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Hogan Practitioners and Client Conference. Introductions Shayne Nealon and Peter Berry Dr Kevin Meyer Dr Jarrett Shalhoop Kim Pluess.

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1 Hogan Practitioners and Client Conference

2 Introductions Shayne Nealon and Peter Berry Dr Kevin Meyer Dr Jarrett Shalhoop Kim Pluess

3 Todays Agenda Hogan Select Hogan Safety: Select, Induct, Develop and Identify a Safety Culture Using Hogan with Teams Hogan Develop & Lead, including High Potentials Coaching with Hogan and Coaching Forum

4 Hogan Assessment Systems at a Glance A leading provider of assessments used for employee selection & development Assessed over 3.5 million working adults performing over 450 different jobs across 40 countries Over 25 years of research and implementation experience Continuous system testing, research, and support improvement Legally defensible: Never been successfully challenged Predictive, with demonstrable bottom-line results ranging from improved employee performance to reduced turnover and recruiting expense Mission We provide state-of-the- art assessment solutions capable of enhancing the effectiveness of individuals and organizations History A 28-year history of producing measurable results supports our mission

5 Hogan Assessment Overview Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) How does this person typically approach work and interaction with others? What strengths can this person rely on to facilitate his/her performance? Hogan Development Survey (HDS) What tendencies could derail this individuals career or performance? How is this person inclined to respond when stressed, under pressure, or not self monitoring? Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) What motivates and drives this individual? What type of work environment will he/she consider most motivating? What is he/she likely striving to attain? Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) How does this individual identify and solve problems? How will this individual approach problem solving in the real world?

6 Manufacturing –Alcoa –BMW –DuPont –General Electric –Pepsi Pharmaceutical –Bristol-Myers Squibb –Johnson & Johnson –Schering-Plough Retail –ALDI –Adidas –Home Depot –Wendys –YUM! Brands Technology –Sony Corporation –Spherion Technology Group –Solectron –DELL –Cisco Transportation –Qantas –TOLL –American Airlines –CSX Transportation Communications –Cox Communications –Sprint –Qwest Construction –Brookfield Multiplex –St Hilliers –McConnell Dowell –The Haskell Company –Manhattan Construction Consulting –Hay Group –Hewitt Associates –MDA Consulting –DDI –Right Management Consultants –Russell Reynolds –Towers Perrin Energy –BHP –Duke Power –Ferrellgas –Halliburton –Downer Engineering –BP Education –University of Sydney –Adelaide University –University of Maryland –Melbourne Business School Financial Services –ANZ –NAB –Capital One –Wachovia –JPMorganChase –Bank of America Government –State, Federal and Local Government Depts –NASA –U.S. Postal Service Healthcare –Blue Cross / Blue Shield –Humana –Mayo Clinic –Novo Nordisk Hospitality –Bass Hotels & Resorts –Starwood Hotels & Resorts –Trump Casino & Hotel Representative Clients

7 Peter Berry Consultancy Pty Ltd Formed in 1990 Change Management Consultants Distributor of Hogan Assessment Systems Distributor of Employee and Organisational Profiles Core Competencies: – Leadership – Business Planning – People & Culture

8 Hogan Select

9 Session Agenda Why Use Personality Assessments? Research-based Profiling for Performance Reporting Results Case Studies

10 Goals of Employee Selection Why is Employee Selection Important? – Positive Job Fit Promotes performance and productivity Competitive advantage Organizational citizenship – Negative Job Fit Reduced performance and productivity Increased turnover Failure to support organization – Culture Fit Embrace and promote organizational culture Increase fit with other employees and team members

11 Personality in Selection Common types of selection assessments: – Biodata – Job Knowledge – Skills and Abilities – Cognitive – Interviews – Simulations – Personality – Culture/Values Traditionally focus heavily on these areas… …and overlook these areas. But consider the following… 11

12 When you think about the biggest hiring mistakes you have made, what describes the source of the mistake? 12 (2006) Hiredesk Pulse Report: Personality and Job Fit Assessment in Candidate Screening

13 Why Use Personality Assessments? Traditional Assessment Approaches ApproachAdvantagesDrawbacks Personality Predictive Easy to Administer Difficult to Fake Rich Interpretive Information No Training Requirements Low Job Fidelity Doesnt Capture Training or Experience Résumé/Vita Relevant Experience Minimum Requirements Often Exaggerated Little Interpretive Value Labor Intensive Biodata Predictive Easily Administered Little Interpretive Value Job Knowledge Testing Predictive Easily Administered May Require Customization May not be Required Skills Testing Predictive Some easily administered May not be Required Interviews Flexible, allowing to explore areas of interest Lower Validity Often Faked High Training Requirements Simulations Predictive High Job Fidelity High-volume Recruitment Development can be Difficult Assessment Centers Multiple Assessments Methods Expensive to Administer High Training Needs

14 Using Personality Assessments – Online Personality Assessments Early In Process – Manage High-volume With Little Burden – Higher Efficiency Than More Expensive Methods Pre-ScreenPersonalityInterview Not Selected New Hire Assessment Center

15 Profiling for Performance Putting data behind the intuition Example: What does it take to be a good salesperson? – Positive Characteristics Motivated Goal-oriented Confident Outgoing Handles Rejection Friendly Perceptive Persistent Ambition Adjustment Sociability Adjustment Interpersonal Sensitivity Ambition

16 Profiling for Performance DimensionLow FitModerate FitStrong Fit Adjustment->25%>45% Ambition->35%>50% Sociability->25%>45% Interpersonal Sensitivity->25%>45% - Create a research-based profile to: - Maximize validity and utility - Manage the flow of applicants Profile for Successful Sales at Company X

17 Profiling for Performance Off-the-Shelf – Success profiles already developed – Based on existing research in Hogan archives Over 500 research studies – No Research Required – Ready to implement immediately

18 Profiling for Performance Validity Generalization – Custom profile tailored to your specific job – Compares job analysis data to other, similar jobs in Hogan research archive – Focus groups with job experts – Completed in ~1 month – Report tailored to your specific profile

19 Profiling for Performance Criterion-related Validation – Highest Level Of Customization – Job Analysis Data Collected – Incumbents Assessed Using HOGAN – Performance Data Collected – Custom Profile Developed to Maximize Performance – Report tailored to your specific profile

20 Reporting Results ADVANTAGE Report Evaluates general employability 3 Competencies important for entry-level positions Ideal for very high volume screening Overall score for ease of interpretation Can be implemented instantly

21 Reporting Results FIT Report Compares results to a customized target profile Provides easy-to-interpret results Ideal for customized, high- volume screening

22 Reporting Results EXPRESS Report Compares results to an existing, research-based target profile Provides candidate strengths and weaknesses Overall score for ease of interpretation Can be implemented instantly

23 Reporting Results Custom Reports Can be completely tailored to your needs May include custom competency models Results reported using company language Ability to integrate multiple assessments

24 Financial Services Case Study Overview of Situation Financial Services Sales Annual Turnover (TO) = 48% Implemented MVPI Reduced TO by 62.5% Voluntary TO Dropped by 66%

25 Financial Services Case Study 1 Year Pre-Implementation 1 Year Post-Implementation Did NOT Complete MVPI (Total Sample = 1104) Completed MVPI (Total Sample = 657) Did NOT Complete MVPI (Total Sample = 113) N%N%N% Voluntary Turnover 38635%7912%3531% Involuntary Turnover 14513%396%87% Total Turnover 53148%11818%4338% Pre and Post Implementation Turnover Data

26 Financial Services Case Study Bank estimated turnover cost at US$15,000/person TurnoverEst. Cost of TO Year 1531>$7.9M Year 2 (w/ Hogan)161>$2.4M TOTAL Reduction370 Hires >$5.5M Year 1 implementation costs <$35,000 ROI of $5.5M on $35K investment = >%15,000 Estimating ROI

27 Transport Drivers Overview of Situation Collaborative Research Using Australian Transportation Drivers Developed Custom Profile Predicts: – Overall Work Performance – Safety Outcomes – Absences

28 Airline Flight AttendantsQantasLink Looking to Improve Customer Service Fit with Organizational Culture Important Validity Generalization Research HPI Scales relevant for the role MVPI Altruism Scale key for customer service Customer Service Metrics Subsequently Improved

29 Construction Supervisors BHP Billiton Business Needs Research Applying Hogan Results Application selection and development

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