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Collaborate > Create > Succeed Contractor Safety, Be our Best.

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1 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Contractor Safety, Be our Best

2 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Introduction Monty Gartin –Safety Manager at Cargill Blair Bio-refinery campus – 22 years in the Safety field, oil and gas industry, Bio-refinery –Responsible for 350 contractors daily –Project Safety Manager, 1,000 contractors - $200 million –Managed Safety at multiple sites –North America BBS deployment leader for Contractors –20 years VPP experience

3 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Cargill Blair Bio Refinery Campus

4 Collaborate > Create > Succeed WHAT IS YOUR CULTURE? How do you measure it?

5 Collaborate > Create > Succeed.

6 Why do we need a contractor safety process? Eliminate incidents/fatalities Reduce injury costs Law – OSHA 1926 PSM 1910.119 We gain by: Lower insurance premiums Lower contractor turnover Less time on managing incidents Community stewardship Contractor gain -- opportunity to bid more work Lower insurance premiums Improved productivity Improved job satisfaction M

7 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards for 2010 Scaffolding, General requirements, construction Fall protection, construction Hazard Communication, general industry Respiratory protection, general industry Lock out/ tag out, general industry Ladders, construction Powered Industrial Trucks, general industry Electrical, methods and equipment, general industry Electrical systems design, general industry Fall protection, training requirements, construction –Source; Compliance vs. Commitment

8 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Top 10 Highest Penalties assigned for 2010 Fall protection, construction Scaffolding, General requirements, construction Lock out/ tag out, general industry Excavations, construction Machines, general requirements, general industry General Duty Clause PSM, general industry Ladders, construction Powered Industrial Trucks, general industry Aerial Lifts, construction –Source; Compliance vs. Commitment

9 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Cargill Contractor Historical Trend 2.68 1.54 1.31 0.67 M

10 Collaborate > Create > Succeed What does Cargill do? Pre-qualification process: –(Available records) –OSHA 300 logs –Past OSHA violations –Experience Modification Rate from Insurance carrier –Company safety programs? –Bonding and Insurance qualifications –Contractor orientation to our facility –Employee training records –Drug and Alcohol Verification? –Weekly superintendents meeting? –House keeping inspections –Company management commitment –General conditions agreement? Compliance vs. Commitment

11 Collaborate > Create > Succeed How do you Measure Effectiveness?

12 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Measures LOTO audits BBS data Key Metrics Near Misses Injury data –Type, Location, Body type, conditional

13 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Stay true to VPP principals! –Management Commitment/Leadership –Employee Involvement –Worksite analysis –Hazard Prevention and Control –Training

14 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Continuous Improvement Additional tools we use –Pre-Mobilization meeting with owners, superintendents and safety –Behavior Based Safety Program –100% involvement in safety, Senior managers to laborers –Pre-Job Hazard Assessments –Inspection program for jobsite – daily – weekly –Job Safety Analysis –Weekly observers meeting –Positive recognition programs –10 hour OSHA – all contractors on site –End of project performance reviews Commitment vs. Compliance

15 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Why Evolve? Times change with or without us..

16 Collaborate > Create > Succeed The Empire State building was built in 1930. Safety will only be invented in the 1970s

17 Collaborate > Create > Succeed

18 Lunch Time, time to unwind and stress- relieve.

19 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Ag-shame, the top of the Chrysler building is way down there.

20 Collaborate > Create > Succeed Questions

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