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COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © 2009 Fluor Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 1 FLUOR AS EPC LEADER IN POWER SECTOR Zmieniamy Polski Przemysł, 3 rd February 2009,

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1 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © 2009 Fluor Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 1 FLUOR AS EPC LEADER IN POWER SECTOR Zmieniamy Polski Przemysł, 3 rd February 2009, Warsaw

2 February 2009 2 AGENDA Safety Always First Fluor Corporation Fluor Power Fluor in Poland Fluors Power Experience Why Fluor?

3 February 2009 3 SAFETY ALWAYS FIRST TCIR rate of 0.40 with 318 million man-hours worked! In 2008 Fluor noted recordable TCIR = 0.33

4 February 2009 4 One of the largest publicly owned Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance companies 2007 revenue: $16.7 billion 3Q2008 revenue: $16.3 billion 2007 new awards: $22.6 billion 3Q2008 new awards: $20.9 billion 2007 backlog: $30.2 billion 3Q2008 backlog: $36.5 billion Over 1,000 projects annually, serving more than 600 Clients in 85 different countries More than 47,000 employees worldwide including 630 in Poland Offices in more than 25 countries Nearly 100 years of experience FLUOR CORPORATION Fluor Corporate Headquarters Dallas, Texas

5 February 2009 5 FLUOR CORPORATION Serving Diversified Industries Energy & Chemicals Global Services Government Industrial & Infrastructure Chemicals Downstream Upstream LNG IGCC POWER Solid Fueled & Biomass Gas/IGCC (including Wind Farms, Solar Plants) Betterments (CO2, SO2, NOx) Nuclear Government Projects in USA and rest of the world Environmental & Nuclear UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Mining Metals Telecommunication Transport Water Life Sciences Manufacturing Microelectronics Healthcare Operations & Maintenance Procurement Project Execution Services Sr. VPs Project Management Construction Equipment & Tools

6 February 2009 FLUOR POWER Global Presence – Power Offices Only Greenville, SC Solid Fueled/Plant Betterment/Nuclear/ Renewables Aliso Viejo, CA Gas Fueled/IGCC/ Renewables Charlotte, NC Gas/Solid Fueled/ Plant Betterment Camberley, UK Gas/Solid Fueled/Nuclear/Plant Betterment Shanghai, China Plant Betterment/IGCC / Solid Fueled Johannesburg, South Africa Gas/Solid Fueled/Nuclear New Delhi, India Global Execution Center Gas/Coal Dallas, TX Corporate Headquaters Houston, TX Gas/Solid Fueled Madrid / Asturias, Spain Gas Fueled/ Rnewables Gliwice, Poland EPC & Workshare Haarlem, The Netherlands Gas and IGCC Manila, Philippines Global Execution Center Gas Brno, Czech Republic EPC & Workshare

7 February 2009 7 The biggest project office in Poland, more than 630 employees Industry experience since 1945 Executing local, regional & international projects Executing EPC & workshare projects Using the same tools and Management & Quality & HSE Systems as other Fluors Offices More than 400 3D PDS stations ISO9001 since 1998 FLUOR IN POLAND Gliwice Office

8 February 2009 8 EPC industry leader in Gas Fueled Power Plants – 100,000 MW 300 Gas Turbines installed in 160 Power Stations worldwide Power range from 49 MW to 1,789 MW All fuel types: Natural gas, low Btu gas, fuel oil, others Technology: Simple Cycle, Combined Cycle, Combined Heat & Power, IGCC Working with all major Turbine Suppliers: GE, Siemens, Alstom, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, ABB, Sulzer and others Working with HRSG Suppliers including: Nooter Erikson, Aalborg, Deltak, Vogt, NEM FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Gas Fueled Capabilities

9 February 2009 9 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Gas Fueled – Only Projects Since 2002

10 February 2009 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Gas Fueled - Project Highlights Completed date: 2006 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. Description: Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant – 1,200 MW AQCS: Fuel Conditioning SCR Fluor Scope: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning Gas Turbines: General Electric HRSGs: General Electric The largest air cooled condenser in North America Project: Chuck Lenzie Generating Station

11 February 2009 11 30 years experience in industry gasification technology Gasification know-how on both Power Plants and Process Plants All fuel types: Coal, lignite, biomass, petroleum coke, others IGCC technology neutral: ConocoPhilips E-Gas, ECUST, GE, Lurgi, Mitsubishi, Shell, Siemens SFG, Uhde PRENFLO Expertise in supporting technologies: Sulfur recovery, CO 2 recovery & compression Fluor has done more than 150 gasification studies and analysis, designed & built more than 20 gasification projects including: – Sasol II & Sasol III in South Africa - the largest coal gasification plant in the world processing 100,000 ton coal per day – Great Plains Synfuels Plant, North Dakota, U.S. – the largest coal gasification plant in North America with CO 2 capture, designed by Fluor FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE IGCC Capabilities

12 February 2009 12 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE IGCC – Key Projects Highlight

13 February 2009 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE IGCC - Project Highlights Completed date: 1997 Location: Pernis, The Netherlands Description: Gasification of 1,656 tons/day of residual oil to syngas & Combine Cycle Gas Power Plant AQCS: Sulfur removal Fluor Scope: Engineering, Procurement, Construction Managment Technology: Shell Part of syngas used to produce 285 tons/day of hydrogen Rest of syngas used for combined cycle power generation Gas Turbines: General Electric Project: Three-Train Gasification Unit

14 February 2009 14 In the last 10 years designed & built more coal fired plants than any other EPC company in Power business Power from 65 MW to 1,760 MW Technology: Subcrititcal, Supercritical, Ultra Supercritical, Circulating Fluidized Bed All major fuel types: Coal, pulverized coal, lignite, biomass, others Working with all major Steam Turbine Suppliers: GE, Siemens, Alstom, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, ABB, Sulzer and others Efficiently reducing the schedule and capital costs utilizing available reference plant designs: 2x65MW, 181MW, 250MW, 400MW, 2x615MW, 2x750MW, 2x800MW FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Coal Fueled Capabilities

15 February 2009 15 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Coal Fueled – Reference Short List

16 February 2009 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Coal Fueled – Projects Highlight Ongoing, target completion date: June 2010 Location: Robertson County, Texas Description: Supercritical Pulverized Coal Fired Power Plant – 1,634 MW AQCS: Baghouse, Wet FGD, SCR, Mercury Control using Activated Carbon Injection Fluor Scope: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning 80% cleaner than average in U.S. 2500 craft at peak Steam Turbines: GE Boilers: Alstom, Babcock & Wilcox Project: TXU Oak Grove Project

17 February 2009 17 To comply with environmental legislation To increase efficiency of existing units Flue Gas Desulphurization – 43 units; 19,665 MW Removal of SO2 Selective Catalytic Reduction – 28 units; 16,081 MW Removal of NOx Electrostatic Precipitator/Fabric Filters – 42 units; 25,882 MW Removal of dust Mercury Control System – 12 units; 7,241 MW Renewables: Wind Farms, Solar, Biomass FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Betterments & Renewables Capabilities

18 February 2009 18 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Betterments – Only Projects Since 2002

19 February 2009 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Betterments – Projects Highlight Completed date: October 2008 Location: United Kingdom Description: To achieve compliance with the LCP, IPPC AQCS: 6 SCRs on 6x500MW coal fired units Fluor Scope: Feasibility Study The only technology neutral offer made Fluor successful to win the next stage FEED Project:SSE SCRs at Fieddlers Ferry and Ferrybridge 3D PDS models on Feasibility Study stage

20 February 2009 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Renewables – Projects Highlight Ongoing Location: Cost of Suffolk, UK Description: 500 MW Wind Farm 140 wind turbines 3.6MW each Associated infrastructure including met masts and offshore transformers Wind Turbines by Siemens Fluor Scope: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning Once constructed it will be the worlds largest offshore wind farm project 147 square kilometres Project: Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm

21 February 2009 21 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Betterments - CCS Capabilities Fluor owns CO 2 Capture Technology - Econamine FG Plus SM 37 CO 2 Capture Units built based on this technology More than 20 years of proven operating experience Econamine FG Plus SM works well in difficult environments like boiler stack and gas turbine flue gas streams Fluor has experience with following captured CO 2 treatment: utilization within chemical plant, compressing and liquefying, transporting, Enhanced Oil Recovery, purifying for food industry Fluor has designed and constructed almost 2000 km of CO 2 transport pipelines including infrastructure – pump stations, meter stations, injection points Fluor is executing feasibility study for CO 2 storage to the reservoir under the see bed for Confidential Client in the U.S.

22 February 2009 22 FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE CO2 Capture & Transport – Projects Highlight Wyoming to Dakota CO 2 Pipeline Project, U.S. Scope EPC, Ongoing but Phase 1 completed 1000 km CO 2 pipelines 16-inch & 20-inch with 9 pump and 13 meter stations. Phase 1 completed: 170 km CO 2 pipelines, 1 pump and 3 meter stations. CO 2 Removal from Flue Gas Bellingham, Massachusetts, U.S. Scope EPC, Status: Completed in 1992 CHP Plant with CO 2 capture capacity of 350 ton/day. Captured CO 2 is compressed, purified and liquefied to be sold to the food industry E.ON Energie AG CCS Pilot Plant, Wilhelmshaven, Germany Scope EPC, Status: Ongoing CO 2 capture capacity of 70 ton/day on existing 474 MW Coal Power Plant. CO 2 will be compressed and liquefied for transport. Gassnova CO 2 Capture at Karsto, Norway Scope FEED, Status: Ongoing CO 2 capture capacity of 3,000 ton/day on existing 420 MW Gas Power Plant. Once built it will be the largest CO 2 capture facility in the world on gas plant.

23 February 2009 23 Fluors nuclear diverse experience begun in 1940s Designed 3 Nuclear Power Plants Constructed 10 Nuclear Power Plants, and supported construction of 10 others From 1977 focused on modifications and maintenance (90million hours) In 1990s expanded services for decommissioning and environmental cleanup Fluor has performed about $1 billion annually in nuclear facility decommissioning over the past 10 years Since 2007, again all licences in place and full EPC capabilities focusing on new builds and modifications Experience with PWR and BWR reactor technologies 2,750 personnel with nuclear experience FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Nuclear Energy Capability

24 February 2009 24 South Texas Project, Bay City, Texas, U.S. – Engineering, Procurement, Consturction and Commissioning – 2 new Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWRs) – Total capacity of 2,700MW – Toshiba will provide reactors – 6,000 craft planned on site – First 2 new units built in U.S. for more than 2 decades Oconee Nuclear Station, Lake Keowee, South Carolina, U.S. – Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning – Major capital modifications – Installing tornado barriers, replacement of 1,5 MW pump (nuclear safety item) with all associated piping, new reinforced concrete building to house emergency switchgear and about 80 km of wiring – Construction started in June 2008 – Currently 55 craft on site; 300 planned in peak FLUORS POWER EXPERIENCE Nuclear Energy – Current Projects Highlight

25 February 2009 25 Executing of all type of Power Plants worldwide Financial stability Sourcing material globally Strategic Relationship Agreements (SRAs) Linking global engineering resources Meeting compressed schedule Having excellent safety records, unmatched by competition European Power Market is changing – EPC Contractors have larger role on projects Number #1 in Fortune Magazines EPC Category of Americas largest corporations WHY FLUOR?

26 February 2009 FLUOR AS EPC LEADER IN POWER SECTOR Thank You Dariusz Kiełtyka E-mail:

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