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Construction machinery tower cranes self-erecting cranes cable hoists spare parts.

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1 construction machinery tower cranes self-erecting cranes cable hoists spare parts

2 General information: EINAG, S.L. is a company dedicated to sell second hand construction machinery with more than 20 years of experience in the Spanish market of the construction machinery. We are specialist in tower cranes, self-erecting cranes and cable hoists equipments on brands such us Potain, Liebherr, Pingon, Comansa, Jaso, Alher, etc... EINAG, S.L., with an important stock of machinery is one of the most important spanish company of used cranes. Nowadays we are exporting our machinery to: Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Georgia, Venezuela, Mexico and Uruguay.

3 Our machinery: EINAG, S.L. cranes has gone throught an important process of checking and adjustment. The machinery is sent from our installations like a new one and in perfects conditions to working. All of our cranes are: Whole estructure revised. All the motors and gear boxes have been checked by our technical staff. Repainted wiht sintetic paint and with anticorroxive treatement. 100% of electrical instalation reviewed and adapted at the actually norms. Equipped with new metallic cables. All the cranes are supply with the original users guide and spare parts book.

4 Our instalations: EINAG, S.L. has the following instalatons: Assembly workshop. Paint cabin tunnel – 16 Mts length. Paint stripper tunnel – 16 Mts length. Spare parts warehouse. Electrical workshop. Machinery park

5 The process: estructure review before after

6 The process: paint stripper – repaint before after

7 The process: mechanical repairs before after

8 The process: new metallic cables

9 The process: electrical adjustments 1.Defective installation 2.Repair and adjustments 3.Installatión in the crane 4.Ready to work

10 The shipping: tower cranes The tower cranes are loaded in open top containers for an easy unload at destinatión.

11 The shipping: self-erecting cranes

12 The guarantee : EINAG, S.L. gives you 6 month guarantee in all the cranes since the moment they have been installed and started to work. We store in our warehouse more than 5000 of the most common references of the spare parts. We can supply any spare part in less than 72 h, working with the international companies transport leaders such us D.H.L., Fedex, UPS, etc…. EINAG, S.L. have a S.A.T. for any problem with the electrical instalations or radio control equipment. Also we can offer the option to install the crane in destiny by our technical staff.

13 Spare parts:

14 Radio control equipment: All of our cranes are equipped with a radio control equipment and auxiliary cable button seller.

15 Other products: cable hoists As the cranes we have a important stock of cable hoists. Any height needed. A complete range of spare parts.

16 Other products: concrete buncket – anchorage for cranes – tweezer portapalet

17 Location:

18 Contact with us: Pol. Ind. de Ondarria s/n : + 34 948 56 23 07 + 34 948 56 29 16 : + 34 948 56 33 10 Apdo. de Correos Nº 94 31800 ALSASUA (NAVARRA) -

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