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Tidal Power Station Group members : Perian Bogdan Ghenea Madalin

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1 Tidal Power Station Group members : Perian Bogdan Ghenea Madalin
Tihu Mircea

2 Phenomenon of Tidal Energy generation

3 This is the only form of energy whose source is the moon
This is the only form of energy whose source is the moon. Some other energy sources, nuclear power and geothermal energy for instance, have the Earth as their source. The remainder, fossil fuels, wind energy, biofuels, solar energy, etc. have the Sun as their source, directly or indirectly.

4 The tidal power is generated by the gravitational pull of the Moon on water. Due to these gravitational forces the water level follows a periodic high and low. The height of the tide produced at a given location is the result of the changing positions of the Moon and Sun relative to the Earth coupled with the effects of Earth rotation and the local shape of the sea floor. The tidal energy generator uses this phenomenon to generate energy. The higher the height of the tide the more promising it is to harness tidal energy.

5 Tidal power types Tidal power can be classified into two main types:
Tidal stream systems make use of the kinetic energy from the moving water currents to power turbines, in a similar way to wind mills use moving air. This method is gaining in popularity because of the lower cost and lower ecological impact. Barrages make use of the potential energy from the difference in height between high and low tides. Barrages suffer from the problems of very high civil infrastructure costs, few viable sites globally and environmental issues.

6 Modern advances in turbine technology may eventually see large amounts of power generated from the ocean especially tidal currents using the tidal stream designs.

7 Tidal stream turbines may be arrayed in high velocity areas where natural flows are concentrated such as the west coast of Canada, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Bosporus, and numerous sites in south east Asia and Australia. Such flows occur almost anywhere where there are entrances to bays and rivers, or between land masses where water currents are concentrated.

8 Advantages Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by tidal power
Easy to predict Improved transportation because of the development of traffic or rail bridges across estuaries Not many places have dramatic enough tide change to support a tidal power plant Reduces dependence on fossil fuels Is a reliable, dependable source Renewable Produces no pollution

9 Disadvantages Effect on plants and animals which live near tidal stations Very little is known about the full effect of tidal power plants on the local environment because so few have been built There are times of low power and high power because the tides have high and low periods Few places where tides are actually strong enough to produce amount able energy Could damage/destroy animals habitats Expensive construction of power plants Tidal fences can block paths for migrating fish

10 Rance Tidal power plant
The Rance tidal power plant is the world's first electrical generating station powered by tidal energy. It is located on the estuary of the Rance River, in Bretagne, France. It is operated by Électricité de France (EDF).

11 The construction necessitated draining the area where the plant was to be built, which required construction of two dams; an effort which took two years. Construction of the plant proper commenced 20 July 1963, while the Rance was entirely blocked by the two dams. The construction took three years and was completed in Charles de Gaulle, then President of France, inaugurated the plant on 26 November of the same year.

12 The idea of constructing a tidal power plant on the Rance dates to Gerard Boisnoer in 1921.
The site was attractive because there is a large average range between low and high tide levels (8 metres, with a maximum equinoctial range of 13.5 metres). Nevertheless, work did not actually commmence until 1961.

13 The End :)

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