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1 Welcome This presentation has been developed to assist you when communicating with your market. We recommend you edit the doc to suit your market…. Here is a link to instructions to help you Tailoring your presentation

2 Butler Building Systems

3 (ABC Construction is a full-service commercial contractor) (Your local Butler Builder, in business since 19XX) (Offering turnkey design/build construction services) (Specializing in church, retail, and industrial applications) (Etc.) Your Butler Builder - (ABC Construction)

4 Butler Background

5 The Butler Brand Butler Manufacturing is a building-solutions company founded in 1901 providing the design, manufacture, and marketing of metal building systems for commercial construction. The methodology of the customised buildings using the state of the art software, manufacture of pre-punched structural members and unique roofing system is marketed under the BUTLER brand globally Installation of the buildings primarily by a network of specialist Butler Builder.

6 Butler Brand - History 1901 - Butler Manufacturing founded specialising in tanks 1909 – First Butler Building constructed 1910 – first Butler Building sold 1938 – Butler enters the grain bin market manufacturing 14500 bins in 59 days. 1939 – construction of PEB for rural market 1940 – Butler creates an extensive line of rigid frames War years – design of fast install demountable military buildings Post war years – opening of the Butler Research Centre 1970 – Double Lock seam and expansion joints introduced 1990 – Butler Brand goes global 2004 – BlueScope Steel acquires Butler Manufacturing 2010 – introduced in the Australian market!

7 Trusted Manufacturer BlueScope Buildings is the largest provider of Pre-engineered Buildings globally The Butler brand has a long history of building product innovation BlueScope Steel is an international flat-steel solutions provider Committed to workplace safety and environmental responsibility

8 Researched to Perform

9 The Butler Hot Box A test for real world insulation for accurate results Extreme temperature difference between internal and external Over an 8-12 hour period 300 sensors measure the; – Temperature – Humidity – Airflow – Energy consumption Your Butler Builder can provide accurate estimates of your buildings heating and cooling energy consumption

10 Butler Building Benefits

11 A Butler building ideal for your next project Offers a unique combination of affordability, versatility, and durability Ideal for any size and desired functionality The end to end control of manufacture to construction means faster construction and lower costs Lower maintenance costs

12 Design-Build Method Eliminates multiple parties to streamline construction and save time and money

13 Lower Building Costs Use of standardised designs and details when possible reduces engineering costs

14 Design Functionality Fewer internal columns means large, uninterrupted interiors and usable space. Generous bay spacing Interior walls can easily be moved to suit your changing needs Buildings can accommodate future expansion

15 The Beauty of a Butler Building Create the beautiful and unique facility that conveys the image you desire Customised to achieve both function and form Our standard exterior of durable and cost effective steel cladding. Other options include – Wood – Brick – Stone – glass facade

16 COLORBOND® steel Butler Building uses the industry leading roofing product COLORBOND steel – Lightweight strength – Demonstrated durability – Designed for Australian conditions – Warranties backed by BlueScope Steel

17 Precision Engineering Structural, roof, and wall systems are designed by experienced Butler engineers

18 Precision Engineering Exclusive factory punching of structurals allows for precise assembly in the field

19 Faster Construction Eliminating the need for on-site modifications allows for faster construction times Proven to reduce construction time up to 30% over conventional construction

20 Your Butler Builder

21 Authorised Butler Builder Butler Builders are a select group of industry professionals that have been assessed and trained by BlueScope Buildings. Requirements are; – Industry experience – Project management skills – Quality workmanship – Safe work practices

22 Butler Primary Structure

23 Butler Frame Strength Tapered beams and columns offered Lighter structure - using steel only where required LONG FLAT PEB CONVENTIONAL

24 Structural Bolting Options Bolting options include top and vertical bolting Allows staging the primary structural and bracing to suit the site requirements. Top bolted - standard Vertical bolted - option

25 Butler Secondary Structural

26 Butler Structural System Basis of the strength and design freedom are the structural options available. Individually designed for your project Manufactured by BlueScope Buildings

27 Standard Purlin System Using our standard galvanised purlin system you can design a building with; Bays up to 12m Large area of uninterrupted space Minimal or no interior columns to optimise cost and function Ability to extend and expand in the future. Commonly used for - Retail, offices, manufacturing facilities

28 Truss Purlin System If large bays and extra long spanning ability is required our open web truss purlin option can achieve Spans greater than 30m and bays up to 18m Rod and bracing in roofing and walls to reinforce the system strength Increased design flexibility A choice of walling options to suit your aesthetic needs. Commonly used for Warehouses, manufacturing, aircraft hangars

29 Butler Roofing System

30 The MR-24® standing-seam roof system Save up to 90% in roof maintenance costs, preventing unforeseen repair expenses

31 The MR-24® standing-seam roof system Installing the industrys #1 standing-seam roof system assures proven long-term performance with low maintenance

32 Reduced wear and tear Moveable roof clip allows for expansion and contraction under temperature swings Patented self-aligning clip utilizing stainless steel connectors Substantially stronger than competitive connectors Provides superior protection against corrosion

33 Butler Insulation Solutions

34 150mm- 225mm Insulation up to 150mm Insulation up to 150mm Insulation Effective Insulation Butler Buildings allows insulation solutions to suit the requirements cost effectively to achieve higher the R value Combination of the different size clips and spacers Skyweb fall protection system with the white finish No need to use roof rack systems

35 Butler Warranties

36 Your Long Term Confidence Your Butler Building is fully certified and a weathertightness warranty available for up to 25 years * *Conditions apply

37 Green Approach

38 Green Star Credit Points BlueScope Buildings is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia and sponsor of GREEN STAR A Butler Building can achieve credit points; Steel products Waste Management Ventilation Daylight Thermal Comfort Landscape Irrigation Fire System Water Dematerialisation

39 Energy Efficiency COLORBOND® steel & Thermatech® technology Unique technology incorporated in the coating that improved the thermal performance of your building. By reflecting more of the suns heat, Thermatech® helps reduce a buildings energy load. A wide choice of thermally efficient roofing colours at no added cost.

40 Energy Efficiency COLORBOND® COOLMAX® steel The latest innovation for the ultimate in thermal performance. Whitehaven® could help reduce the annual cooling energy costs of your building by up to 7.5% 1 compared to COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist®. 1.COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in Whitehaven® has a 9% higher solar reflectance than COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist®. Based on independent roof studies of the solar reflectance of roofing contained in a report by the US Environmental Protection Agency

41 A Butler Building for every application

42 Retail Facilities Create the ideal image to draw in your customers. Choose from a range of exterior finishes exterior Interior layouts allow for flexible foorplan for stock

43 Recreation Facility A Butler can cost effectively create the specialist facilities for recreation Fewer internal columns and generous bay sizes allows ideal for open spaces

44 Warehouse and Distribution Massive spaces for warehousing Watertight for greater security Energy efficient with lower maintenance costs

45 Community Buildings Cost effective construction that maximises functionality Maximise the use of the building through the best use of space Designed and constructed to meet your brief

46 Aircraft Hangars Capable of huge space to house huge wing spans Protect your assets with a watertight construction Construction is fast and cost effective Minimise your ongoing maintenance costs

47 Industrial Facilities Protect your manufacturing equipment with the state of the art facility Huge uninterrupted spaces Cost effective design and construction

48 Office Buildings Create a comfortable and productive environment A choice of exteriors to represent your company Flexible layout to accommodate expansion and growth


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