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CDC., JSC COMPANY PROFILE. Content 1. General information 2. Capabilities 3. Experiences 4. Contact.

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2 Content 1. General information 2. Capabilities 3. Experiences 4. Contact

3 1. General information

4 General information Company name: CDC Communication Construction Investment joint Stock Company (CDC., JSC) Established on 27 th May, 2005 under Business License number 0101809728 issued by Ha Noi Authority for Planning and Investment Paid- up capital of 10 bil. VND (also belong to Kinh Do Group with paid-up capital of 80 bil. VND) Head office in Ha Noi capital, representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Nearly 100 employees (Bachelor and above) Turnover in 2012 reaches 50 billions VND

5 Vision and Mission MISSION To provide suitable products with quality, schedule and aesthetics to customers. VISION - Become a leading partner in the field of infrastructure construction and telecommunications services in Vietnam - Affirm strong position, continue to develop the field of civil construction and industry in Vietnam

6 Head office and representative offices 6 Head office in Ha Noi capital In Da Nang In Ho Chi Minh city

7 Fields of business Civil Industrial Construction Telecommunication construction Others

8 Civil Industrial Construction Industrial Construction (Factory, mill, bridge, road,etc.) Construction Consultant, Construction and finishment civil works. Construction & Rehabilitation buildings, offices.

9 Construction pictures Construction of road & bridge Location: Nghi Son, Thanh Hoa

10 Construction pictures Paiting the outside and inside of Mobifone Building. Location: Mobifone Building, Hai Phong

11 Construction pictures Construction of Boiler foundation, steel frame houses Location: Traphaco CNC, Van Lam, Hung Yen Pharma Extension project line 04 Location: 170 De La Thanh, Ha Noi

12 Construction pictures Design, renovation offices Items: Ceiling, plaster partition

13 Telecommunication Construction Construction of BTS, MTSO Operating services, technical services. Investing of BTS, IBC.

14 Construction pictures Erection of antenna tower Fence & security equipment installation

15 Construction pictures Microwave installation Shelter Installation

16 Construction pictures Supply of antenna tower and its equipments

17 Others Supply of equipments (Precision Air-Con, Accu, ACDB, furniture, etc.) Building for rents at X2 Building, 70 Nguyen Hong, Lang Ha, Dong Da, Ha Noi

18 Supply of furniture

19 2. Capabilities

20 Capabilities: Telecommunication field * Site Acquisition: -Member/team: 03/team -Internal resources:10 teams -External resources: 20 teams -Capacity of one team/month:18 sites -Total capacity/month: 180 sites * Design: -Civil Engineer: 10 members -Electrical Engineer:10 members -Total capacity/month:120 sites

21 Capabilities: Telecommunication field * RTT: -Members/team: 06/team -Internal resources:10 teams -External resources:15 teams -Capacity of one team/month:02 sites -Total capacity/month:50 sites * GBT-GMT: -Members/team : 12/team -Internal resources:10 teams -External resource:15 teams -Capacity of one team/month:1 site -Total capacity/month:25 sites

22 Capabilities: Telecommunication field * Maintenance Service: -Staff: 33 -Number of sites:520 sites -SOW: Monthly maintenance * Technical Service: -Engineer: 08 -SOW: Check the quality of transmission,; maintenance services for equipments. * Operating Service: -Engineer:09 -SOW: Genset running for BTS over the country

23 Capabilities: Civil Industrial Construction -Civil Engineer: 20 members -Electrical Engineer:05 members -Designer:05 members -Groups of plumber, bricklayer,etc: 30 teams

24 Have strength in turnkey construction of BTS, housing, offices, etc. Have depth experience in renovation, upgrade and supply of furniture for offices, workshops. Have a goof relationship with telecommunication customers as: VMS, VNP, Gtel Mobile, HT Mobile, Nortel & large corporations inland Strengths

25 3. Experiences

26 - Construction of BTS and supply of relating equipments: > 100 sites - Supply of precision aircon, accu - Renovation offices, workshops; Supply of furniture for Northern workshops - Construction of BTS and supply of relating equipments: > 200 sites - Construction of BTS and supply of relating equipments: > 300 sites - Operating services, Genset running over country - Construction of BTS and supply of relating equipments: 80 sites - Technical services Experiences

27 Construction of BTS for HT Mobile (CDMA) BTS, IBC for rent Measure cell phone exposure Construction of items belong to Nghi Son 1 project: Bridge, boiler foundation, etc. Experiences

28 Pharma Extension project line 04 Construction, finishment buildings & offices. Construction of Boiler foundation, steel-frame houses BTS, IBC for rent Experiences

29 4. Contact

30 CONTACT Head office: R103 &G03, X2 Building, No.70 Nguyen Hong, Lang Ha ward, Dong Da district, Ha Noi. Tax code: 0101809728 Telephone: (84-4) 35376035 Fax: (84-4) 37765532 Website: ………….. Central office: Group 20, Quang Thanh 3A, Hoa Khanh Bac ward, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city Telephone: (84-511) 6253082 Fax: (84-511) 6253083 South office: Floor 3, No. 6, Road B6, ward 12, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city Telephone: (84-8) 62616094 Fax: (84-8) 62616095

31 Thank you!

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