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Enterprise Resource Planning Team Members : (1)Brajesh Kumar Vyas (2)Manish Jaiswal (3)Pallavi Pradhan (4)Ramesh Karnam (5)Smita Padekar Project Guide.

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Presentation on theme: "Enterprise Resource Planning Team Members : (1)Brajesh Kumar Vyas (2)Manish Jaiswal (3)Pallavi Pradhan (4)Ramesh Karnam (5)Smita Padekar Project Guide."— Presentation transcript:

1 Enterprise Resource Planning Team Members : (1)Brajesh Kumar Vyas (2)Manish Jaiswal (3)Pallavi Pradhan (4)Ramesh Karnam (5)Smita Padekar Project Guide : Dr. S C Rastogi Project Title : Conceptualization of ERP system for group housing construction.

2 Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Definition ERP is an integrated application software suite that balances manufacturing, distribution and financial business functions when fully implemented. ERP can enable enterprises to optimize their business processes and allows for necessary management.Thus, ERP can be said as a MEGA software that can integrate several activities in a project. ERP implementation is not a software installation but it is an implementation of management change in terms of style, philosophy and practices. Today ERP is an essential part of some industries like Aerospace, Automobile etc.

3 Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Benefits: 1)Every decision point and process is as Synchronized Integrated Profitable as possible. 2)Its approach to technology implementation has strategic and creative components, we improve functionality user experience compress the implementation timeline.

4 Enterprise Resource Planning Capabilities of ERP in construction 1)Cost optimization 2)Incorporate design changes 3)Consistent quality conformance 4)Consistent quality performance 5)Reliable 6)Faster and on time delivery 7)Incorporates value engineering 8)Collaborative work environment 9)Flexible work environment

5 Enterprise Resource Planning ERP can answer : 1)What is required in the market? Type of construction,technology,services etc…. 2) What do we need to construct? Group housing with latest facilities 3) What is required to construct it? Bill of material(BOM), resources,processes etc… 4) What do we have? Planned capacity, inventory, resources etc…… 5) What/When more is needed ? Procurement, Schedules etc….

6 Enterprise Resource Planning The problem Conceptualization of ERP system for group housing construction.

7 Enterprise Resource Planning Business Process life cycle Requirement Analysis Business plan RCC planning MPS, BOM Execution PurchaseCustomerWarehouse Commissioning Sale Alter the plans Change if required

8 Enterprise Resource Planning Work Breakdown Structure 1000 Flats Planning & Design(W 00) Buildings (W01) Services (W 02) Roads (W03) Conceptual Design Requirement Analysis (W 001) Type A (W 011) Type B (W 012) Water supply and sanitation(W 021) Electrical (W 022) Lifts (W 023) Type C (W 013) Service Buildings (W 014) Design and details (W 002) Planning and Monitoring (W 003) Purchasing (W 004) Warehousing (W 005)

9 Enterprise Resource Planning Organizational Breakdown Structure Company(CoCo) Project Manager(PM) Principal Architect (PA) Principal Designer (PD) Construction Manager (CM) Facility Manager (FM) Principal Planning Engineer (PPE) Architects(A) Draftsmen(D) Design Er(D Er) Draftsmen(D) Sr. Engineer(Sr Er) Site Engineer (Si Er) Electrical Engineer(E Er) Mechanical Engineer(M Er) Site Supervisor (Sr Sp) Safety Engineer(Sf Er) Quality Engineer (Qu Er) Plumbing Engineer(P Er) Maintenance Engineer(Mn Er) Planning Engineer(Pl Er) Quantity Surveyor(QS) Head- Purchase (HP) Head- Stores (HS)

10 Enterprise Resource Planning PA W001 WBS Elements Charge Breakdown Structure OBS Elements W002W003W03 W02 W01 W005 W004 PD CM FM PPE HP HS D01 D02 P01 R01 S01 E01E02E03 D01 -Preliminary design & requirement analysis D02-Detailed design E01-Construction of buildings E02-Construction and maintenance of services E03-Construction of roads P01-Planning and monitoring R01-Purchase S01-Stores Project Cost Accounts

11 Enterprise Resource Planning Processes (W 00) Planning & Design (W 001) Conceptual Design and Requirement Analysis Market Survey (Forecasting) - PA and A Finalization of Requirements-PA and A Preparation of Conceptual Plan – A and D Finalization and Approval of Conceptual Plan – PM,PA and PD (W 002) Detail Design Structural Analysis and Design – PD and D Er. Preparation of Structural Drawings – PD and D Er. Approval of Structural Drawings – PM,PA and PD. Review of Design – CM and PM.

12 Enterprise Resource Planning (W 003) Planning and Monitoring Preparation of BOQ (QS) Time Planning(Pl Er) Resource Planning(Pl Er) Monitoring and reporting(CM,PPE,Pl Er) Review of Plans(CM,PPE,Pl Er,PM) (W 004) Purchasing Requirement analysis(HP) Selection of vendors(HP) Approval of vendors and vendor rating(HP,Qu Er,PM,CM) Receipt of requisition(Si Er,CM,HP) Send the RFQ to vendor(HP) Receive quotation from vendors(HP) Comparison analysis and rating(CM,HP) Issue of purchase order(HP,HF) (W 005) Warehousing Receipt of material(HS,Qu Er) Storage of material(HS) Issue of material(HS Si Er)

13 Enterprise Resource Planning (W 01) Buildings (W 011)Construction of Type A Sr Er,P Er,Qu Er,Sf Er,CM (W 012) Construction of Type B Sr Er,P Er,Qu Er,Sf Er,CM (W 013) Construction of Type C Sr Er,P Er,Qu Er,Sf Er,CM (W 014) Construction of Service Buildings Sr Er,P Er,Qu Er,Sf Er,CM,FM Ground Clearance-(Sr Er, Si Er,Si Sp, Pl Er) Excavation -(Sr Er, Si Er,Si Sp, P Er) Foundation -(Sr Er, Si Er,Si Sp, P Er) Superstructure -(Sr Er, Si Er,Si Sp, P Er) Finishing -(Sr Er, Si Er,Si Sp, P Er,FM) Safety supervision -(Sf Er, CM, Sr Er) Quality supervision-(Qu Er, CM, Sr Er) Handing over-(CM) Maintenance-(FM,, CM, Sr Er, Mn Er ) Sending requisition for material purchase (Sr Er, HP, CM,Pl Er) Receiving material from warehouse (Sr Er, HS, CM,Pl Er) Payment to workers(Sr Er, QS, HR) Site management Work in progress material management Equipment management and maintenance

14 Enterprise Resource Planning (W 02) Services (W 021) Water supply and sanitation Excavation Procurement Placing request Receive from warehouse Work in progress material management Pump house Landscaping Fixing Testing Handover Maintenance Safety supervision Quality supervision

15 Enterprise Resource Planning (W 022) Electrical Excavation and cabling Installation of transformer etc. Procurement Placing request Receive from warehouse Work in progress material management Connection and fixing Testing Maintenance (W 023) Lifts Procurement Installation Maintenance

16 Enterprise Resource Planning (W 03) Roads Ground clearance Survey and alignment Pavement construction Landscaping Safety supervision Quality supervision Sending requisition for material purchase Receiving material from warehouse Payment to workers Site management

17 Enterprise Resource Planning Modules involved CAD/CAM module They are integrated packages that allow the users to draw and easily modify product designs Major benefits Graphics capabilities (A picture is worth of a thousand words) Design, storage and retrieval Automatic evaluation of specifications Finance module - Provide financial functionality and analysis support to thousands of businesses Subsystems are Financial accounting Investment management Controlling Treasury Enterprise controlling

18 Enterprise Resource Planning Project management - Has ability to define, schedule and assign project activities. Record project issue Monitor progress and report changes in activity accomplishment and issue resolution. Maintain and control to designs, plans and issue lists. Purchase - Supports the entire purchase processes start to finish Includes Preparation of purchase requirement Requirement authorization Approval of suppliers Placing of purchase orders Subsystems are Purchase order management Vendor management

19 Enterprise Resource Planning Warehouse management - Provides real time information about inventory levels across the enterprise and tools to manage the daily operational levels. Functions Mapping of internal goods flow within warehouse Monitoring all warehouse inventory transactions Various components Inventory planning ------------------------- Lot Control Inventory handling ------------------------ Distribution data collection Intelligent location alignment Inventory reporting Inventory analysis

20 Enterprise Resource Planning CAD/CAMFinance Project Management Purchase Warehouse Management D01R01S01E01E02E03D02P01 Project cost Accounts Modules

21 Enterprise Resource Planning No questions please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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