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2 Construction Classifications
Type I Fire Resistive Type II Noncombustible Type III Ordinary Type IV Heavy Timber Type V Wood-Frame

3 Type I Fire Resistive Maintains structural integrity thus allowing occupants to exit Consists mainly of reinforced concrete Structural members(walls, columns, beams, floors, roof) protected by blown on insulation or automatic sprinklers Fire-resistive compartmentation

4 Parking Garage

5 Primary Hazards Contents of the structure Interior finishes
Difficult to ventilate Difficult to breach for access or escape

6 Type II Non-Combustible
Same as Type I, except that structural components lack the insulation or other protection. All metal buildings fall into this classification Materials without fire resistive ratings may be used in limited quantities Often have flat, built up roofs

7 Warehouse / Storage Facilities

8 Primary Hazards Contents of structure Interior finishes
Fire extension to the roof can eventually cause the entire roof to fail Unprotected structural steel components may fail due to heat

9 Type III Ordinary Exterior walls or structural members are made of non-combustible or limited combustible materials Interior structural members are completely or partially made of wood Relatively easy to vertically ventilate Resists fire spread from the outside For instance… This station.

10 Most buildings in downtown Enumclaw

11 Primary Hazards Fire spreads through concealed spaces
Interior structural members vulnerable to fire Susceptible to water damage

12 Type IV Heavy Timber Interior and exterior walls made of non-combustible or limited combustible materials Other interior structural members are made of solid or laminated wood with no concealed spaces Used in old factories, mills, warehouses, and old churches… ski lodges… log homes etc.

13 Heavy Timber

14 Primary Hazards Massive amount of combustible contents can produce massive amounts of heat Susceptible to fire spread from the outside Susceptible to water damage

15 Type V Wood Frame Structural components are made completely or partially of wood or other approved materials Commonly used to construct typical single family residences and apartment buildings up to seven stories. Easily breached for access, ventilation, or escape Resistant to collapse from earthquake

16 Single Family Residence

17 Primary Hazards Susceptible to fire spread from the outside and in.
Susceptible to total collapse due to fire or explosion Contents of structure (Furniture, Carpet etc. burn hot and produce large amounts of toxins Lightweight wooden trusses

18 Non-Standard Construction
Many parts of North America allow non-standard buildings to be constructed under certain circumstances. Structures do not conform to any of the standard construction types Usually found on large properties in remote areas One example is “hay bale construction” Name another non-standard construction example…?

19 Firefighter hazards related to building construction
Fire Loading Combustible furnishings and finishes Roof coverings Wooden floors and ceilings Large open spaces Building collapse

20 Construction Terminology

21 Assembly Two or more interconnected structural components combined to meet a specific design function or design requirement

22 Balloon Frame Construction

23 Bowstring Truss

24 Sweet Potato Fries

25 Bar Joist

26 Beam

27 Butterfly Roof

28 Cantilever

29 OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

30 Flying Suit

31 Chord

32 Cockloft

33 Column

34 Compression

35 Course

36 Curtain Board / Wall

37 Decking

38 Drywall

39 Eave

40 Orange Flavored Drinks

41 Engineered I-Beam

42 Fire Door

43 Fire Load

44 Fire Wall

45 Flat Roof

46 Kool-Aid Man

47 Gable Roof

48 Gable Wall

49 Gambrel Roof

50 Girder

51 Snack - Pack

52 Glue-Lam Beam

53 Gusset Plate

54 Header Cousre

55 Hipped Roof

56 He-Man & Skelator


58 Interstitial Space

59 Joists

60 Spam

61 Lamella Arch

62 Mansard Roof

63 Mortar


65 Parallel Chord Truss

66 Parapet

67 Party Wall

68 Pitched Roof

69 Snack Food

70 Plate

71 Platform Construction

72 Two Famous 90’s Skiers

73 Plywood

74 Rafters

75 Rated Assembly

76 Snoop Dogg

77 Rebar

78 Reinforced Concrete

79 90’s Alternative

80 Sawtooth Roof

81 Sheathing

82 Shed Roof

83 Spalling

84 Spawning

85 Stud

86 Tension

87 Truss


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