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Nigel Curry Helices Consulting Ltd Rethinking Construction and Centre for Construction Innovation.

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1 Nigel Curry Helices Consulting Ltd Rethinking Construction and Centre for Construction Innovation

2 From Procedures to Process

3 The Company had a Management System This Comprised; 23 volumes of Manuals and System Procedures files = 1.15m in length ?

4 The Company recognised the need to change – or did it ?, but Rationalise of number of Manuals and consolidate the information contained within them Raise the awareness of staff to the Company requirements – the content of these system manuals

5 12 Documented Management Policies 11 System Manuals An unknown number of Proformae to record or convey information Company Intranet, huge spend on IT within the Business Coupled with a recruitment drive & therefore a dilution of the company culture!

6 SMM – Site Management Manual TEN – Tendering Procedure DES – Design / Design & Construct PRO-1 – Material Procurement PRO-3 – Subcontract Procurement COM – Commercial Management & Reporting CVC-1 – Cost Value Comparison (project) CVC-2 – Cost Value Comparison (Business Unit) CMH – Contract Management Handbook (Head Office Management Systems) PER – Personnel Procedures

7 The Site Management Manual was a consolidation from those Company Procedures pertaining to the management and control of the Companys projects. Some 40 number separate procedures just for carrying out business on a project site

8 The Revised Management System Now = 0.65 m in length We lost 0.5 of a meter We must be Leaner !

9 Now to educate the staff The Newly recruited, and The Old Guard

10 The revised procedures were issued to all Management to use and implement This would give a consistent approach to they way business was done Culture would improve Margin would increase BRILLIANT

11 NO But Why

12 No one had time to read it It was still 0.65 meters long They had concrete to pour Subcontracts to award Jobs to build

13 The manual has, generally, been laid out in a sequence where the sections occur in the logical progression of a project. Or Was IT? Now look at the processs We started with:

14 a BIG sheet of brown paper & a box of pens

15 We realised, Our processes were many They were all intrinsically linked They were unknown, by all but a few They were not followed / implemented Generally not measured Therefore, were unlikely to be improved

16 How can we improve this situation Really disseminated the information contained within the Procedures Ensure we did what we said we would do for our customers (internal & external) PROCESS !

17 Process Protocol Collaboration - Project Aims To increase the visibility of where the current procedures fit into the construction process. To allow construction project teams greater visibility of their involvement in the process. Enhance collaborative and concurrent working styles as well as enhancing project information flows.



20 Kipling's friends -define what is to be done -explain why it is done -establish when it is to be done -control how it is done -show where it is done -identify who is to do it

21 What Procedure Flow

22 Cross Functional Flow

23 SILOS Processes need to Flow


25 Process Flow





30 The next stage To examine Company operating procedures. Develop Production Management Sub Process Map using Process Protocol Research Methodology. Map Company procedures to Production Management processes of the PP2. Validate and Test iteratively through site visits, staff interviews and an Audit style checklist. Finalise Procedure to Process Mapping.

31 What happened next ?


33 TOO LATE but Dont let it be too late for YOU

34 Nigel Curry Helices Consulting Ltd Rethinking Construction Centre for Construction Innovation


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