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JiChuan Tech, Co., Ltd.. JiChuan Technology Technology Life INTRODUCTION PAST Pro Anti-Slip Treatment.

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1 JiChuan Tech, Co., Ltd.

2 JiChuan Technology Technology Life INTRODUCTION PAST Pro Anti-Slip Treatment

3 Business Concept The goal of JiChuan PAST is to create a happiness platform allowing consumers, operators, employees, agents and associate companies acquire the measures of happiness as necessary in daily life, develop their own creative life based on this material and finally find their own happiness via respective full-personality development. Being a member of social division, JiChuan Technology positions itself as a happiness platform integrating social responsibilities with the business goal to provide the society with reliable technologies and products and make contribution to the process of pursuing happy society by human. 3

4 JiChuan Technology has world dominated quality, categories and construction technologies in term of anti-slip liquids and detergents to make tailor production aiming at the requirements of customers. We cherish limited resources, never pollute the earth environment and create the safe and ease living environment for customers with world leading professional technologies.. 4

5 Slip & fall accidents The slip & fall accidents occur very often and seriously in daily life. The serious slip & fall accidents occurs more and more frequently due to aging society. The mortality due to slip & fall accidents increases year by year. The number of injured persons due to slip & fall accidents are several tens of times of mortality. Following the rise of consumer awareness, prevailing of Consumer Protection Act, simplification of litigation, the slip & fall related actions are increasing. Since the facility administrator and owners are responsible for the facilities management, the claims for medical expenses and losses are increasing, too. Therefore, the anti-slip ground of building facilities is getting important.

6 Anti-slip theory Apply transparent anti-slip liquid to form numerous invisible micron apertures on floor surface. Increase the ground abrasive coefficient and vacuum suction effect to generate the anti-slip effect. The anti-slip coefficient of wet floor after construction reaches safety standards.

7 Anti-slip construction Simple, fast, safe and beautiful. Complete anti-slip, cleaning and sterilization at the same time, restore the original tincture of floor. Construction steps: apply the anti-slip liquid and waiting for 10 minutes before washing. Fast construction: only take half day to complete 500 construction. Free for passing during the construction. Environmental friendly construction: without noise, waste gas, waste materials and not dangerous in the entire process.

8 Professional construction World leading anti-slip liquid manufacturer. World leading anti-slip floor construction technologies. Extreme simple construction process: apply the anti-slip liquid and wash it. Extreme simple construction tool: no mechanical tool and use rabbit hair brush only. Material and place adaptable solution: apply the most appropriate anti-slip liquid to specific floor material and place to assure the anti- slip effect, bright appearance without retaining dirt. 8

9 Highly efficient: simple, fast, safe and beautiful construction. Guarantee: low price high quality, cheap and fine. Achieve: in consideration of both social responsibilities and business goal Professional constructions team and global partners provide global consumers with professional construction services based on outstanding expertise, technology and high quality anti-slip liquid. PAST, satisfy all kinds of anti-slip and cleaning requirements for all circles of the world. 9

10 Functions features The anti-slip effect on wet floor is very good. The anti-slip effect will not disappear while the floor is clean. Remain original appearance and tincture (except few materials) The stain will be kept away from the floor material after construction of professional personnel. The strength of floor after construction is proved to be the same through pressing tests Easy clean after the construction, which is the same as usual. Repeatable construction. The construction fee is cheaper than other anti-slip methods.

11 Cleaning after construction The kitchen and traditional market with massive oily stains on floor need to be cleaned every day. The after construction floor may be washed by any detergent and any tool, while the cleaner the floor, the better the anti-slip effect. The anti-slip aperture is a permanent structure. The anti-slip effect is sustainable as long as it is not clotted by grease. Basically, no cleaning is required for floor with water only, while the floor with grease must be washed. No cleaning is required for the indoor or outdoor floor without grease.

12 Wash the bathroom, sauna bath, swimming pool floor with surface dirt on human body, soap and bathing cream with detergent periodically to prevent the grease from clotting the anti-slip apertures and eliminating the anti-slip effect. The dining area of kitchen and mass hall such places with oily floor must be mopped or washed with detergent. The detergent itself has lubricant effect, and therefore the floor must be wiped by clean water afterward to prevent the anti-slip apertures from clotting by grease and eliminating the anti-slip effect. Basically, only daily cleaning methods are required for all kinds of floors to keep the floor clean. 12

13 Applicable locations floor materials Home, community, apartment, building, restaurant, hot spring resort, hotel, motel, swimming pool, sauna bath, gym, school, hospital, kindergarten, park, plaza, plant, office, arcade…any place. Passage, pace, sidewalk, driveway, hill, bathroom, shower, balcony, staircase, living room, kitchen, mass hall, dining area, fountain, lobby….any place that people might fall could get good anti-slip effect.

14 All kinds of tiles, mosaic, homogenous tile, polished homogenous tile (vitrified tile), polished stone, granite, natural stones (rock, small rock, jade, cobblestone, stone), glass ball, glass mosaic, enamels, ceramic tile, pebble (water pebble), marble (fossil), cement (finishing cement, hardening cement), terrazzo …are applicable. The paint-type anti-slip agent is applicable to metal, wood and plastic such floor materials. 14

15 Green environment There is no any residual substance after construction and therefore neither peeling nor toxic material volatilization and leakage problem exists. It is harmless to human health. Zero energy consumption, waste material, damage rate, deterioration rate and CO2 emission during and after the construction. The waste fluid discharge after construction is satisfactory to the national drainage standards in Japan.

16 Anti-slip liquid The anti-slip liquid produced aiming at various features of floor materials are guaranteed for outstanding anti-slip effect and appearance. Meanwhile, the anti-slip level may be adjusted upon the demand. All kinds of DIY anti-slip liquid (DIY set, 5kg, 10kg) are available for global consumers to DIY with cheapest price under simple, fast and quality conditions All kinds of professional anti-slip liquid (350g, 5kg, 10kg) are available for agents, distributors, franchise store, professional engineers to conduct professional construction and sales aiming at all places and floor materials. The ingredients of anti-slip liquid are attributed to detergent in general level, which is safe without any residue. 16

17 Research and production Production: develop productions for various professional anti-slip liquid, DIY anti-slip liquid and general anti-slip liquid. Construction technology: develop and assure best construction technology Educational training: pass the verified construction technology precisely to global PAST partners through educational training.

18 Scope of business Manufacturing, sales, wholesale and retail sale of floor anti-slip liquid, detergent, household cleaners. Customized anti-slip liquid production. Anti-slip floor construction and cleaning (stone, wood, metal, plastic Cleaning the tracks of sports ground, wood paths and various surfaces. JiChuang diamond polisher pad fund removal We are recruiting franchise, distributor (Taiwan), regional agents of in different level (China), general agency (global) now.

19 Product Group 1 (Anti-slip Liquid) Polished homogenous anti-slip liquidGranite anti-slip liquidMarble anti-slip liquidTile anti-slip liquidTerrazzo anti-slip liquidCement anti-slip liquidOther anti-slip liquid

20 Product Group 2 (Paint-type Anti-slip Liquid) Wood anti-slip liquidPlastic anti-slip liquidStone anti-slip liquidPlastic anti-slip liquid

21 Product Group 3 (Detergent) Universal detergentIncrustation inhibitorEfflorescence removal agentMoss removal agentCement removal agent Stain removal agent Rust inhibitor Degreasing agentDescaling agent

22 Product Group 4 (Household Cleaner) Kitchen cleanerBathroom cleanerHome cleaner

23 Safety Revolution Professional Technology Top of the World JiChuan Tech. Co., Ltd. TEL: 04-26576877 FAX: 04-26577687 E-mail: Website: Address:No.165, Wenchang Rd., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City 43549, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 23

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