestari Group, property developer based at Eastern Jakarta, want to utilize their good 14.5 hectares of land they have in their possession The 14.5 hectares is a unique plot of land, located practically next to Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, an airport serving private flights and small capacity commercial flight. There are also several major facilities within 2 km radius of this land including Halim Golf Course, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Pondok Gede Bus Station, Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory and many on. Based on this needs, market research is done to find out the exact market situation and market preferences. The data then used to form conceptual master planning of the 14.5 hectares of land that will transform the area ever better.

14 The Projects

15 The Projects Serenia Hills Residential Complex, Villa Delima – Cinere, Joint Operation with PT. Omega Mitra Gemilang as Building Contractor; December 2011 – Present Developer : PT. Inti Gria Perdana (Intiland Group) Building 9m x 19m 2-storey residential homes with given specification. Building period is 270 calendar days, with 360 days retention period. To support PT. Omega Mitra Gemilang in terms of internal budget, schedule and quality control. New system was developed to create sufficient control over budget, schedule and quality, without drastically altering PT. Omega Mitra Gemilang’s previous working practice. Started with 4 units of Type R1 building, and has been given additional 3 units of Type R1 building with possibility of more units given due to satisfying performance of PT. Omega Mitra Gemilang.

16 The Projects

17 The Projects Mukti Group Building Renovation Project (B+G+7+M), Jln. Talang Betutu no. 11A as Owner Representative; April 2011 – June 2012 Owner : PT. Palma Mukti Agro (Mukti Group) Designer : PT. Procon (under Jones Lang LaSalle Singapore) Main Contractor : PT. Graha Gema Sarana (Vivere Group) MEP Contractor : PT. Prasetya Gema Mulia (Vivere Group) Façade Contractor : PT. Laoda Mandiri Total interior fit out. New layout, with new partition, new furniture, new ceiling. Façade Rejuvenation; roof re-design, building’s glass re-filming, mullion fin application, aluminium composite panel application

18 The Projects


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