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Perkins Coordinator’s Meeting

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1 Perkins Coordinator’s Meeting
MPS Math-in-CTE & A Construction/Geometry Course Model at Roosevelt High School Wendie Palazzo Godfrey Edafereirhi Mike Lindstrom November 2013 Perkins Coordinator’s Meeting

2 NRCCTE Math-in-CTE Model: Pairs Math and CTE Teachers – 10 Days PD

3 Find the Math Embedded in CTE

4 Develop the Math/CTE Lesson

5 Review the Traditional Mathematics

6 A Solid Connection to the MN and CCSS for Math: www.scimathmn/stemtc

7 Geometry & Construction Year 1 Model (2011-2012):
1 math teacher + 1 construction teacher 2 hour block of time each day for a year 1 section of students Common planning time Both teachers are present for all of class time (a traditional “team-taught” approach) NRCCTE Math-in-CTE model also used

8 Course Demographics

9 Demographics of 2011/2012 Geometry and Construction Course at Roosevelt High School

10 MAP Math National Growth Tables (2005)

11 Fall to Spring MAP Math Geometry Strand Growth (2
Fall to Spring MAP Math Geometry Strand Growth (2.8 points is typical growth nationally)

12 Fall to Spring MAP Math Overall Growth

13 The next Phase: Year Three (2013/14): Content on Demand
Math-in-CTE alumni brought back for 7 days of PD and continued lesson development All lesson plans and activity files stored and shared via Google Drive Seeking “critical mass” of math lessons Measurement options: MAP test MCA ACT/Plan/Explore District Common Assessments Alignment with a math course is an issue with integrated math…

14 The next Phase: Year Three (2013/14): Content on Demand (continued)
Videos of critical demonstrations are being created Max target video length of 5 minutes Software: Snag-It for Mac or PC applications Explain Everything for iPad iPads provided for capturing math lessons Dedicated district video server – V-Brick, makes content available 24/7 both inside and outside of district

15 STEM 1.0 - The First Step… Quality, Standards-based Courses in All 4 Areas
Lindstrom, 2009

16 STEM 2.0 - The Ultimate Goal… Integrated STEM for ALL Students
Lindstrom, 2009

17 Questions and Contacts
Wendie Palazzo – MPS CTE Director Godfrey Edaferierhi – MPS CTE Mike Lindstrom, Ed.D. – MPS Consultant

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