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Chapter One Hand Drafting for Interior Designers

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1 Chapter One Hand Drafting for Interior Designers

2 Construction Drawings—ch. 5

3 Construction Drawings
often called working drawings visually communicate the design and the information required to bring a building or space into reality for everyone who is involved in the building process generally follow a set of architectural drawings conventions—widely accepted in the industry—not just ONE right way

4 Construction Drawings
variety of types of drawings are needed to accurately describe a project to tradespeople sequentially arranged by major components—sequence generally follows how the building is constructed ground, shell of building, interiors varies from project to project ©2010 Fairchild Books, a division on Conde' Nast Publications, Inc.

5 Construction Drawings

6 Construction Drawings
number of pages depends upon complexity of project The following example is of a small model home—3 sheets comprise entire drawing set

7 Construction Drawings

8 Construction Drawings

9 Construction Drawings

10 Construction Drawings—page layout
1 2 3 4 5

11 Construction Drawings
ASSIGNMENT #11 using the scanner, photoshop and all of the drawings you have completed thus far, compile a set of construction drawings please be sure to use the conventions for graphic symbols discussed in week 4 to differentiate the elevation, section and detail drawings on the plan drawings each page should have an appropriate title block and the page numbers should be in sequence and relate to the drawings as well

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