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By: Teddy De Almeida Group CEO

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1 By: Teddy De Almeida Group CEO
Investing in Key Sectors By: Teddy De Almeida Group CEO

2 Contents Group Overview Branches Group Structure Key Projects

3 Group Overview History Vision Values ■Integrity
The company was founded in 1998 by Mr. Luis Cupenala (Executive Chairman) and Dr. Teddy De Almeida (Chief Executive Officer). Vision To be the preferred Global Investment Company by sourcing, securing and executing profitable and sustainable investments opportunities. Values ■Integrity ■Transparency ■Accountability ■Trust ■Respect ■Excellence

4 Branches South Africa Bongani Namibia Bongani Angola Bongani Dubai
Bongani South Africa is the group's headquarters situated in Sandton. Bongani South Africa is the strategic hub for the group. Bongani Namibia Bongani Namibia is situated in Windhoek. Bongani Namibia is involved in the following sectors: forestry, energy, property and construction. Bongani Angola Bongani Angola is located in central Luanda. The Economy of Angola is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Currently Bongani Angola is involved in the following sectors: import and exports, energy, construction, tourism and manufacturing. Bongani Dubai Bongani Dubai is situated in the heart of Dubai. Bongani Dubai's operations includes: General Trading, Cargo transportation, air and sea freight, and VISA processing.

5 Group Structure

6 Projects requiring joint ventures and financing
Housing Project Government of Angola committed to build affordable houses. Off-take agreement from the army to build houses Energy Sector Government committed to invest $16 Billion USD on generation, transportation and distribution until year 2016 Oil Sector Government has opened up the sector for local businessmen We are looking for partners with expertise the exploration of oil. Alaturca Currently in the process of building a cutting and polishing factory in Angola

7 Key Projects: Bongani Construction
Bongani Construction is currently involved in the following projects : Building of low cost housing. Bongani Investment signed a memorandum of intention on the 16th of April with the Angolan government. The project will run until 2014. In Five provinces of Huambo, Benguela, Lubango, Luanda and Bengo. Construction of houses Joint-venture between Bongani Investment Group and Tamar, Lda Distributed among all the 18 provinces of Angola Dived into 3 segments (low, Medium, and High Rent) with 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms respectively The project's immediate scope regards construction of houses. Construction period November 2011 to 2017 Construction of Apartments and affordable houses. Bongani Construction has also been mandated by the government of Angola to build Apartments and affordable houses. in four provinces of Huila, Namib, Cuando-cubango and Cunene.

8 Key Projects: Bongani Energia
Bongani Energia (Pty) Ltd is an Angolan company competing in the ever-changing world of Electrical Engineering. The company offers services such as: Aerial Mapping & Inspection Line Work in Under-Voltage Lines Isolator washing Construction of High Voltage Lines Air Support in Construction Works Installation and Maintenance of Transformers Refurbishment of medium voltage substations Smart Prepaid meters Electrical Prepaid meter installations and management Idube

9 Key Projects: Alaturca Natural Stone
Bongani Investment Holdings is a major shareholder in Alaturca Natural Stone. Alaturca is involved in the importation and marketing of floor tiles and cladding into Angola. Alaturca Natural Stone offers a broad selection that enables home builders to achieve the styles of which their customers envision. Alaturca Natural Stone offers a range of natural stones such as Travertine, Marble, Slabs, Mosaic and Limestone. Alaturca Natural Stones

10 Key Projects: Kudiyelela Forest Group (KFG)
Bongani is leading a consortium that is in the process of building a state-of-the-art timber mill in Angola with an investment of $20 Million USD; Kudiyelela Forest Group ("KFG"). The Group has partnered with the Timms Group, one of Australia's leading timber companies and Group Neto, a leading investment group in Angola. The consortium has a 20,000 hectare hardwood concession. KFG

11 Key Projects: Bongani Farm
The Group has a 670 hectare farm in Kwanza Sul- Angola and is in the process of equipping it to grow horticulture for sale within Angola. The farm aims to meet the growing demand for fresh produce in the nearby city of Huambo, Luanda and Benguela. Currently the company supplies Shoprite Angola and Presild Super Market which is the largest supermarket in Angola. Bongani is also looking at using the farm for eco- tourism. Bongani Farm


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