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ABPL90311 Studies in building cultures and markets New Delhi – Hemanta Doloi.

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1 ABPL90311 Studies in building cultures and markets New Delhi – Hemanta Doloi

2 OBJECTIVES To observe and record building industry operations in non-Australian contexts, and provide an international perspective in construction. To enable comparisons of construction markets, technologies and processes in different countries and regions. To help students understand contingent relationships between construction technologies and national cultures. To gauge the impact of cultural drivers within construction. To encourage students to identify and engage critically with issues of geographic specificity in construction. ABPL90311 Studies in building cultures and markets

3 Host: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) IIT Delhi is situated at Hauz Khas in South Delhi. Bounded by the Sri Aurobindo Marg on the east, the Jawaharlal Nehru University Complex on the west, the National Council of Educational Research and Training on the south, and the New Ring Road on the north, the Institute campus is flanked by Qutub Minar and the Hauz Khas monuments. Well connected to the major city centres by open and wide roads, the Institute campus is about 19 Km away from the Delhi Main Railway Station, 14 Km from the New Delhi Railway Station, 21 Km from the Inter-State Bus Terminal - 10 km from Delhi Airport (30 mins by taxi)

4 Host Department and residence IIT Delhi has a beautiful Faculty Guest House located within the campus. Currently negotiation is going on to host all our students and the staff in the Faculty Guest House throughout the program Rooms are usually double share with hot/cold water shower facilities, basic linens/towels are provided (price is approx. Rs.700 per night ~ $25 per night) The guest house is equipped with a commercial kitchen and a large dinning room. Fresh and hot breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at a reasonable price.

5 Recent developments In the advent of development of Special Economic Zone around Delhi Metropolitan, the Delhi Government has identified a number of locations to developed necessary infrastructure for hosting both local and multinational corporations. One of the zones is situated only 7 kms from Delhi-Haryana border which is one of the nearest SEZ to Delhi Metropolis, the SEZ at Rai offers full advantage of its proximity to the capital in the form of increased opportunities for economic and infrastructural developments. Rai is going be one of the major Business Hubs of I.T. companies, Multinational Companies and Industries.

6 Recent developments

7 ABPL90311 Studies in building cultures and markets What to expect….Speed! Indian workers break record to build a ten-storey, 100ft tower block in just TWO days (and they say it will last for over 600 years). More than 200 workers and three cranes worked 'around the clock' to meet the tight deadline in Mohali, in the Punjab region of India. It weighs 200-tonnes and has an area of over 25,000 feet. Project Schedule: Begin 4.30pm (Thursday) and finished at 4.30pm (Saturday)

8 ABPL90311 Studies in building cultures and markets Contrast Cultural Shock Scale Safety Supply Chain and logistics Labourers

9 ABPL90311 Studies in building cultures and markets Return ticket (Melbourne to Delhi) during Dec/Jan – approx. $1,700 Expected departure from Melbourne – 01 January 2014 (Wed) Arrive Delhi by 11:00pm on the same day Formal program starts – 02 January (Thu) at 10:00am Formal program will complete on 10 January 2014 Accommodations will be booked from 01 Jan – 10 Jan inclusive Students wishing to travel after 10 January must make their own arrangements

10 Travel Plan Credit points: 12.5 points Important dates: Preparatory stage, Melbourne 17 – 20 Dec 2013 [4 meetings] First submission/presentation, Melbourne 20 Dec 2013 Travel and research in New Delhi 01 Jan – 11 Jan 2014 (inclusive) Intensive program in New Delhi 02 Jan – 10 Jan 2014 (refer to the tentative schedule) 5,000-word report production, Melbourne 04 - 07 Feb 2014 [3 meetings] Report submission, Melbourne07 Feb 2014 University subsidy: Faculty subsidy to be finalised ($800 in 2012); Melbourne Global Mobility Funding of up to $1,000 for eligible students. Student numbers: 12 /16

11 Learning Program (tentative) Students will be asked to select range of topics to research, critically analyse, compare and contrast focusing on the Indian Construction Industry In the first four pre-travel meetings, students will be required to develop proposals for such enquiries in consultation with the studio leader and based on preliminary research Usually, students will be asked to work in pairs (one topic per two students and workload is shared accordingly) The preliminary research questions and observations will then be verified with firsthand information collected/gathered throughout the travel duration On return, students will then compile the final reports (approx.. 5000 words equivalent), exhibit works and make a presentation

12 Learning Program (tentative) Examples of the typical topics (but not limited to) for considerations may include: The Role of Construction Industry in India Vocational Education and Skills Development associated with Indian Construction Industry Cost time performance of Indian Construction Projects Social and Environmental Implications associated with the Indian Construction Industry Comparison of City-centric vs Suburban Developments Other topics may include: Construction Materials, Construction Supply Chain, Tendering process, Labour Markets, Procurement routes, Quality and Safety Issues, Role of ITC etc. etc. All these topics can be easily investigated and compared with an international perspective

13 Tentative Program

14 ABPL90311 Studies in building cultures and markets

15 Next Step Carefully examine whether the perceived benefits and experience will form a good basis in your curriculum Develop a solid 300 words proposal demonstrating why do you wish to participate and what can you contribute to it the passion, relevancy and benefit statements in relation to your professional career outcomes Make an application before the deadline (28 Oct 2013) Wait for the outcomes! Once accepted, make the travel arrangements including ticket and VISA. Most nationalities will require VISA beforehand. Attend 4 meetings over 17 – 20 Dec 2013 and make necessary academic preparations

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