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Construction of Rural Roads in Benekot, Nepal

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1 Construction of Rural Roads in Benekot, Nepal
Name: Khalid Bin Haider ID: Date: 28/7/2011 Course: WRI 102 Section 6 (12:30-1:45) Supervised By: Jerald O. Cumbus American University Of Sharjah

2 Table Of Contents Introduction Definition & Background of the problem
Problems of road infrastructure Planning Process Design & Development Evaluation Conclusion

3 Introduction What are the problems of road constructions in Benekot, Nepal? What are the solutions or steps provided to make people’s life easier and get access to private and public areas without any problems? How will the roads in Benekot affect them in future?

4 Definition & Background of the problem
Benekot is a village in Nepal in which there is no electricity, water, or any other resources that helps in the survival of people. People in Benekot have to travel from one place to another to search for food, water, and electricity in order to maintain living standards to families and village people. The main problems that are involved in Benekot village are the following: Women’s Issues Social Issues Economy Infrastructure

5 Major problems of road infrastructure in Benekot, Nepal
No warning signs. Lanes are not organized. Income is low. No jobs for people to work for construction and supervision department. No sidewalks because pedestrians are crossing everywhere. People cannot access to areas such as farms, factories, clinics, supermarkets, schools, etc. Big accidents happen in Nepal.

6 Step 1: Planning Process

7 Stage 1: Planning Process
Government has to hire new workers to begin construction of the roads. Government has to provide funds from organization to workers and every citizen has to participate for community work. Need vehicles and material supplies to initiate construction work at an early time. Blue prints and sketches of road construction has to be provided to every participant involved in the road development (infrastructure) project.

8 Stage 1: Planning Process
Participants: Gender: Males and Females Workforce: Engineers, technicians, villagers, and local people.

9 Stage 2: Design & Development

10 Stage 2: Design & Development

11 Stage 2: Design & Development
Place warning signs on main streets and dirt roads to prevent accidents and traffic conditions from getting worse. Build sidewalks in Benekot’s cities to make people easily walk without being disturbed by oncoming and ongoing traffic. Build workshops and garages for people to fix their vehicles quickly. Construct lanes of different colors to make drivers even more aware of pedestrians, animals, or any objects obstructing their path.

12 Step 3: Evaluation

13 Step 3: Evaluation

14 Step 3: Evaluation

15 Stage 3: Evaluation The job has achieved it’s criteria and constraints in an organized way. The project has completed 100% and there are no problems to people who are contributed to the road development project. Test vehicles on any road condition and make sure that all drivers obey the laws of traffic. Evaluate the workforce of people in Benekot, update the progress, and maintain time schedule properly.

16 Conclusion To improve the lives of Nepalese people, we have to ask ourselves the following questions: Will road infrastructure in Benekot village and it’s people created a new world of modern civilization and cultural habits? Are there any more future project developments that can benefit the country and it’s people in future as well as other poor countries who need serious help? Has the increase or decrease in economy and providing more resources of living standards changed the lifestyle of Benekot people who are contributed to the project?

17 Conclusion Things to really avoid contact and approach when road infrastructure is completely built and aware people while driving on any road condition: Accidents: Natural Disasters:


19 Any Questions?

20 Thank you all for listening !!!

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