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FOCUS ON GREEN CONSTRUCTION School of Comp. Sci. & Engg.

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1 FOCUS ON GREEN CONSTRUCTION School of Comp. Sci. & Engg

2 Engineering Technology Courses That Teach About Green Construction Concrete Design HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Construction Practices Environment and Land Use Construction Materials Energy Conversion

3 Concrete Design and Advanced Concrete Design Courses Lecture materials cover topics that prepare students annually for the ASCE concrete canoe competition – Properties of lightweight concrete – Use of recyclable materials in the concrete Ex: beads of recycled glass, fly ash, etc. – Safe use of lab equipment and handling of materials

4 HVAC Teaches the students about: – Physical (thermodynamic) Principles, Heating Loads, Hydronic Piping Systems & Terminal units, Cooling Load Calculations, Psychometrics, Fluid Flow in Piping and Ducts, and Air Distribution Devices, Air Conditioning Systems and Equipment, Refrigeration Systems and Equipment with frequent mention of the need for high efficiency FDU participates every year in the MCAA summit and annual conference competition which requires LEED Platinum Status for the design / proposal

5 Construction Practices Environmental issues Drainage topics Erosion, grading, earthwork, sediment control Storm-water drainage and distribution Emissions Construction transportation issues

6 Environment and Land Use FDU Students encouraged to take LEED GA exam – Extra points added to final exam score if they pass Thermal properties of windows Air leakage, vapor control, insulation types Fire resistant properties Geotextiles Engineered wood products

7 Construction Materials & Systems An introduction to the methods, equipment and personnel employed in constructing buildings and subsystems of buildings – Covers foundations, walls, floors and roofs – Familiarizes the students with the types and physical properties of construction materials, including those used in high efficiency structures

8 Electrical Energy Conversion Transformer theory Regulation and efficiency evaluation Rotating machinery DC and three phase systems Power relationships, operating characteristics New, dedicated facility, alternative energy lab – Wind power – Solar power SEE NEXT SLIDE


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