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Every Day Counts A smarter way to do business 1 Pam Heimsness Safety and Traffic Ops Team Leader Tennessee Operations and Safety Conference November 21,

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1 Every Day Counts A smarter way to do business 1 Pam Heimsness Safety and Traffic Ops Team Leader Tennessee Operations and Safety Conference November 21, 2013


3 What is the Vision/Goal?

4 EDC 2 Focus Areas 3D Engineered Models for Construction Accelerated Bridge Construction Shortening Project Delivery Reducing Construction Time Innovative Contracting Alternative Technical Concepts Construction Manager / General Contractor Design Build Intelligent Compaction Locally Administered Federal-Aid Projects Programmatic Agreements

5 EDC 2 Focus Areas Geospatial Data Collaboration Environment Mobility Safety High Friction Surface Treatments Implementing Quality Environmental Documentation Intersection and Interchange Geometrics SHRP2 Incident Management Responder Training

6 Accelerated Bridge Construction Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems (PBES) –Possible project for accelerated superstructure replacement on 4 structures in I-40 in Davidson County –Cocke Co. SR9/French Broad River is using PBES and is under construction Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee

7 Accelerated Bridge Construction Slide In Bridge Construction –Project is under consideration for bridge replacement on Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge Rand Poplar Ave – Bridges over I-240 in Memphis. –This is also being considered for CMGC Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee

8 Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC) –May 13, 2013 TN enacted legislation for TDOT to implement Contracts for a CMGC Pilot Program made up of three challenging or complex projects –Peer Exchange - Sept 18-19, 2013 with Utah, Arizona, & Colorado Representatives from the Arizona, Colorado, and Utah State Departments of Transportation presented their experience in developing and implementing this innovative delivery method to an audience of seventy-five individuals representing the Tennessee consulting and construction industry, as well as TDOT staff. –A draft policy and procedures manual is under development. Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee

9 Intelligent Compaction –Intelligent Compaction Special Provision has been completed –TDOT received $1,445,600 Highways for Life grant for four projects. 4 projects (one in each Region) have been awarded –On Oct 23, 2013 a HFL showcase on intelligent compaction was held in Brentwood, TN. Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee

10 Locally Administered Federal Aid Projects –A new LPA process had been developed and the Local Government Programs Manual was updated –A webinar will be held Dec 4, 2013 to rollout the new innovative delivery process, letters of interest from the locals will be accepted after Jan 1, –New process will be optional –Local agency will have complete a certification process in order to be eligible –Process will proceed from environmental through construction with no interaction from TDOT At the end, TDOT will verify that the local agency followed the new process Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee

11 Programmatic Agreements II –Completed a regional programmatic agreement practitioner workshop for Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee in TN. –Programmatic agreements Indiana Bat MOU Nashville Crayfish PM 2.5 Consultation Process Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee

12 Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS)-Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) –TDOT developed an evaluation process on how to evaluate site conditions for potential locations for GRS-IBS technology. TDOT is searching for the right projects to use with this technology. Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee

13 High Friction Surface Treatment –High Friction Surface Treatment Program Developed to address a systemic approach of implementing lane-departure countermeasures to identified horizontal curves. –TDOT to apply HFST on 427 locations total. Recently let a project to address 100 locations Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee FIGURE 1: Open-grade surface course on the left and HFST on the right. FIGURE 2: HFST at horizontal curve

14 Implementing Quality Environmental Documentation –FHWA and TDOT completed revision to Categorical Exclusion documentation templates. –TDOT completed a process review of their PCE Documentation Process and as a result they are updating their standard interagency letter templates to improve consistency and quality of coordination. –TDOT has also been developing an integrated electronic clearinghouse (called the Statewide Environmental Management System or SEMS) to post, store, and manage project environmental data and interagency coordination. –TDOT revised their internal QA/QC procedures to ensure three separate lines of quality assurance in documentation preparation. Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee

15 SHRP2 National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training –Estimate of 141 TIM trainers certified in 5 TtT sessions. Estimate of 642 responders trained in 26 sessions. –TDOT is also working with TDOS to build a TIM Training Site at the THP Academy construction to begin in spring Status of EDC 2 Initiatives in Tennessee

16 Original EDC 1 Focus Areas EDC 1Status Planning and Environmental Linkages Implemented Programmatic Agreements Implemented Mitigation Banking Not selected In Lieu Fees Not selected Scope of Preliminary Design Implemented Legal Sufficiency Not selected Utility Accommodation Implemented Flexibilities in Right of Way Not selected Enhanced Technical Assistance Not selected Design Build Implemented Construction Manager /General EDC2- in Progress Shortening Project Delivery

17 Original EDC 1 Focus Areas EDC 1Status Safety Edge Implemented Warm Mix Asphalt Implemented Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System Implemented Adaptive Signal Control In Progress Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems EDC2 – In Progress Accelerating Technology Deployment

18 State Transportation Innovation Councils (STICs) Provides State-based leadership for the National Transportation Innovation Network Helps facilitate deployment of EDC Initiatives Engages stakeholders Tennessee EDC STIC John Schroer TDOT Pam Kordenbrock FHWA Paul Degges TDOT Toks Omishakin TDOT John Reinbold TDOT Matt Cate UTC/TTAP Dana Richardson Murfreesboro Michael Skipper Nashville MPO Kent Starwalt TRBA David Donoho ACEC

19 STIC Incentive Purpose: –To provide resources to assist the STIC in making an innovation standard practice in their state Funding: –Up to $100,000 per State/year –Federal share of 80% Entities Eligible to Apply for Funding: –STA will be the primary recipients. –Metropolitan planning organizations, local governments, and tribal governments may apply through States as sub-recipients.

20 Examples of Allowable Costs, but are not limited to: Develop standards and specifications. Develop and deliver training and an evaluation plans Refine current specifications Develop memorandums of agreement Prepare standard operating procedures or technical guidance Prepare a report summarizing the lessons learned and economic analysis Develop a decision matrix Prepare an integration plan, including performance measures STIC Incentive

21 Wednesday, December 4, 2013 (Nashville and Knoxville) Intersection and Interchange Geometrics: Safer, Faster, Cheaper! (FHWA) is promoting several proven techniques to improve the safety of intersections: roundabouts, displaced left-turn intersections, restricted crossing U-turn intersections, median U-turn intersections, and the diverging diamond interchange. Transportation agencies that apply these innovative intersections and interchanges can not only reduce crashes, but greatly enhance efficiency for moving traffic, often with substantial cost savings and accelerated project delivery. register at the TTAPs website - EDC2 – Exchanges

22 My overall sense is that weve been very successful in bringing a greater focus on innovation to the transportation community… Now our challenge is to keep the momentum going and make our better, faster, smarter approach a permanent part of the transportation culture. Victor Mendez Administrator, FHWA Keeping the Momentum

23 Winner!

24 Center for Accelerating Innovation Every Day Counts Website Tennessee EDC Coordinators FHWA: Pamela Heimsness, TDOT: Jeff Jones: Jeff Jones, For More Information

25 Thank you!

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