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1 1. Commercial Register: Registered with the registrar of the companies as the companies act 2.

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2 Commercial Register: Registered with the registrar of the companies as the companies act 2

3 First Degree Construction Company. Saad State Company is an established Iraqi public sector construction company, available for joint ventures, subcontractor and prime contractor arrangements on privately and governmentally funded construction projects in Iraq, especially large technical infrastructure projects that are now critical to the countrys reconstruction. Experiences. Saad possesses talented and experienced employees with a through and competitive advantage for Iraqi and other business interests focusing on projects in the country. Expertise. Saad has 897 employees, approximately 259 of which are engineering professionals with BSc or MScs in engineering from recognized universities in Iraq and abroad. With this talented and deep employee base, Saad is able to serve as a prime or subcontractor Or joint venture partner in connection with any privately or publicly funded infrastructure project in Iraq. Project xperience. While Saad does not limit its project inventory, it specializes in construction of projects with a cost in excess of $1,000,000, including chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refineries and related civil engineering components, electric power facilities, telecommunications towers, water treatment plants and distribution facilities. Typical projects on which Saad has recently worked include the following: nineteen schools for the Ministry of Education; design of two Basra hospitals, construction of oil refineries for the ministry of Oil with 10,000 bpd refining capacity, and construction of water distribution systems in Mosul and elsewhere in Northern Iraq. 3

4 Professional Degree: Saad is a first degree contractor in Iraq, meaning that it has the highest degree given a contractor in the Iraqi system, entitling it to work on all projects, including projects of the highest value, in excess of $3.500.000. The degree system does not apply to private sector contracts, so Saad is likewise unrestricted as to the complexity and capital requirements in its private sector work. Unique Benefits: Saad has worked steadily on road building projects in Iraq before and since April 2003, and thus is a company and partner able to work in a security challenged conflict environment, as well as a post conflict reconstruction environment. Saad is able to work anywhere in Iraq. As well, Saad provides excellent information about construction conditions in Iraq materials and fuels sources, labor issues, the nature of the Iraqi Governments tender and award process. With this information, it provides an important resource not only for private sector and donor funded projects, but also for projects funded by the Iraqi Government. 4

5 Recommendation5

6 6

7 Preparation of the engineering stuff as competent Development of a cadre company, according to the certificate

8 1. Create a national industrial base and high standard and the development and transfer of technological knowledge and resettlement. 2. preparation of basic and detailed design of public buildings. 3. Preparation of design processes and design basis for the industrial and service projects, including parks, water treatment plants and sanitation. 4. Preparation of the detailed design of mechanical and electrical devices, equipment and systems. 5. The provision of engineering consultancy and assessment of impacts of hazardous waste as a result of the liquid and solid and gas and to develop and lay the foundations for the removal of these residues. 6. Preparation of feasibility studies for projects. 7. Implementation and management of civil projects. 8. Implementation and management of industrial projects And technology. 8

9 Saad General Company has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and installing and maintaining mechanical equipment of various kinds of metal based on the criteria and standard specifications. This experience is as follows: 1. Reservoirs: The horizontal and vertical tanks and capacities and under different operating conditions according to the requirements of operations. 2. Heat exchangers: These include all kinds of heat exchangers and condensers, for example, (U-tube, Shell and tube type) and others. 3. Furnaces: furnaces include rotary and fixed (horizontal and vertical) and implicit Btabouk thermal flares which are used as electrical heaters or heating. 4. Towers: include all kinds of towers, including towers, distillation Absorption towers and cooling towers and others. 5. Saikolonat various equipment such as mixers, filters and other. 6. The design and implementation of systems and networks, pipeline operations and the fire, cooling, and other services. 7. Determine the specifications of the equipment and pushers rotary pumps and compressors. 8. Selection of materials and their substitutes and to identify ways of engineering examination. 9. Preparation of design and implementation of various pipeline networks for business, technology and service work includes drinking water systems, sewage systems and different kinds of fuel and liquid gas and extinguish the fire, and water control systems and heavy industrial and RO in accordance with international standards adopted. 9

10 Saad company has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of control panels for operating rotating equipment (pumps, compressors,.. ) as well as control panels for industrial machinery, which contains a minute of the following: 1. The design, manufacture, and operation of the installed control panels and all types of fixed type, as well as Drawble type. 2. The design, manufacture and operation of the installed control panels, sophisticated equipment to control all industrial processes….. 3. Design, processing and set up and operation of high- pressure plates 11kv transformer stations, as well as secondary 11kv - 33kv. 4. The design, implementation, and operation of installed fire protection systems (fire alarm). 5. The design, implementation and operation of networks and in external lighting for industrial projects, roads and bridges. 1010

11 1. The implementation of site self- sufficiency (and catering units and the headquarters of an integrated Department of Defense in Baghdad and Nu'maniyah). 2. Overseeing the implementation of the contract (12) site implemented by companies and the ministry of housing and construction. 3. Creation of the work site rules and pour foundations and floors of the unity of refining the second air at Daura. 4. Preparation of designs for the building of banking services for the Ministry of Finance 5.The implementation of the civilian works of the unity of the third refining the Basra refinery. 6. Implementation of civil works for the third unit to improve gasoline in Shuaiba Refinery 6. Processing and the installation and modification increases the number of towers Maekerov (3). 7. Consultancy contract Mendy Sabean in Dhi Qar to the General Authority of the buildings 11

12 12 9. Implementation of complementary actions and services for the project to prepare the company's headquarters building Mu'Tasim Contractors (previously). 10. Design of quantities and schedules for the establishment of male House of Correction on April 9 for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. 11. Sewage network designs city of Diwaniya. 12. The preparation of the city's sewerage system designs Afak. 13. Establishment of sand filters in the Department of Energy refinery in Salah al-Din.

13 13 14. The implementation of the technological and business unit to improve gasoline third in Shuaiba Refinery. 15. Designs, processing and implementation of modifications to the refinery air exchanges Kirkuk. 16. Altering the number of communications towers (3) in South of the country for Ministry of Electricity. 17. Supply, installation and operation of the Unit in the sixth refinery Qayyarah. 18. Completion of construction and installation of the number of tanks (6) refinery in Salaheddin. 19. The intensification of Naphtha The preparation of detailed designs and the processing and implementation of the capacitors in emerging from naphtha distillation tower with all the accessories associated with work Kalmraouh air and pipeline networks and other belonging to the Kirkuk refinery (13000 barrels).

14 14 1. Implementation of complementary actions and services for the project to prepare the building for the headquarters of the A-mansour contracting company (previously). 2. Pouring the foundations to create a guest house and refining the first air unit at Daura. 3. Service to the refinery buildings Koysanjaq 4. Six Msagvat refinery in the session and the Shuaiba refinery 5. Preparation of design and development of the reconstruction of a railway station Basra. 6. Preparation of design and consulting services to the Hospital joints 7. Rehabilitation of Saad State Company Building. 8. The implementation of (14) primary and secondary schools in several of provinces

15 15 9 Design of the Patriarchate of the Eastern Church building in Baghdad. 10. Prepare Designs for building the main hall in the Qadisiyah Mendy Sabeans / Baghdad. 11. Design and Consulting building reconstruction project of the Ministry of Education provisional. 12. The preparation of the draft designs buildings laboratory diwaniyah. 13. Preparation of engineering designs and supervision of the administrative building of the national center for laboratory construction. 14. The design and implementation of communications towers, and the transfer of power from different altitudes for the ministries of information, defense, transportation and electricity. 15. The design and implementation of power transmission towers, the Ministry of Electricity. 16. Four networks of water wiped out the net in the 34 words of Nineveh, the water district of Tal Afar victory, inspired by the dignity of Yarmouk neighborhood

16 16 17. The implementation of civil works of Dezlat station north1 of Baghdad. 18.. Implementation and restoration of buildings in the Department of Energy / Refinery session. 19. Preparation of design and consulting work for the laboratory building of Diwaniyah. 20. Hospital Design preparation of Imam Ali (p). 21. Design of home for the elderly on behalf of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. 22. Design of House events for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. 23. Hospital Design preparation of digestive diseases in Basra. 24. The implementation of civil works to install filtering unit in the Kazak refinery. 25. Design project sites for Mmakr Supply (14) site Mozaaplay throughout the country with the constant update.

17 17 26. Monument and the installation of the first line of the unity of the liquidation of fat - Baiji. 27. Reconstruction of the second line of filtered fat - the second phase of the Baiji refinery 28. Design, manufacturing and communications towers in the number (10) for the Ministry of Electricity. 29. The design and manufacture of oil and the implementation of the liquidator in 2000 for the Ministry of Oil Card 10000 barrels / day (AlsYene). 30.The design, manufacture and implementation of a small refineries 10000 barrels / day in the province of Salah al-Din by Msfiin. 31. The design, manufacture and implementation of a liquidator to 10000 barrels of oil / day in the province of Dhi Qar. 32. Contribute to the national mobilization campaigns for the electricity sector. 33. Design and implementation of service systems and the establishment of the factory buildings, Iraq (canceled) at Abu Ghraib and Al Qa- Qa and Tabuk (canceled). 34. Designs of processes and mechanical design, electrical and construction of modern massacre in Samarra. 35. Design and implementation of a distinct sector of electricity, according to the following: A- Baiji thermal power station: -Repair and rehabilitation systems, vacuum and exhaust gas streams. -Designing and implementing a system to remove algae and feed the fuel system. -The design and implementation of the crane to the Bridge Hall of the main turbine.

18 18 B- Taji power station gas: - Set up 11 units of gas (capacity of 10 megawatts, 15 megawatts), with the design and implementation of the network feeding the fuel (the length of 3 km). -The design and implementation of systems where gas cooling units include heat exchangers, pumps and cooling systems, and pipeline control and measuring devices. C- molasses gas power station: - The design and implementation of systems where gas cooling units include heat exchangers, pumps and cooling systems, and pipeline control and measuring devices. - The design and implementation of the fuel feed system for gas units. 36. Reconstruction of power stations, many through the assessment of damage to plants and to identify appropriate methods of treatments and their implementation and to participate in the pilot operating the stations include the following: A - the thermal power station B - a power station south of Baghdad, the thermal C - Hartha thermal power station D - Mussayab thermal power station E - Nassiriya thermal power station And - Najibiyah thermal power station G - Samara hydroelectric power station. 37. Supervision contract for vegetable oils 38. Design and construction of thermal treatment furnaces for metal smelting furnaces of different sizes and types for the Ministry of Alsnaapo minerals. 39. Systems and laboratory equipment to universities in 2002 on behalf of the Ministry of Higher Education. 40. Reconstruction of power stations, oil refineries and other industrial plants during the campaigns of construction. 41. Service systems for the various projects (compressed air, water, steam, hot water... Etc.). 42. Implementation of the network of pipelines St.St. R.O system of the boiler capacity (70) tons in the refinery. 43. Designs of mechanical parts to meet the great (gates / control systems) for the Ministry of Irrigation. 44. Design factor for the production of sodium carbonate on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

19 19 45. The design and implementation of ten production lines and plants clean fogging wheat seeds as follows:- A. Two purification and fumigation of seeds in Mosul. B. Purification and two seeds in Numaniya fogging. C. Line for the purification and fumigation of seeds in Jurf Naddaf. D. Line for the purification and fumigation of seeds in the town. 46. The design and implementation of six production lines of factories emptying and drying of maize, namely:- TWO overcook and dry maize in Hilla and Hawija line in Taza and Tikrit. 47. Zurbatiyah water plant, Wasit Governorate. 48. Implement technological and civil works for the unity of the reverse Osmosis (RO) of the Baiji refinery. 49. Maintenance basin tie for the boiler– Bukhari, Daura. 50. The design and implementation of the fogging Albdhuraam on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture. 51. Design and processing unit and the separation of oils in the small oil refinery in Baiji. 52. Design and implementation of the coefficient of sulfuric acid and nitric diluted center for the benefit to tabuk public and urban public company. 53. Design and implementation of a scheme for purification and drying corn for the ministry of Agriculture. 54. The implementation of the pipeline network in the refinery Qayyarah.

20 General Director Projects Dept. Planning dept. Commercial Dept. Commercial Dept. Finanacial dept. Legal dept. Ass. General Director Ass. General Director GIS Technological Works Sec. Technological Works Sec. Civil Works Sec. Civil Works Sec. Technical Sec. Administration dept. Administration dept. Zahrawi Center Ibn Younis Center Ibn Younis Center Wadah Center Mech. Sec. Elec. & Control Sec. Elec. & Control Sec. Civil & Architecture ٍSec. Civil & Architecture ٍSec. Special Equip. Sec. Special Equip. Sec. Piping Sec. Industrial Sec. Chemical Industries Sec. Chemical Industries Sec. Utilities Sec. Public Rel. Sec. Public Rel. Sec. Utilities Sec. Human Resources Sec. Human Resources Sec. Environment Sec. Environment Sec. Follow Up Planning Sec. Planning Sec. Stores Sec. Procurement Sec. Procurement Sec. Salary Sec. Offical recording Offical recording Payments Sec. Payments Sec. Real estate Sec. Real estate Sec. Legal Proceeding Sec. Legal Proceeding Sec. Contracts Sec. Contracts Sec. Auditor dept. Salary Sec. Contracts & Payments Sec. Contracts & Payments Sec. Vicheal & Production Dept. Vicheal & Production Dept. Transportation Sec. Transportation Sec. Production Sec. Production Sec. Workshop Sec. Workshop Sec. Maintanace Sec. Maintanace Sec. ISO. & Quality Control ISO. & Quality Control Petrochemical Sec. Petrochemical Sec. Secretary & Follow up Secretary & Follow up Human rights Sec. Human rights Sec. Board of Directors Division of political re-separated Sec. Division of political re-separated Sec.

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