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General Services Division

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1 General Services Division
Arizona Department of Administration General Services Division August 2012 Proudly Presents The...

2 Construction Services Group
Roger Berna, General Manager Bill Anderson Mike Rank Janet Collegio Alvin Spencer Joe Grajeda John Webster Terry Gutman Clara Youngberg Jeff Pugh

3 Meet the Staff of Construction Services
Roger Berna Janet Collegio Bill Anderson Terry Ann Gutman Jeff Pugh Joe Grajeda Alvin Spencer John Webster Clara Youngberg Mike Rank

4 Construction Services provides:
What we do…. Construction Services provides: Project Management Services for the design and construction of new facilities, renovations and major maintenance projects.

5 Why choose the Construction Services
Why choose the Construction Services (CS) Group to manage your construction project? We understand the special nature of public sector projects. We know what it takes to deliver those projects successfully. We have the experience; over $1.1 billion in total project value since our inception in

6 Our staff knows how to coordinate with multiple user groups and decision makers to provide you with a management plan. As construction professionals directing the project team, we can provide a significant savings on the cost, while ensuring the quality and schedule of your project is maintained.

7 Our Project Managers have the expertise in coordination and communications to complete construction “on time” and “within budget”.


9 Our key role is to represent your interests by:
Consulting on initial budgets or project approach. Consulting on project scope definition. Assisting in identifying and assessing risk. Coordinating the planning, design, construction and other related facility activities required to make your project a success. Providing you with personal attention by assigning a Project Manager to your project from startup to closeout. Acting as your liaison throughout the project.


11  Expertise in Construction Management
Expertise in coordinating the procurement of design and construction services Thorough knowledge of the State construction statutes Expertise in all forms of project delivery Commitment to Customer Service No project is too big or too small

12 Cost Savings $ Construction Services’ management fees are based on “Salary and Expenses only,” which means more dollars dedicated to your project! $ We provide comprehensive project budget profiles, which include detailed budget accounting for all project costs, vendor payment, reconciliation, administration, cost accounting, and eliminate “surprises” and cost overruns, which also equates to substantial cost savings!

13 $ Construction Services’ fee is only $55 per hour!
$ The average fee for a Project Manager in the Valley is $150+ per hour $ Construction Services’ fee is only $55 per hour!

14 Project Delivery Services
Prior to commencement, Construction Services will advise you on the best method to design and construct your project to meet your budget and scheduled goals.  Design-Bid-Build  Design-Build  Construction Risk  Job Order Contracting  Architect/Engineer Services  Energy Performance Contracts

15 Other Services… Material Purchases Invitation for Bid
Coordination of Emergency Procurement  Recommendation for Award of Contract  Requests for Proposals and/or Qualifications

16 Construction Management
 Before work begins, we will coordinate all the necessary site investigations and environmental surveys.  As work begins in the field, we will be your onsite representative.  We will administer and oversee all construction. We will manage the budget and maintain all records, logs and reports, and most importantly… We will keep you informed on all progress and issues affecting the project.

17 Commitment to Customer Service
 Satisfied Customers  Repeat Business  Quick Response Time  Our Surveys say…….

18 CUSTOMER SURVEY Overall Satisfaction with Construction Services on a scale of 1 to 8


20 Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA)
Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) Arizona Department of Health Service (AHS) Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC) Arizona Department of Veterans Services (ADVS) Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Arizona State Hospital (ASH) Arizona Historical Society (AZHS) Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Arizona Department of Commerce Arizona State Forestry Division (ASFD)

21 Arizona School for Deaf and Blind – Tucson (ASDB)
Phoenix Day School for the Deaf – Phoenix (PSDS) Arizona State Lottery (ASL) Arizona Exposition & State Fair (AESF) Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) Arizona Supreme Court Governor’s Office Arizona Game and Fish (AZGF) Office of Attorney General Arizona Pioneers’ Home (APH) Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS)

22 SOME OF OUR PROJECTS Executive Tower Emergency Power Panel $33,000
Pioneers’ Home Women’s Ward Remodel $204,000 DES 20,000 SF Remodel $670,000 PDSD Kachina Classroom Remodel $107,000 ASPC Perryville-Natural Gas Line Replacement $856,000 Pioneers’ Home Asbestos Floor Replacement $38,000 ADC Lewis Prison 4150 Bed Facility $220M ADC Yuma Complex Cheyenne Unit $25M

23 SOME OF OUR PROJECTS ADC Douglas Wastewater Pipeline/Clarifier $3.7M
ADHS New Health Lab $30M Arizona State Hospital Complex $67M Arizona State Hospital Sexual Predator 60 Bed Bldg. $5.5M Dept. of Agriculture Historic Preservation $2.7M Capitol Executive Tower Renovation $3.1M Weights & Measures Test Lab Remodel $516,000 Capitol Museum Restoration $2M DES Duct Replacement $388,000

24 SOME OF OUR PROJECTS Pioneers’ Home Plumbing Modernization $1.2M
ADC 1000 Bed Prison Project $24.3M PDSD Transportation Bldg. $427,000 Arizona State Supreme Court Re-Roof $550,000 ADC Florence Prison Water Tank Upgrades $1M ADOR Elevator Upgrades $1.45M ADOR Restroom Upgrades $1.2M ADOA Tucson Complex Chiller Upgrades $1M AESF Coliseum Structural Roof Repairs $6.15M

25 SOME OF OUR PROJECTS PDSD High School/Middle School $13M
ASDB Vocational/Student Health Bldg-Tucson $6M ADJC Arsenic Removal System $700,000 DES Elevator Upgrades/Renovations $957,000 ADOT Payson Equipment Shop $1.4M ADC 4000 Bed Prison Expansion Project $200M ADC Yuma New Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant $5.2M ADC Lewis Water Treatment Plant Upgrades/Well Equipment Repair & Replacement $1.735M

26 SOME OF OUR PROJECTS ADC Yuma Expansion of Wastewater Treatment Plant $11M ADOT Employee Grand Canyon Airport $2.5M Arizona State Hospital/Forensic Hospital $32M ADVS Phoenix Veterans’ Home Dining Room Expansion $750,000 ADVS New Tucson Veterans’ Home $28.6M Statewide American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 $4.6M

27 SOME OF OUR PROJECTS DPS Fire Alarm System Upgrades (Computer Room) $160,000 ADC Florence Central Unit – Structural & Life Safety Analyses and Roof Replacement $350,000 Arizona State Supreme Court Chiller Installation $1.7M ADJC Adobe and Catalina Mountain School Renovations $2.9M ADOT New AZ Transportation Research Center (ATRC) $250,000 ADVS Phoenix Veterans’ Home Chiller Replacement $800,000

28 SOME OF OUR PROJECTS ASPC Lewis New Water Well #5 $2.3M
AZ Historical Society-Tempe Historical Society Museum Re-Roof $333,000 Arizona State Hospital Replace Heat Exchange $190,000 Arizona State Capitol Dome Repairs $300,000 ADJC Replace HVAC Adobe Mountain and Black Canyon Schools $260,000 DPS Replace Chiller, Cooling Tower and HVAC Forensics Sciences Lab $600,000 AESF Cattle Barn Structural Roof Repairs and Roof Replacement $460,000

29 SOME OF OUR PROJECTS Arizona Forestry Division/Flagstaff Parking Lot Resurface and Office Renovations $130,000 ADOA Replace Electrical Service Executive Tower $1.133M AZ Prescott Historical Society-Sharlot Hall Museum Cooling Tower, Water Heater & Roof Replacement $225,000 ADOA Tucson Office Complex Tucson Disaster Recovery Center New UPS and Backup Genset $228,000 Building Renewal (Capital Maintenance/Repairs) for Fiscal Year 2013 $10M


31 Arizona State Capitol Dome Hail Damage Repair Completion Dec 2011

32 New Forensic Site Excavation
Arizona State Hospital Complex New Forensic 120 Bed Hospital Gilbane Building Companies Completion Sep 2011 New Forensic Site Excavation Ground Breaking Ceremony Nov. 2, 2009 (Main Hospital 120 Beds) Ground Opening Ceremony Oct. 5, 2011

33 Administrative Office
Arizona State Hospital Complex New Forensic 120 Bed Hospital Gilbane Building Companies Completion Sep 2011 Aerial Sep 2011 Administrative Office Main Entrance Guard Station Hospital Entrance Administrative Office Patient Bathroom Security Control Room Patient Dayroom Semi-Private Patient Room Staff Work Area

34 Arizona Department of Veterans Services New AZ Tucson Veterans’ Home – 120 Bed Facility Completion Sep 2011

35 Arizona Department of Veterans Services New AZ Tucson Veterans’ Home – 120 Bed Facility Completion Sep 2011

36 Arizona Department of Veterans Services New Chiller and AHU Replacement, Phoenix, AZ Completion Aug 2011 Chiller Piping Chiller Piping 1 of 2 Air Handler Units 1 of 2 Air Handler Units

37 Arizona State Supreme Court - Chiller Installation 1501 W
Arizona State Supreme Court - Chiller Installation 1501 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ Completion May 2011 Lifting Chiller to Set in Basement Circulation Pumps Lifting Chiller Over Wall to Set in Basement 1 of 3 New Chillers in Place

38 Arizona School for Deaf and Blind – Tucson Manzanita Dorm Fire Remodel Completion Jun 2010

39 Arizona Department of Transportation Burnt Wells Rest Area Residence Renovations I-10, Mile Post 86 Completion Jun 2010

40 Arizona Department of Revenue Passenger Elevator Modernization Completion Mar 2010

41 Arizona Department of Veterans Services AZ Veterans’ Home - Dining Room Expansion Completion Feb 2010

42 ADC 4000 Bed Prison Expansion Project ASPC Perryville (1000 Bed) Completion Feb 2010 McCarthy Building Companies San Carlos Unit Prototypical Dental Office Prototypical Kitchen Prototypical Housing Dorm Prototypical Visitation Area

43 Prototypical Washroom Prototypical Kitchen Office
ADC 4000 Bed Prison Expansion Project ASPC Tucson (1000 Bed) Completion Feb 2010 McCarthy Building Companies Whetstone Unit Prototypical Showers Prototypical Kitchen Officers’ Control Room Prototypical Washroom Prototypical Dormitory Officers’ Station Prototypical Kitchen Office

44 ADC 4000 Bed Prison Expansion Project ASPC Yuma (2000 Bed) Completion Feb 2010 McCarthy Building Companies La Paz and Cibola Units 1000 Beds Each Pedestrian Sallyport Prototypical Control Room Prototypical Laundry Prototypical Dining Room

45 Finished Water Pump Station
ADC 4000 Bed Prison Expansion Project ASPC Yuma Water Treatment Plant Completion Feb 2010 McCarthy Building Companies Finished Water Pump Station Chemical Feed System Raw Water Pump Station Reverse Osmosis System

46 Clarifier & Operations Bldg.
ADC 4000 Bed Prison Expansion Project ASPC Yuma Wastewater Treatment Plant Completion Feb McCarthy Building Companies Alkalinity Feed System & Headworks Clarifier & Operations Bldg. New Effluent Storage Pond

47 Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Grand Canyon Employee Housing Completion Feb 2009

48 Phoenix Day School for the Deaf
Phoenix Day School for the Deaf High School/Middle School Completion Jul 2008

49 Arizona Dept Juvenile Corrections Arsenic Removal System Installation Completion Nov 2007

50 Other Construction Projects 2012
Sharlot Hall Museum Cooling Tower Replacement AESF AZ Veterans Coliseum Cattle Barn Bldg. Roof Replacement Tucson Office Complex Solar Photovoltaic State Forestry Div. Flagstaff-Resurface Parking Lot & Siding Replacement ADC Florence Cell Block Structural Repairs ASH Cooling Tower Repair and Replacement ADOT CCP Office Remodel ADJC Adobe Mountain and Black Canyon Schools HVAC Replacement ADOT Admin Bldg Roof Replacement ADOT Kingman Yard Sewer Conversion

51 Other Construction Projects 2012
So. AZ Veterans Memorial Cemetery Solar Photovoltaic AZ State Hospital Solar Photovoltaic Tucson Office Complex Solar Photovoltaic DES 1789 W. Jefferson Solar Photovoltaic

52 Other Construction Projects 2011
ASPC Florence Central Unit #8 Roof Replacement Phoenix Day School for Deaf-SPAC Bldg. HVAC Replacement ADJC Adobe Mountain Toilet Modifications ADOT Tonopah Water Storage Tank Replacement Phoenix Day School for Deaf SPAC Bldg. Re-Roof ADOT Phoenix Equipment Services 1 of 3 Bldgs Roof Replacement

53 Other Construction Projects 2011
Health Lab Pre Cooler Installation Executive Tower Roof Replacement ADJC Adobe Mt Chapel Roof Replacement Topock Port of Entry Remodel ASPC Lewis New Water Well #5

54 Other Construction Projects 2010-2011
Arizona Exposition & State Fair Coliseum Re-Roof ADOT Kingman Point of Entry Renovations ADOT Transportation Research Center ADOT Wikieup Maintenance Yard Repairs ADOT 1801 W. Jefferson MVD Remodel

55 Other Construction Projects 2010-2011
ASPC Perryville Central Kitchen Remodel ASPC Perryville Central Kitchen Upgrades ADOT HRDC Skylight Replacement ADOT Chandler Modular Office Relocation Polly Rosenbaum Archives Bldg. Solar Photovoltaic AHCCCS Bldg. 701 E. Jefferson Solar Photovoltaic

56 Other Construction Projects 2009-2010
ADOT Littlefield MVD Renovation ASPC Lewis Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Tucson Office Complex Disaster Relief Data Center Upgrades ADOT Holbrook Maintenance Yard A/C Replacement ADOT Holbrook Maintenance Yard Re-Roof ADOT Page Refueling Bldg. Re-Roof

57 Other Construction Projects 2009-2010
Tucson Office Complex Cooling Tower Replacement Tucson Office Complex Plumbing Renovations 1510 W. Adams CRAC Unit Installation ASPC Tucson New Water Tank ASPC Tucson Sewer Connection to Pima County ASPC Lewis Wells 1 & 2 Renovations

58 Other Construction Projects 2008-2009
ADOT East Metro Facility Sewer Line Installation ADOT-Grand Canyon Airport TSA Passenger Screening Remodel ASPC Lewis Staff Training Bldg. ASPC Tucson Rincon Lock Replacement AZ Historical Society Sanguinetti House Renovations ASPC Perryville Gas Line Installation

59 Other Construction Projects 2008
ADOT Modulars 1715 W. Jackson ADOT Williams, AZ - De-Icer Canopy Installation ADOT HRDC Window Installation ASDB Tucson Student Health Bldg AZ State Hospital Dietary Bldg Sewer Line Replacement ADOT HRDC Parking Lot Drain ADOT Right of Way Office Remodel

60 Other Construction Projects 2008
Evans House Repaint Capital Center Parapet Wall Repair Tucson Office Bldg-400 W. Congress Upgrades AZ Supreme Court Re-Roof ADJC Adobe Mountain Re-Roof

61 Other Construction Projects 2007-2008
Capital Center Make Up Air Replacement ASPC Florence Water Tank Renovation ADOT HRDC Parking Lot Drain Repair AESF Coliseum Structural Roof Repair ADOR Restroom Upgrades ADOT Right of Way Office Remodel

62 Other Construction Projects 2000-2006
Arizona Department Health Services State Laboratory AESF Concrete Masonry Wall Installation AZ State Prison Complex-Lewis Buckeye, AZ Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery Committal Shelter ADOT Payson Equipment Shop Arizona State Hospital ACPTC Perimeter Fencing AZ State Hospital Perimeter Fencing


Full service Project Management Team Expertise in Construction Management Cost Savings Customer Service Projects on Time and within Budget


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