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Global Slag Utilisation

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1 Global Slag Utilisation
Nick Jones Slag Business Development Manager

2 Presentation Outline Why utilise slag? MultiServ overview
Types of slag handled / markets supplied A focus on steel slag Steel slag properties / benefits Case Studies Conclusions

3 Why Utilise Slag? Historically
Either sent to landfill or de-metalled and sent to landfill – A WASTE Current world- wide situation Landfill becoming scarce or more expensive or both Natural aggregate resources are becoming more difficult to develop The environmental impact of Quarrying The world is becoming more environmentally aware – planning for the future

4 Why Utilise Slag? When processed and marketed correctly, slag is not a waste, it is a resource Why remove aggregate from the ground when slag can be used as a substitute (reduce waste – conserve resources) Protect and preserve our environment Benefit from technical advantages offered by many of the steel making slags High performance products not necessarily low grade applications

5 MultiServ Structure +160 Operating Sites 30 36 22 34 40 Europe North
Europe South International Latin America North America Czech Rep. Finland Netherlands Norway Serbia Slovakia Sweden UK Belgium France Italy Luxembourg Portugal Spain Australia Bahrain China Egypt Indonesia New Zealand Saudi Arabia South Africa Thailand Argentina Brazil Chile Guatemala Mexico Peru Trinidad Venezuela Canada USA 30 36 22 34 40 +160 Operating Sites

6 Types of Ferrous Slag Handled
Iron making slag Air-cooled blast furnace slag Granulated blast furnace slag Melter slag Steel making slag BOF EAF Stainless AOD

7 Typical MultiServ Global Slag Sales
Iron and Steel Slag Sales (Tonnes) North America 3,490,000 Latin America 1,245,000 Rest of World* 2,256,000 Total 6,991,000 * Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa

8 Global Slag Sales Breakdown
Road Construction 62% General Construction 16% Agriculture 0.1 Environmental 1.9% Diverse Applications 20% Revenues based on “Global” averages per application

9 Typical Slag Applications
Stone Columns Sea Defences Dyke Repairs Agricultural Gabion Baskets Rail Ballast Filter Media Cement Road Surface Aggregates Asphalt Sub Bases (unbound) Road Bases (unbound) Bulk Fill Low Volume = Niche Applications High Volume = Bulk Applications

10 Typical Applications Road construction Unbound Slag bound Asphalt
General construction Fill Unconfined – steel slag Concrete Non-structural – steel slag

11 Typical Applications Agriculture Fertiliser Soil conditioners
Environmental Filtration Waste water treatment Recycling to steel mill Ground stabilisation – Vibro-floatation Mineral wool – insulation Cement manufacture Railway ballast

12 Unbound applications Germany – Sub-bases
Holland – sub-bases, slag bound mixtures Pass environmental standards Leachate tests – ground Ensure that the slag is not placed in stagnant water conditions UK – guidance for blast furnace slag – similar controls should apply

13 Waste water treatment (NZ)

14 Ground Stabilisation MultiServ Saudi Arabia has supplied EAF steel slag from the Hadeed steel mill into stone column piling since Nov 1995 Since that time 21 construction project have been supplied, consuming over 970,000 Tonnes of steel slag aggregate The size fractions used are 19/37 for dry applications and 25/75 for wet

15 Ground Stabilisation

16 Typical Ground Stabilisation Project

17 Feedstock for Cement Manufacture
Steel Slag

18 A Focus on Steel Slag

19 Steel Slag Properties Steel slag is an ideal aggregate for asphalt surfacing materials especially with regards to the following properties Cubical Shape – Resistance to deformation pH – Resistance to binder stripping – Durability – Porous asphalt Resistance to polishing – Skid resistance - Safety Resistance to abrasion – Durability

20 Shape Resistance to Deformation

21 Wheeltracker

22 Wheeltracking Rate at 60oC

23 Nottingham Asphalt Tester
Determines fundamental properties Values are understood worldwide Stiffness Resistance to deformation Fatigue

24 pH-Affinity to Bitumen


26 SFC Values for 14mm steel slag surface dressing laid in 1988

27 Direct Comparison Between Steel Slag and
High PSV Gritstone

28 Grip Tester


30 Result of Expansive Slag in Asphalt

31 Expansion Test

32 Expansion Tests Equipment

33 Expansion Test

34 Case Studies UK - Steelphalt – EAF and stainless steel slag into asphalt Saudi Arabia – steel slag into asphalt South Africa - BOS steel slag asphalt

35 UK MultiServ own their own Steel slag asphalt coating facility (SteelPhalt) in the UK Started coating steel slag in 1934 Since coated over 12 Million Tonnes 100% utilisation of primary slag produced from four steel mills in the area No primary slag tips in local area

36 UK 220K Tonnes steel slag 140K Tonnes limestone
Two asphalt plants – 640T Storage capacity Asphalt Production 360,000 tpa 220K Tonnes steel slag 130K Tonnes carbon steel slag 90K Tonnes stainless steel slag 140K Tonnes limestone

37 UK UK Steelphalt production 220KT/yr
carbon steel slag / stainless steel slag CS EAF – surface course asphalt – all sizes SS EAF – 3mm – metallic recovery SS AOD – stabilised – base course asphalt Supplies to local and National specification Supplies proprietary thin surfacing systems in accordance with an independent product approval scheme SteelPave - suite of thin surfacing systems SteelSurf – for high stress applications

38 Steelphalt Thin Surfacings

39 SteelSurf

40 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Markets all its 450KT/yr of electric arc furnace steels slag Two largest markets – Road construction Ground stabilisation Boasts our largest road construction contract consuming over 700,000 tonnes of steel slag in: - Unbound road base Asphalt base course Asphalt surface course

41 Saudi Arabia – Road Construction
+700KT of Steel Slag

42 South Africa South Africa 150 – 200KT/yr Newly developed market
Aggregate for asphalt supply to busiest motorway in RSA Large segregated stock of BOF steel slag Highways authority had problems with local aggregate in asphalt Premature deformation Fines stripping in asphalt

43 South Africa Lab tests and site trials undertaken in partnership with local asphalt manufacturer to prove material properties and demonstrate advantages Consulting engineer specifies slag to combat problems Market has been established and is growing Slag is now specified for its benefits Experience and confidence gained from using slag from this one site will pave the way for extended use of slag from other sources across RSA

44 Deformation

45 N3 Patching - Trial

46 Van Reenen’s Pass

47 Conclusions Steel slag is a resource, not a waste
Steel slag can be utilised as a high quality aggregate. If processed correctly steel slag can be used as aggregate for a variety of applications giving benefits over and above many natural aggregates

48 Conclusions As the world reviews its environmental policies opportunities arise for increased use of industrial by-products The use of steel slags can be a win-win result for the environment Reduction of waste Conservation of natural resources

49 Thank You for Your Attention Any Questions?

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