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1 Enlisted Community Review Updated 1000 27 Sep 2005.

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1 1 Enlisted Community Review Updated Sep 2005

2 2 Table of Contents What Seabees do Active –Manpower –Personnel –Billet Analysis –IA –Functional Review SELRES Recommendations No FTS for Seabees

3 3 Rating Scope – Seabees Builder (BU) – carpenters, masons, woodworkers Construction Electrician (CE) - electrical Construction Mechanic (CM) – mechanics for automotive and construction equipment Engineering Aide (EA) – surveyors, draftsmen, P&E Equipment Operator (EO) – operate automotive and construction equipment Steelworkers (SW) – fabricate and erect pre- engineered structures Utilitiesman (UT) – plumbing, heating, compressed air, fuel storage, ACR, water treatment, septic Source: Navy Enlisted Occupational Standards Manual All Ratings perform tasks related to contingency ops and disaster preparedness. Seabees represent a large Navy contribution to the GWOT.

4 4 Seabee Rating Compression BU EA SW CE UT CM EO CU UC EQ CN (Students only) E3-E8 E9 (E8 BA) (E9 BA) Each grouping of ratings has E8 billets feeding each E9 billet

5 5 Active

6 6 Seabee Paygrade Structures Aug 05 Force Structure Billets Aug 05 Force Structure Inventory IA Billets: 1421 IA Inventory: 660 Current Manning: Total – 93.4% Sea – 104.0% Shore – 96.9% IA % Total Sea Billets: 5367 Total Shore Billets: 2846 Total Sea Inventory: 5583 Total Shore Inventory: 2759 Source: Ministats Total Billets: 9634Total Inventory: 9002 $566M/year requirement ($3.7B FYDP) 73% 135% 96% 106% 107% 98% Sea Inv/BA

7 7 Seabee vs. Navy Paygrade Structures Seabee Aug 05 Force Structure Billets Navywide FY05 Force Structure Billets IA Billets – 1421 IA Billets Total Sea Billets: 5367 Total Shore Billets: 2846 Total Sea Billets: Total Shore Billets: Source: Ministats Top 2: 2.9% Top 3: 10.1% FS only Top 2: 3.8% Top 3: 12.8% FS only

8 8 Seabee vs. Navywide Sea Shore Billet Ratio Current Seabee Sea/Shore Tour Lengths: E3 E4 E5 E6 E7 E8 E9 Sea Shore Despite widely varying sea/shore billet ratios, Seabee sea and shore tour lengths are standardized across all ratings.

9 9 Seabee Recruiting and Retention Reenlistment Rates – Zone A/B/C near Navy average Zone FY04 FY05 FY05 Range FY05 Goal FY05 Navy Avg. A 50.3% 54.5% 50.2 – 69.2% 54% 54.2% B 71.1% 70.0% % 70% 67.0% C 85.9% 84.6% 77.1 – 100% 85% 84.4% Attrition Rates – At or below Navy avg. Zone FY04 FY05 FY05 Range FY05 Navy Avg. A 6.8% 7.1% 5.1 – 8.7% 9.6% B 3.5% 4.5% 2.9 – 7.1% 4.6% C 1.8% 1.6% 0.9 – 4.0%1.4% Recruiting – Under accessing FY03FY04 FY05 (YTD) FY06 Goal (1071) 1145 Shipped (965) Success 87% 91% (90%) CREO Policy: BU – 2/3/3 CE – 1/3/3 CM – 1/3/3 EA – 3/3/3 EO – 2/3/2 SW – 3/3/3 UT – 2/3/3 Striker policy (all ratings): A school required

10 10 SeaBee Pays SRB – significant increase in Feb 05: SDAP – new pay for E9s at NMCBs $ Basic UCT (Diver) $ Adv UCT (Diver) $450 CBLC Seabee Line Comp Chiefs EB - $1K for BU, EO, UT (FY05) Sea Pay – none! AIP - $750 max for E9s at NMCBs (starting May 05) Green equals increase, red decrease

11 11 Advancements Seabee vs. Navy Average Seabee advancements appear to be driven less by the shape of the billet pyramid than other ratings. For example: Rating Ratio E7:E8 billets E8 Advance Opp. BU3.11 : 124.2% CE3.13 : 121.5% SW3.61 : 1 4.7% EA4.00 : 1 0.0% E9 advancements appear to be driven less by the shape of the billet pyramid than by the number of vacancies each year.

12 12 In the aggregate, Seabee LOS Inventory better than previously reviewed ratings. No excess of LOS inventory. Modest number of E-6s approaching HYT. Seabee LOS Diagram Delta caused by: -FY03-FY05 underaccessions -excess EPA for CN (a E3 student-only EMC)

13 13 Where Seabee Billets Are – Sea (FY08) Source: TFMMS – FY08 Total Sea Billets: 5291 (4050) (354) (254) (120) (116) (397) - Includes 139 Type 3 billets (Bahrain, DGAR, Souda Bay) - No longer included as sea billets are: Type 6 duty billets that were Type Type 3 duty that are planned for transition to Type 6

14 14 Where Seabee Billets are – Shore (by function) Source: TFMMS – FY08 Total Shore Billets (88) (856) (289) (242) (600) (61) Recruiter 68 RDC DAPA 11 Self Help 11 Brig 29 Other (209) (496)

15 15 Where Seabee billets are – Shore (by BSO) Source: TFMMS – FY08 Total Shore Billets (870) (56) (66) (689) (254) (113) (566) (105) Most BUPERS billets are FAC G Resource Sponsors: N N61 79 N00T 254 N76 74 N N1J 33 N1 107 N76 25 Other 86 (122)

16 16 Seabee Fleet Concentration Areas FCA Sea Billets Shore Billets in-rate FAC G Pt Hueneme Gulfport Norfolk San Diego Washington DC Sigonella * Type 3 (Bahrain/DGAR/Souda) Other FCAs * Non-FCAs * Total = 2841 * Significantly excess to rotational needs in that homeport Source: TFMMS – FY08 Large number of FAC G shore billets outside FCAs Insufficient shore duty in these FCAs

17 17 Shore Billet Analysis Criteria –Sea Shore Rotation minimum requirements 5 years sea/3 years shore, 4/3, 4/3, 3/3, 2/2 –Career Progression Billet pyramid requirements Billets necessary to develop military skills –IGCA Coding (Military Essential) – next slide –Flt Concentration Areas/Homebasing –Billet Titles –Billet Funding (OSD, Joint, NWCF) 202 non-navy funded billets for Seabee Functional requirement for billets not questioned 7.3% of shore billets Plus 72 facilities billets at Thurmont, MD

18 18 Inherently Governmental- Commercial Activity (IG-CA) Coding Eleven ratings completed: 3,435 enlisted billets, previously coded as required by N1, are no longer military essential Excess military billets should be phased-out, and recruiting/training/PCS dollars reinvested Military Essential F: Military Unique Knowledge & Skills Exempt from Review D: Mobilization (Dual Status) G:Esprit de Corps & Military Support L: Law, Exec Order, Treaty M:DoD Management Decision Exempt from Review B: Military Support to Operations J:Military Rotation K: Military Career Progression Assigned by Claimant Assigned by CNP / N1 Subject to Competition R:Subject to Review (CIVSUB/A-76 Competition/Elimination) Military Essential A: Military Operations I: Military Augmentation (Backfill)

19 19 Seabee FY08 Shore Billet CA Reason Codes 49% of shore billets are coded for military requirements (A, B, F, etc.) or Career Progression (K) 23% are coded for military rotation (J) 7% are general purpose billets (FAC G/K) 20% are candidates for review/civsub (R or E)

20 20 Minimum Shore Billet Requirements – BU only FY08 Shore Billets: 740Minimum Shore Billets Required to support SSR: 540 Total Potential Billet Candidates: 740 (shore billets) (min for SSR) 200 (potential excess) BU needs more E5 shore billets than are available!

21 21 Seabee Rating Sea/Shore Billet Ratios vary widely CM, EO, SW are sea intensive –No E5-E8 shore billets to spare –Even some E4 shore billets required for SSR BU is more balanced –But has an excess of shore billets at E6-E8 CE, EA, UT are shore intensive –Excess shore billets at E5-E7 (but not E8) Compressed ratings: only CU has an excess of E9 shore billets (in theory)

22 22 Claimant CA coding is generally consistent and reasonable 7 F coded billets are questionable military unique skills –6 facility maintenance billets at Bay St. Louis –1 self-help billet at NAS Pax River One RDC billet coded as J vice F Five billets at 20 th SRG coded as B, remainder as E/F/J/R Billet coding for these billets will be reviewed in the FY05 IG&CA inventory Seabee Questionable CA Reason Codes Billet by billet review of CA Reason Codes is a benefit of each ECR

23 23 Final Proposed Seabee Shore Billet Coding Represents 18% of Seabee shore billets and 6.4% of total Seabee sea and shore billets 37 candidates for R coding

24 24 Seabee FAC G Billets Required for Rotation 128 –Retain within current rating –Includes 20 E4-E billets that will transfer to MA Available for transfer 44 –36 E5-E6, 8 E7-E8 billets –RDC, Recruiter, Brig, CAAC, etc. Candidates for CA R 37 –29 E4-E5, 8 E6-E7 billets –Hazmat, Self-Help, MWR, etc. –Most already coded as R –Can also be transferred to other Seabee Ratings Total 209

25 25 Summary of Proposed Seabee IGCA J / R Coding Shore Intensive Ratings: –CE: recode some E6/E7/E8 billets from J to R –EA: recode some E5/E6/E8 billets from J to R –UT: recode some E7/E8 billets from J to R Sea Intensive Ratings: –CM: recode all E5/E6/E7 billets from R to J –EO: same –SW: same, plus E8 billets Balanced Rating: –BU: recode some E5/E6/E7 billets from R to J, but E8 billets from J to R These 3 ratings also need to retain a portion of E4 shore billets to support SSR

26 26 Seabee Paygrade Structures Current and Proposed billet structure Total Sea Billets: 5291 Total Shore Billets: 2841 IA Billets: 1282 Total Sea Billets: 5291 Total Shore Billets: 2319 IA Billets: 1235 Source: TFMMS Total Billets: 9414 Force Structure Billets Current FY08 plan Force Structure Billets Proposed FY09 Total Billets: 8845 Top % Top % Top % Top %

27 27 Seabee Student Execution FY04 Avg Student Inv: 252 FY04 Student EPA: 837 FY05 Student EPA: 838 FY07 Student EPA: 772 Total Seabee Student Avg. Execution – 30%

28 28 Seabee TPPH Execution Seabee TPPH Avg. Execution – 162% FY04 Avg TPPH Inv: 354 FY04 TPPH EPA: 219 FY05 TPPH EPA: 238 MA IA imbalance may grow even larger as MA EPA continues to increase

29 29 M600 Student EMC The purpose of EMC M600 should be to account for undesignated Seabees in RTC or A School However, billets in the M600 EMC do not fully account for A school students Even worse, an improper EMC logic results in the EMF accounting for only a few Seabee students As a result, latest ministats shows only 15 inventory in an EMC with 347 billets Trainee Working Group is working to correct this issue.

30 30 E9 Sea Manning Challenge

31 31 E9 Sea/Shore Manning CU Rating Sea manning trending steadily downward; shore steady Sea manning % Sea manning % Sea and shore tour lengths steady at 36/36 during the entire period May 05 $750 AIP Jun 05 $450 SDAP Inventory Sea – 7 Shore - 20

32 32 E9 Sea/Shore Manning EQ Rating Sea manning trending steadily downward; shore steady Sea manning % Sea manning % Sea and shore tour lengths steady at 36/36 during the entire period Inventory Sea – 4 Shore - 12

33 33 E9 Sea/Shore Manning UC Rating Sea manning trending downward, with brief up tick; shore declining Sea manning % Sea manning % 100% ! Sea and shore tour lengths steady at 36/36 during the entire period Inventory Sea – 6 Shore - 7

34 34 Seabee Retirement Trends Will receive more FRRAs FY 06 As of 6 Jul 05

35 35 E9 Sea Manning vs. E9 Sea/Shore Billet Ratio There is an (imperfect) correlation between E9 sea manning and E9 sea/shore billet ratios CU E9 sea manning is well below the E9 manning trend line Source: Aug 05 Ministats E9 Sea Manning E9 SSR

36 36 E9 Seabee Billet Review 1.CUCM is very shore intensive, while EQ, UC are not –However, 4 E8 billets feed into each CUCM billet, but only about 3 E8 billets feed into EQ/UC –Accordingly, recommend against transferring billets from CUCM to the other two ratings 2.E9 IA EPA matches 12 month execution avg. means no change required 3.Bottom line – no obvious billet adjustments to fix E9 sea manning

37 37 Summary of Active Duty Seabee Findings Community is currently manned at 93% overall and 104% at sea. –E9 manned at 73% at sea and 122% ashore. Ratings vary from sea intensive (CM, EO, SW) to shore intensive (CE, EA, UT). –FAC G billets can be reassigned within Seabee ratings to help balance sea shore billet ratio. Relatively poor homebasing opportunity between sea and shore. –78% of sea billets in Pt. Hueneme/Gulfport, but only 22% of shore billets 474 shore billets identified as candidates for civilianization. IA EPA severely out of balance, particularly for Students.

38 38 SELRES

39 39 Seabee Paygrade Structures SELRES FY05 Force Structure Billets Aug 05 Force Structure Inventory IA Billets - 0 IA Inventory – 0 Current Manning: Total – 77.0% Assigned to Billets: 7083 Assigned to IAP: 648 (8.4%) Total Billets Total Inventory

40 40 Seabee SELRES Comments 55% of Seabee force structure billets are SELRES SELRES are assigned to twelve NMCBs, two Naval Const Regts, CBMUs, two Supply Support BNs, NAVSPECWAR OPSUP Tms, Naval Const Force Support Unit, PHIB CB, BMU, EODMU, 18 MIUWUs, etc. BA will drop from in FY05 to 8718 in FY08 due to Reserve ZBR cuts –Chronic reserve Seabee vacancies drove the decision to cut billets to more executable levels

41 41 Recommendations

42 42 Seabee Recommendations 1.Review 437 in-rate and 37 FAC G billets as candidates for civilianization (mostly in CE, EA, UT ratings). 2.Transfer 44 FAC G billets to other Seabee ratings in need of shore billets. 3.Adjust Seabee IA billet allocation to reflect execution as part of a navywide IA billet review. 4.Correct M600 EMC billet/inventory allocation 5.Continue steps to improve E9 sea manning. –Change sea/shore tour lengths to 36/30 –Monitor affects of SDAP and AIP increases

43 43 Estimated Seabee Manpower Costs and Savings The Seabee community is a ~$3.9B enterprise Estimated gross MPN savings if 474 excess Seabee shore billets are civilianized: Net savings of $28.9M across the FYDP (assumes 20% savings (100% IA)) No FTS MPN Comp Rates EDW

44 44 Seabee Skills Functional Review HRCAT tool predicts that total costs for military are generally higher than GS, but less than contractors:

45 45 Proposed PR-07 Billet Changes Affecting Seabee Ratings Added sea billets for MK V SOC Dets (4 billets), EODGRU Mobile Comm Dets (2), Inshore Boat Units (6), and SOC GMV Maint Personnel (37). Added shore billets for NAS Keflavik (30) and NAVSUPPFAC Thurmont (7). Reduced shore billets due to CNI and NETWARCOM cuts, recruiting and NETC cuts, and 1NCD reductions. Net reduction in Seabee endstrength:

46 46 ECR Schedule Completed ECRs (10): MR, HT, YN(SW), YN(SS), AS, ET(SW), QM, DK/PN, MM(SW), MN ECRs in progress (3): AT, IT, Seabee Future ECR candidates: JO/PH/LI/DM, AB, MA, TM,

47 47 Back-up

48 48 Construction Industry Trends Construction Industry Unemployment Rate Construction Industry Hourly Earnings

49 49 Enlisted Community Reviews Vertical look at individual enlisted communities –Focus first on manpower requirements (billet base) Sea / Shore rotation; Career Progression; Home-basing Challenge military essentiality Review how ratings function is delivered across Navy –Review community management issues Advancement Opportunity; Retention; Accessions Individuals Account; Special Pays & Bonuses –Develop actionable recommendations for N1 decision to deliver manpower savings Time-phase changes over FYDP as required to support executability Provide the Community Sponsor recommendations for their Human Capital Strategy

50 50 Community Review Process Establish initial working relationship with selected community sponsors and managers –Vision, background, data, core competencies, career paths, etc. Review TFMMS Billet Base –Military essentiality & IGCA coding consistency across claimancies –Identify target billets for review Review Personnel Inventories –Alignment of strength to authorizations Assess Influencing and Executability Factors –Law, policy, costs, career expectations, community management issues Develop Alternatives & Recommendations –Actionable and executable….Total Force & Human Capital perspective… Conduct Decision Briefing Sponsor/claimants submit program adjustments

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