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Community College Facilities: The Case for Sustainable Construction 1 Presenter: Kenneth C. Kempf Manager, Engineering and Design, LEED-AP.

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1 Community College Facilities: The Case for Sustainable Construction 1 Presenter: Kenneth C. Kempf Manager, Engineering and Design, LEED-AP

2 St. Louis Community College Sustainable Construction Projects 2 All New Construction being built to LEED Standards as defined by the United States Green Building Council Harrison Education Center – Opened Fall 2010 Awarded LEED Gold First Building of Wildwood campus – Opened Fall 2007 Awarded LEED Gold

3 The Traditional College Student Sustainable Education Productivity/ Attendance Increases The Business Case – Dollars and Cents 3 Green The Case for GoingGreen

4 The Traditional College Student 4 Environmental Awareness in General 2007 Gallup Poll 77% of Americans worry a great deal about the environment 83% have taken concrete steps to reduce energy use 40% have donated money to an environmental group 90% of Americans recycle

5 The Traditional College Student 5 90% of Americans Recycle – But how much?

6 The Traditional College Student 6 Environmental Donations are a small part of Overall Giving

7 The Traditional College Student 83% of Americans have taken concrete steps to reduce energy use? Could that possibly be true? 7 Probably!

8 The Traditional College Student Student Initiatives at StLCC 8 FreeCycle Day – Clothing Recycling Dumpster Dive Trash Audit Wildwood Environmental Club

9 The Traditional College Student 9 Ordinary people can do a lot to help the environment, and when people work together, they can do anything. Lee, 7 th grade, Mechanicsburg Middle School, Pennsylvania

10 The Traditional College Student 10 Environmental Construction Features Storage and Collection of Recyclables Recycled Content FSC Certified Wood Alternative Transportation Light Pollution Reduction Brownfield Development

11 The Traditional College Student 11 Storage and Collection of Recyclables Wildwood Harrison Recycling is a Prerequisite for any Level of Certification

12 The Traditional College Student 12 Recycled Content & FSC Certified Wood 20% + recycled content In Building Materials Only FSC Certified Wood Used in Construction

13 The Traditional College Student 13 Alternative Transportation Wildwood Harrison Bike Racks and Showers at both Wildwood & Harrison Charging Stations, Electric Vehicles, Preferred Parking

14 The Traditional College Student 14 Brownfield Development Harrison Education Center Low Level of Urban Contaminants was discovered On-Site

15 Sustainable Education 15 lists Green Guru, dealing with sustainable technology and operational efficiency, as the 9 th Hottest Career Opportunity Pew Charitable Trusts indicates the number of jobs in clean energy economy grew nearly 2 ½ times faster than overall jobs in the last decade An EPA report indicates that Environmental Education enables individuals to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and effective decision making skills. The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) lists over 120 4-year Universities with undergraduate programs in Environmental Studies/ Environmental Science

16 Sustainable Education 16 MCCA Members offer Degree and Certificate Programs Alternative Energy Energy Technology Photovoltaics Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Technology Environmental Engineering Technology Construction Management Building Construction Technology Architectural Design Technology Wind Energy Technician

17 Sustainable Education 17 St. Louis Community College Offerings Certificate and Degree Programs Automotive Technology and Diesel Technology--featuring hybrid and electric vehicle maintenance technology Master Naturalist Certificate Program- credit and non-credit coursework that prepares students for volunteer and professional opportunities at nature facilities

18 Sustainable Education 18 St. Louis Community College Offerings Professional Development Opportunities LEED Credential Maintenance LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Online Course Offerings--Senior Certified Sustainability Professional, Solar Power Professional, Wind Energy Professional

19 Sustainable Education 19 St. Louis Community College Offerings Programs in Development Sustainability Environmental Design Program has courses submitted for approval; others in development are Sustainable Construction Technology and Sustainable Energy Systems Technology.

20 Sustainable Education 20 Educational Construction Features Erosion and Sediment Control Education and Outreach Storm Water Management Reduced Site Disturbance

21 Sustainable Education 21 Reduced Site DisturbanceWastewater Control Retention pond, planting in Bio-swales provide learning opportunities Natural Prairie on Majority of Site

22 Sustainable Education 22 Education and Outreach Information SignsGreen Kiosk Tours Our Education Program qualified for Innovation Points

23 Productivity/ Attendance Increases 23 Three independent studies by the Technical University of Denmark indicated that the performance of simulated office work improves with air quality EPA reports that improved IAQ in schools can reduce absenteeism, improve student productivity and performance, improve student and staff concentration A study published in the Journal of Indoor Air reported a 13.7% increase in reading test scores and a 14.7% increase in math test scores with improved air quality.

24 Productivity/ Attendance Increases 24 Minimum IAQ Performance Tobacco Free Campus Ventilation Effectiveness IAQ Management Plan Low Emitting Materials Thermal Comfort Daylight and Views IAQ Construction Features

25 Productivity/ Attendance Increases 25 Tobacco Free Site Harrison Wildwood LEED requires restrictions on smoking – Wildwood was designated a tobacco free campus, which is now College policy for all locations

26 Productivity/ Attendance Increases 26 Minimum IAQ Performance and Management Plan Pre-Occupancy Walk-off Mat Control Harrison

27 Productivity/ Attendance Increases 27 Ventilation Effectiveness 20 Air changes an hour at Wildwood And Operable Windows too!

28 Productivity/ Attendance Increases 28 Low Emitting Materials Limitations on VOCs and Urea Formaldehyde

29 Productivity/ Attendance Increases 29 Daylight and Views 90% of Regularly Occupied Spaces have a View to the Outside Harrison Wildwood

30 The Business Case 30 Were now ready to go to our College Business or Chief Financial Officer and make our case for sustainable construction: Our students expect it We can use it as a teaching tool It will increase productivity and decrease absenteeism And hell say……. How Much Does it Cost?

31 The Business Case 31 Money Saving Construction Features Construction Waste Recycling Local/ Regional Materials Reduction of Water Usage Plumbing Fixtures Water Efficient Landscaping Energy Savings Features

32 The Business Case 32 Construction Waste Diversion At both Wildwood and Harrison, well over 75% of construction waste was diverted from landfills. At Wildwood, it was 95%! Wildwood Harrison Center

33 The Business Case 33 Water Efficiency Wildwood and Harrison Center use low flow fixtures, realizing a 30% reduction in water usage, and have no landscape irrigation systems. At Wildwood, rainwater is captured to water the small areas not planted in prairie

34 The Business Case 34 Local/ Regional Materials At both Wildwood and Harrison, 20%+ of materials come from within 500 miles of the site.

35 The Business Case 35 40% of the Energy in America is consumed by buildings Energy Use

36 The Business Case 36 Energy Saving Construction Features Building Commissioning Design to Energy Standard Optimize energy Performance through selection of equipment Monitor System Operation Address heat island effect Utilize natural lighting where possible

37 37 Building Commissioning Commissioning ensures that building systems and equipment provide peak performance A study of 60 commercial buildings found that more than half suffered from control problems. Three case studies show savings for building commissioning The Chattanooga State Office realized a 20-month payback on their commissioning activities Parkway Fountains Office Building in Phoenix estimated their savings after commissioning at 15% of their annual utility costs Westin Hotels invested $100,000 in commissioning their new Seattle hotel and realized a $300,000 savings over the next eight years The Business Case

38 38 Design to Energy Standard USGBC requires LEED buildings to meet ASHRAE energy standards as a prerequisite

39 39 Optimize Energy Performance Wildwood predicted a 30% plus energy savings over conventional buildings using DOE modeling Harrison Education Center predicted a 30% plus energy savings over conventional buildings using DOE modeling The Business Case

40 40 Paddle Fans and Low Temperature Delivery – Wildwood Energy Saving Construction Features Heat Pumps – Harrison Education Center

41 The Business Case 41 Natural Lighting – 75% of Spaces have Daylighting at both Locations Energy Saving Construction Features Harrison Wildwood

42 The Business Case 42 Daylight Harvesting – WW Energy Saving Construction Features

43 43 White Reflective Roof Membranes are used to reduce the summer heat load at both locations Heat Island Effect The Business Case

44 44 Energy Saving Construction Features Heat Island Effect

45 The Business Case 45 At Wildwood, We have a color changing roof It changes from Green to Brown ! Reducing Heat Load

46 The Business Case 46 Optimize Energy Performance Wildwood predicted a 30% plus energy savings over conventional buildings using DOE modeling And Did We Achieve That?

47 The Business Case 47 Benchmarking against St. Louis Higher Education Space Wildwood 76,000 Square Feet Gas usage 39,000 Btu/yr/sf Electric usage 15.7 kWh/yr/sf Overall energy 93,000 Btu/yr/sf Sample8,000,000 Square Feet Average gas usage 80,000 Btu/yr/sf Average electric usage 20.9 kWh/yr/sf Average overall energy 151,000 Btu/yr/sf 51% lower 25% lower 38% lower

48 Tips for Pursuing Sustainable Construction Leadership Support Develop a Goal Investigate Alternatives Consider your Stakeholders Dont Waste Money!..... But Dont Waste Opportunities Either 48

49 A Final Thought 49 Save the Earth … … Its the only Planet with Chocolate

50 50 Questions Comments

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