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Double Degree Programme in Civil and Construction Engineering.

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1 Double Degree Programme in Civil and Construction Engineering

2 Construction of the Double Degree Programme Professional Studies30 ECTSFinland Practical Training15 ECTSFinland / Russia / Europe Bachelors Thesis15 ECTSFinland / Russia / Europe TOTAL60 ECTS 60 ECTS = 1600 hours of studies (lessons, exercises, independent study, etc.)

3 Courses Offered in Academic Year 2010-2011 Building Site Technologies Construction Techniques and Structures Geotechnology in Construction and Civil Engineering Building Physics International Business

4 Optional or Alternative Courses in Academic Year 2010-2011 Orientation Finnish Language English Language Management Logistics Infrastructure Engineering

5 Orientation Studies Finnish Customs Studies at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Finnish Architecture Construction in Finland Computer based learning CAD-tools Library Project based learning Student activities

6 Building Site Technologies (5 ECTS) Production planning Production control Management Phase and weekly plans Supervising Finnish building systems at a site Safety regulations

7 Construction Structures (5 ECTS) Finnish construction techniques Finnish planning systems RT-information Norms Manufacturing and mounting Basics of Eurocodes BIM Concrete Structures Steel Structures Timber Structures Composite Structures

8 Building Physics (5 ECTS) Finnish regulations Heat Moisture Sound and Acoustics Fire Indoor air problems Low energy technology Measurements on the site (quality control, investigations

9 Geotechnology in Construction (5 ECTS) Geology Soil mechanics Investigation methods Foundations, excavations Reconstruction of foundations Geotechnology Risk analysis

10 Practical Training (15 ECTS) In Russian or in Finland, or wherever in Europe In the cooperation with the Companies

11 Bachelors Thesis (15 ECTS) Personal project carried out in the field of the student's major subject In the cooperation with the Companies and practical training (Stages, seminars, introduction) Written in English

12 Double Degree Programme Offers Extensive technical education and practical skills in engineering Experience in international co-operation and ability to search and process professional information Working contacts and good international network Practical language and multicultural skills


14 Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Lappeenranta Campus Kahilanniemi Valto Käkelän katu 3 Health Care and Social Services Campus Kimpinen Pohjolankatu 23 Technology Business Administration

15 Library

16 Construction Laboratory

17 Testing Wood Construction

18 Geotechnical Laboratory

19 Climate Test Chamber

20 Studying Physics

21 Laboratory Classroom

22 Student Dining Room

23 Teamwork in the Library

24 GPR Ground Penetration Radar on the Site

25 Investigations on Dumping Area

26 The Student Union Activities

27 Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation LOAS

28 City of Lappeenranta

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