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1 M-150 / Botts Rd Interchange MoDOT Project No. J4P2251 Pre-Bid Meeting June 24 th, 2010.

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1 1 M-150 / Botts Rd Interchange MoDOT Project No. J4P2251 Pre-Bid Meeting June 24 th, 2010

2 Agenda Project Description Project Schedule Project Coordination with Adjacent Projects Traffic Control Phases Special Features Q&A 2

3 Botts Road and M150 Interchange Existing Conditions At-grade intersections Development in NW Quadrant and South of M-150. National Security Campus and Centerpoint Development Development south of M-150: Kansas City Southern Intermodal Facility New Interchange construction at US 71 3

4 Botts Road at M150: Two Components 4 Botts Road North of M-150 Interchange at Botts Road and M-150 (Includes Auxiliary Lanes)

5 Project Description Interchange Construction of NEW Diverging Diamond Interchange Botts Road over M150 Auxillary lanes from Botts to US 71 Botts Rd Reconstruction of existing 2 lane. M-150 north ½ mile to Grandview city limits. M-150 south to tie in to existing Botts Rd. 5

6 What is a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)? 6

7 The Botts Road and M-150 DDI 7

8 Project Schedule Advertisement July 15, 2010 Contract Letting August 20, 2010 Construction Notice to Proceed October 4,2010 Construction Complete by October 2012 8

9 Coordination with Adjacent Projects National Security Campus Development in NW quadrant JE Dunn is contractor Coordinate access between projects Coordinate construction activities US 71/M-150 Interchange Clarkson Construction is contractor M-150/Thunderbird Rd Half Diamond Interchange Partnership between KCS and MoDOT Currently in Negotiations 9

10 Traffic Control Phases Phase I Construct Botts Rd Existing Botts Rd to be closed to public ½ mile corridor 4 access drives Signal at South Access Drive Ditches instead of standard curb & gutter Interchange North bridge abutment South bridge abutment Ramps Retaining wall Auxiliary lanes from M-150 to US 71 Median treatment between Andrews and Colorado 10

11 Traffic Control Phases Phase 2 Interchange Divert traffic to ramps to build center pier Complete bridges Phase 3 Close Thunderbird Rd (to remain open until end of project) Interchange median islands 11

12 Special Features Walkway Down Center of Bridge to Allow Pedestrian Access 12

13 Special Features Green Solutions Dry detention basins: Note the controlled fill Review spillway structure details Topsoil removal and placement incidental to Excavation, Embankment and Compaction Extra care required to avoid or mitigate compaction in all planted areas (BMPs) Note the check dams in selected swales 13

14 Special Features Green Solutions Some vegetated areas will be planted with plugs (basins, swale bottoms) Bonded fiber matrix mulch for slopes greater than 6:1 Note the 2-year establishment period for native plantings Note the Geocell reinforcement stormwater basin maintenance paths Review erosion and sediment control plan Temporary cover plantings required if planting seasonal periods missed 14

15 Special Features Hardscape Review architectural elements within the interchange islands (recycled glass surface, etc.) Note architectural elements in Botts Road median Note amended fill for plantings in medians 15

16 16 Barbara Friedman, PE Senior Project Manager HNTB Corporation

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